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Kagome moved with perfect stealth through the forest surrounding the House of the Moon. Clouds filled the sky. Blotting out the stars and making it that much easier to conceal herself. Endless weeks of stifling her rage and keeping up appearances for her son and sister in law had worn heavily on her. She moved swiftly, welcoming the burn in her leg muscles as she was finally able to stoke the flame of her anger. And it blazed.

She would kill him. Slowly; and he would beg for death before the end. She had been chewing on these feelings for so long she was no longer surprised at herself. The Phoenix had pushed her past the point of reason and unlike the youkai who had surrounded her for more than a century full of hot blooded posturing, her anger was cold. Frigid, silent and unforgiving, her heart throbbed with a hatred so deep she knew the only way to rid herself of it was to tear Suzaku into tiny pieces.

Kagome had not spoken of this to Kikyo. Even as an Inu youkai, Kikyo held fast to some of her miko tenants and, having sworn off her former undead self, abhorred violence. She was also a pregnant female and Kagome recalled just how high emotions can run when your hormones were running amok. No, Kagome was alone with her desire to seek Suzaku's death. She knew there was a distinct possibility she would die in the attempt; but she had come to terms with that. With the filthy bird dead, no one would dispute Kouga or the panther tribe fostering her son. Not to mention her father along with Kikyo and Seiryuu would ensure that even if Sesshomaru was unable to return, the White Inu Clan would remain the Custodian of the western lands.

She would have to catch the bird unawares. If the alarm were raised or she were captured, there was no telling what indignities and shame would be heaped upon her. She knew Suzaku wanted her. He wanted her as a toy for his twisted fantasies. Well two could play at that game. Kagome sped toward the western manor with murder in her heart.

Sesshomaru stood silently in the doorway of Shippou's sick room. Satoshi had not left his side and the blonde kit looked every bit as haggard as Sesshomaru felt. Haruko and Inuyasha had been securing the perimeter and bidding all those loyal to him who had fled to return. Over the past several days, villagers had begun to trickle back in, youkai and ningen alike.

He had reached the end of his endurance. Each day he had gone searching, Amaya and Takeshi his silent shadows to no avail. His mate still eluded him. He knew she lived, he could sense her presence, though muted through their mating bond. Inuyasha had said the same for Kikyo. Shippou had not regained consciousness, though his wounds were beginning to heal. Tatsuki had been able to stave off the worst of the infection.

Sesshomaru had not slept since their departure from Liu Bei's home on the continent and he had hit a wall. His focus was suffering and he found himself struggling to keep a single train of thought in his mind for any amount of time. His posture gave nothing away but inwardly he was stooped and defeated.

Tatsuki gathered up her tools after changing Shippou's bandages and met his eye. She had been his nurse since he was a pup and no words were necessary. She fixed him with 'the look' before shaking her head and leaving the room. He almost smirked. She was right though. He needed to rest or he would be no good to anyone.

Reluctantly he turned and made his way through the halls of his home. The garish draperies and décor that had been added by Suzaku in his brief stay had been removed and presumably destroyed. He didn't care what happened to them really, just that they were gone from his sight. He entered the bedchamber he shared with Kagome and felt a pang of loss so keenly it made him pause. 'She should be here.' he thought morosely. That was a sign, he realized, of just how exhausted he truly was. He should have been enraged and agitated but he couldn't conjure enough energy to emote. Lying down on the futon, he shut his eyes determined to awake with renewed vigor on the morrow. He would find her.

Kagome entered the manor grounds without alerting a soul. 'So far so good.' she thought grimly. Night had passed and dawn was approaching within the hour. She must be swift and silent and leave before daybreak. Scrambling over the wall to the inner garden she moved to the base of the pillars which supported the balcony adjoining the master suite. She would probably have to kill a few of Suzaku's toys if they got in the way, she told herself she didn't care and cut that line of thinking off before it could undermine her resolve.

Carefully, one handhold at a time, she scaled the pillar and alighted on the stone edge of the balcony. Nothing stirred within the chamber. She wished, not for the first time, that she had some of the Inu's heightened senses, she would have been able to smell Suzaku's stench and tell if he had others with him. 'Ningen have had ninjas and assassins for ages.' she thought. 'I don't need to smell the bastard in order to slit his throat.'

Moving forward in the darkness, she crept into the room she shared with her mate and made her way toward the bed employing every trick Amaya had ever imparted to her. The Neko youkai was a master of stealth, she could only hope to do well enough to land a killing blow. A single figure lay here, face up. 'Perfect.' She drew her blade and moved in for the kill.

Sesshomaru had been awake since the first feather light footfall announced the presence of the assassin. His eyes remained shut, body still and breathing regulated. He had been a youkai Lord too long to act otherwise. He inhaled and smelled...nothing. Inwardly frowning he considered the possibilities. Assassin, surely. Avian...possibly. To kill or capture was the question at hand. Kill was decisive and effective but capture would open up so many other doors. He could find out if there were pockets of Suzaku's troops nearby waiting to avenge their lord. He decided on capture.

This intruder was good, he had to give them that. He could detect nothing of their scent or aura, all he could pinpoint was the beating of their heart, ghostly breathing and nigh imperceptible footfalls that a lesser creature would have missed entirely. He willed himself still, muscles lax, waiting for the right moment. He heard the rustle of fabric that spoke of large movement and acted. Eyes wide open, he rolled to dodge the flashing blade. Diving into his assailant he heard a surprised grunt and felt their small blade slice into the skin of his shoulder.

He threw them away from him and was pressing them into the wall before they had time to bounce off of it. He found himself impressed yet again as the assassin made no sound. He still was unable to make out their face in the deep shadows of his chamber. Baring his teeth he gathered breath to snarl only to have it knocked from him as another blade slipped between his ribs narrowly missing his lungs.

Kagome's skull was rocked as she slammed into the wall. Without thinking she drew her second blade and drove it home into Suzaku's side and was immediately rewarded with the feeling of hot blood over her hand and a cessation of pressure against her body. She grinned a feral rictus of a smile and finally allowed her aura to rise, gathering reishi to land a final blow on the object of her hatred.

Sesshomaru realized many things in that instant. First that his mate was alive. Second, she was amazing and fierce as any youkai female he could have found if he scoured the world over. Third, she was trying to kill him. The last thing registered dully in his consciousness, his mind resisting this fact. His instinct however, took over and marshaled a defense before he was fully aware that he needed one. His beast gathered his youki about him and created a barrier just as his mate unleashed a torrent of holy purifying energy directly at his face.

The resulting explosion knocked them both away from each other, sending him back into the room. Kagome flew backwards and out the open screen off the balcony and out of sight. He blinked once and leapt after her. He heard a rustle in the direction of the roses and was at her side immediately. She was singed and a bit dazed but otherwise unharmed. He embraced her with a swiftness and ferocity that surprised himself and let out an audible sigh of relief.

"Mpfh. What?" Kagome shook her head to clear it, her ears were ringing and the world didn't seem to know what side was up. Slowly, reality righted itself and she realized she was enveloped in Sesshomaru's arms. Something was burning. She struggled weakly to gain her breath back and he released her, his clawed fingers gently stroking her hair and clutching at the base of her skull. "Sesshomaru?" she said stupidly. Then realization hit her like a train. She looked him over frantically, taking in his bleeding side and scorched chest. "Oh Kami!" she cried. "I'm so sorry, I though you were..." She trailed off into astonished silence as he barked a short laugh. He pulled her into his arms again, crushing her to him and laughed long and deep.

"It does not matter my mate." he said when he sobered. Their eyes met and a flame immediately blossomed between them. "Had I been that loathsome bird, I would have died this night." She glowed at his praise but was distracted by the coil of heat building within her gut. He saw the heat in her gaze and responded in kind, bending to brush his lips upon hers. His tongue slid across the seam of her lips and she parted them gladly tangling her own in the hot recesses of his mouth. He nipped her bottom lip with his fang, drawing a few droplets of blood and lapping them up with relish.


A rumbling began deep in his chest making her throb with desire. She pressed herself against his body and felt his thick member stir against her stomach. She splayed her fingertips at his waist, reaching around to stroke his back. She could feel her nipples harden at the thought of his stiff cock.

"Your pardon Milord."

Sesshomaru growled low and looked to the offending intruder who turned out to be Kenta. "What." He ground out.

"Should we go find the Lady Kikyo and our Young Lord?" Reluctantly Sesshomaru allowed room in his head for thoughts that did not involve taking his mate right there in the garden. Calming himself, he nodded to his ookami general and said,

"Take Haruko with you, I must see to my mate."

"Shall I send fo Tatsuki Milord?" Kenta asked, eying their injuries. Sesshomaru shook his head sharply once.

"We will survive Kenta."

"You will find them in the cave of pure waters near the sea Kenta." Kagome's sounded relived and amused at once. Knowing when he was dismissed, the wolf turned and left the garden quickly, spreading the word of Kagome's return and that the Lord and Lady were not to be disturbed.

Now that they were alone Sesshomaru lifted Kagome off her feet effortlessly and leaped back to the balcony, stopping only when they had reached the bath that adjoined their chamber. He set her down with a heated look that left no doubt in her mind that he wanted to tear her apart and make her scream his name. She stood still as prey in his predatory gaze, tingling with anticipation. He paced around her once before untying the knot that held her Gi in place. She did not resist him as he removed her clothing, piece by piece, amazed at his restraint. She was sure he was just going to shred her clothes but he seemed to relish unwrapping her like a gift.

He removed her leggings and foot wraps after her Gi and reached up with his claws and cut the ties from her hair allowing it to fall down her back. The night air caressed her skin and she felt her nipples harden as she stood in nothing save her improvised underwear. It resembled a loincloth and for some reason he left it on.

She reached out then, stilling his hands and opened his charred robe, divesting him of his hakama and fundoshi she paused. Faint starlight reflected off the water and shone on his pale skin, she drank in the magnificent sight of him, his striped markings, lean torso and stiff member jutting up to lay against his abdomen. She caught her lower lip in her teeth. He moved around behind her and pulled her to him. One hand palmed her right breast while the other slid between her legs and pressed into her womanhood. She inhaled at the delicious feeling of his fingers moving between her slick folds.

He pushed her forward into the bath and followed her in eagerly. He removed her flimsy undergarment with a flick of his claws and grasped her thighs, lifting her up and placing her against the rocks at the edge of the bath. She watched him in silence with hooded eyes as he parted her knees and rubbed the head of his cock against her already soaking entrance.

He held her gaze for a moment and then impaled her with his rigid phallus. She arched to meet him and let out a mewling sound as his mouth latched onto her breast. She panted as he thrust into her over and over with long, languid strokes. Reaching down she dug her small fingers into the tight globes of his ass pulling him as deep as she could stand. He grunted at this and nipped her breast gently. So eager.

He pulled back before she was able to reach completion, ignoring her protests and began to wash her. She joined in his ministrations, soothing his singed skin and wiping away the blood from wounds that had already healed. They exited the bath in short order, steam rising off their skin. Kagome looked up at him mischievously and tugged his hand toward the balcony. He obliged her and followed her out to the rail. Turning to face him, she knelt down and took his cock in her sweet mouth, sucking the tip and swirling her tongue in all the right ways. In over a century together they had learned much about how to pleasure one another and she was putting these lessons into action. He sighed as he watched her plump lips take him in again and again and eyed the curve of her pert backside as she leaned into her work.

She sucked his cock, the tip of it bumping the back of her throat, until he pulled her up from her kneeling position with a small growl. She smirked, knowing this was Sesshomaru speak for 'not yet minx' and let him position her against the rail. She was bent over slightly, arms locked to hold her torso up. He spread the globes of her round ass and rubbed his fingers in the wetness revealed. Lining himself up, he lifted her slightly off the ground and fucked her from behind, feet several inches off the ground, hips pinned against the rail, his hands firmly gripping her waist to hold her steady.

Kagome moaned in pleasure loving the feel of her breasts swaying gently with every thrust, the night air was cool on her clit as she felt him fill her again and again. She reveled in the rough surface of the rail against her tender skin. It was going to be an aggressive night and she loved it. He wanted to dominate her but she was going to make him work for it. She loved when he got just a little rough and proud enough to fuck her where prying eyes might possibly see. If made her feel dirty and amazing.

Grunting with appreciation Sesshomaru felt her sex get even wetter as he claimed her under the open sky. He thrust into her snug passage forcefully, feeling the head of his cock push against her womb with every stroke drawing appreciative moans from her. He pulled his cock out of her just as she was building to climax again and she let out a frustrated whine. He let a smirk of his own play across his face and led her into their chamber. He seemed in the mood to play because as they can to the futon, he lay down on his back and looked at her expectantly.

Kagome's eyes glowed as she took in the sight of his exquisite body yet again and she crawled slowly up this body straddling his hips with her own and trapping his cock between the lips of her pussy and his belly. He devoured her with a heated gaze and she felt a rush of answering wetness within her. Settling down she began to rock back and forth along the length of his throbbing member, dragging her nails down his belly. She felt him twitching beneath her as she coated him with her juices rubbing her clit against him until she could stand no more.

She lifted herself up, positioned him at her entrance and slowly sat on him inch by inch until she had taken in as much of him as she could fit. She had missed the feeling of fullness, the way his cock stretched her wide. Placing her hands on his chest, Kagome started to move. She alternately rolled her hips with him deep inside her and then bounced up and down, hearing the sound of skin slapping skin. He squeezed and stroked her breasts as she fucked him, his mouth open, breathing ragged.

Deciding to take it up a notch, Kagome leaned back, his member still inside her, placed her hands on his knees and began bucking her hips forward. She arched her back so he could get a full view of her nipples pointing to the sky and her flat belly heaving as she rode him. Dawn was beginning to light the sky and she knew her silhouette would drive him wild. It was not long before he let out a snarl and she found herself suddenly on her hands and knees, face pressed into the bedding and her magnificent mate mounting her from behind.

She cried out in pleasure as he drove into her wet slit like a piston, growling low and feral as he claimed her. He wrapped his hand in her long hair and pulled her upright as he thrust harder. She could feel it coming. She knew she was going to come all over him and she told him so.

"Sesshomaru!" She gasped. "You're going to make me come!" Her voice was breathy and only served to spur him on, harder and faster came the trusts. "Oh Kami! Yes!"

"Come for me mate!" He growled. "Come for me now!" His voice had become utterly primal and it sent her hurtling over the edge. He inner muscles clamped down and began a rippling motion, milking him hard as she came. Sesshomaru leaned forward and renewed their mating mark, the instant his fangs sank into her flesh, he spiraled out with her and let out a long low groan as he exploded inside her.

Panting and covered in a sheen of sweat, he thrust into her several more times, slow and with a pause between before collapsing next to her. They lay there for a long moment, his cock still sheathed within her. He withdrew his fangs from her flesh tenderly and lapped the blood pooling here. She sighed a deep contented sigh and wriggled her ass against him.

"Be careful Mate." he purred. "You may get more than you bargained for." She smiled at him. "I welcome the challenge." she whispered. He grinned, fangs flashing and tumbled her over for another go.

Sesshomaru stood silently before the court of Bishamonten the Heavenly general. Kagome occupied her rightful place at his side, thrumming with tension. After their passionate reunion, they had set about returning their home to normal. A slow simmering protective anger was roiling just below the surface of his stoic expression. His daughter was being held here, for some breech of heavenly law regarding the warning she gave to her twin before they left on their fateful journey to the continent.

She had divulged the contents of a prophecy to those involved in it. This was apparently a grave breech of the Seer's Creed as it could change the outcome and throw many things out of balance. Haruko stood with his Uncle Inuyasha behind them, silent and attentive and worried for his twin. Her psyche had left him after they returned home and he had felt nothing of her until this very moment. Normally they were connected and could sense each other no matter how far apart they were but since her essence had abandoned him, he had been beside himself wondering what had happened.

Bishamonten entered with Ame no mi Kumari on his arm. He was no different, the Kami aged not at all, strong facial lines and a broad frame showed him every inch the deliverer of justice and Kumari was the embodiment of grace. The two of them settled into their thrones upon the dais and waited.

"The accused shall enter." droned a voice from the wings. All heads turned to the doors as Maeko entered the room. She was every bit as stoic as her father, pristine bone white hair falling in pin straight locks over the plain white yukata they garbed her in. He green eyes gave nothing away and did not even flicker toward her family as they waited.

"Maeko," Bishamonten began. "You stand accused of breaking the Seer's Creed by informing the subject of a prophecy of it's contents. What say you?" Maeko raised her eyes to meet those of her grand-sire and spoke clearly.

"I say this is the truth." Sesshomaru heard Kagome make a small sound in the back of her throat. Their daughter stood unflinching beneath the weight of the Kami's gaze.

"Who speaks for the accused." Sesshomaru stepped forward.

"I do as her Sire as does Haruko, my son and heir." Kumari raked them both with cool eyes.

"Speak then youkai." Her tone was hard as was expected. They were after all demons in the house of the Gods.

"My daughter did not reveal anything that changed the outcome of what was foretold. She only sought to safeguard those she loved, not circumvent the events laid out before her." Haruko stepped up to stand even with his father.

"My sister did not sully your prophecy. Everything she saw came to pass." He was almost equal in height to Sesshomaru, as dark as his father was light. Identical golden eyes glared forth from father and son.

Before arriving Sesshomaru had convinced Kagome to hold her tongue, she had violently disagreed with this but he had prevailed in the end. Kagome was passionate and articulate but still had a habit of saying the wrong thing in situations such as this. Her frame of mind born of a future upbringing was too ingrained for her to suppress completely. She had grudgingly agreed, seeing the wisdom of his counsel and he could practically feel her desire to lay forth an impassioned plea.

"It matters not that events unfolded uninterrupted." snapped Kumari. "She did not know when she divulged these secrets that harm would not befall another soul elsewhere because of her selfishness." Silence rang in the lofty chamber.

"We find the accused guilty as charged." Bishamonten's voice was calm and measured and he looked at his granddaughter as he spoke. "The sentence will now be handed down. Step forward Seer." Maeko moved forward until she stood between her family and the heavenly court at the base of the dais her posture ramrod straight, not one muscle moving.

"As penalty for breaking the Seer's Creed, your gift of prophecy shall be sealed completely until your life has run it's course." Haruko let out a sharp quiet exhalation but held his composure with the rest. "Once the seal is complete you will be permitted to return to your clan. No further instruction will be granted to you in this court for any skills you possess." Bishamonten paused. "Does the accused have anything to offer?"

Maeko squared her shoulders and locked eyes with him. "My last offering to you will be this prophecy Ojii-sama." Her voice was clear and steady. Reishi gathered around her body, swirling slowly. "The day will come before my bones lie with those of my ancestors when your seal will dissolve and my sight return. It will be the death knell of all Kami." Her voice rang with authority and the pair on the dais stiffened. "The ningen will revere you no more and cease to believe you even exist. You know this will spell your end." Kumari opened her mouth, then shut it again. "Ojii-sama I am truly sorry that this will be the last true prophecy you hear from my lips." With that said, she bowed precisely and straightened again, waiting silently.

Kumari stood, breathing deeply, two spots of color burning on her high cheekbones; she murmured a few words and reached her hand out toward Maeko. Nothing visible passed between them but the hackles on all the Inu's standing there rose sharply and Haruko let out a surprised sound. Kumari closed her hand into a fist and dropped it to her side. The effect was instantaneous. Maeko dropped to the floor like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Her brother cried out, as though in pain and moved to her side.

Sesshomaru repressed a snarl but instead let rumble a growl joined by his brother and so. "She will be well when she wakes." said Kumari curtly. Haruko gathered his sister in his arms and lifted her limp form, returning to the family. Kagome turned to face her father, the great Heavenly General and bowed stiffly. "Farewell Otou-sama." She said tightly. "We shall darken your door no more."

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