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Rated M for violence (if that bothers you then why are you even in this category?), language, drug abuse, some porno magazines, and future...well...I think we know why you came here in the first place.

The pulsing in his ears blocked out the erratic sloshing of gasoline as it was draped over his motionless form, the greasy liquid seeping through his clothes barely comprehensible in its purpose to his dwindling remains of consciousness.

Above head, the clouds rolled along lazily, obliviously, traitorously; refusing to acknowledge the sight playing out below them. The sight only they would be alive to recount, the scene imprinted forever against the hazing blue sky.

God, even the pain had gone, had never even been there to begin with. Nothing left but a numb body and a barely lucid perception of the enclosing presence of death. Nothing mattered anymore, the battle fought for naught, the ache endured for nothing. Nothing remained, nothing, not even the anger, the sorrow, the fucking horror that should have swelled within him the moment he weakly turned his head to stare once again into the masked face beside him, the eyes obscured by that ever-present pair of red sunglasses.


There was no point in caring about anything anymore.

And as the soldier above finished his preparatory task, withdrawing from the pre-prepared gravesite, Roach couldn't resist the gradual magnetic pull between his eyelids. This battle, at least, was finally over. He could finally close the curtains once and for all.

He just wished he could've done it alone.