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"Ah, Yukimura-kun! Welcome!" an elderly lady at the counter said, flashing the senior high freshman a benign smile before turning her attention back to her customer.

Yukimura Seiichi gave the woman, the kindly Saeko-san, a small smile in response as he moved into the familiar, comforting territory of the Hanazuki Florist shop, taking in the sight of the colorful, beautiful varieties of the flora within as the scent of several different flowers mixed with that of the freshly-cut stems.

Yukimura was fond of plants, but it was always the delicate, colorful ones that held his attention the most. They were what calmed him on the roof of the hospital he had felt trapped in, when he needed to escape from his peers and into the embrace of the school's gardens; Yukimura loved flowers, pure and simple. Not as much as tennis, of course - nothing would ever be able to compete with tennis, in Yukimura's heart. But the love for flowers was there, and he had become a regular customer at this small, neighborhood florist.

He stopped to check on his favorite flower, the daffodils. They were beautiful things, soft to the touch and neck-deep in water. He made as if to draw them up to take in their scent, but stifled his movements at the sound of a few giggles from his right. Dark eyes glanced over to catch sight of a few high school girls, taking turns glancing at him and giggling with their friends.

He smiled at them politely.

They giggled. One accidentally crushed the dahlia she had been inspecting.

Yukimura backed away from the daffodils and further into the store, where the path was choked more by the flora. Turning the corner, he inwardly sighed in relief; they hadn't followed him.

Yukimura had his fair share of popularity, but over the course of time, those in his school had learned to worship at a distance and obey while in his immediate vicinity. After entering Rikkaidai's relative Senior High School, he'd realized everyone would have to be re-trained; the senpai were way too bold. He had become immediately popular with the girls, and some of the guys had been offended by it - instead of fearing him as they rightly should. (It was no matter, of course; slowly but surely, everyone was learning their new roles. He'd made an excellent example out of Takemura-senpai, after all.)

Pausing at what looked to be a new addition to the selection, he gently ran pale fingers along the furry petal of a star-like flower. The white, woolly petals were five in number, surrounding seven bulbs of bright yellow buds.

"Leontopodium alpinum."

Yukimura started, fingers instinctively freezing as to not crush the flower in its grasp. He snapped his head up and to his left, dark eyes meeting the starkest shade of green he had ever seen in his life. The eyes were framed by a face of pale, delicate features, topped by equally vivid red hair that was left stylishly untamed to fall to the slender waist. What Yukimura saw before him was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life.

"Though it's more commonly referred to as the 'edelweiss'," the redhead explained softly, smiling in an absent matter that still sent a little shock down the tennis player's spine.

This was probably due to the fact that the beautiful woman was, actually, a beautiful man.

"It's a magnificent flower," the redhead continued, seemingly unperturbed by the other boy's silence. "It's associated with noble purity. A flower of courage and power."

Green eyes slid over to the teen, a spark of slight amusement dancing in their depths, "Rather appropriate for an athlete."

Yukimura came out of whatever trance-like state he had been in, stepping away from the flowers cautiously. He took in the state of the other; a business suit, marking the redhead as the older of the two. It was lax compared to the normal salary-man like his father's, though, but that may have been due to age and standing. The redhead looked like he still belonged in high school.

The attire was normal, and though the other male was undoubtedly one of the prettiest people Yukimura had ever seen, the former captain of RikkaiDai was no stranger to beauty. It seemed more than half of the junior high tennis circuit could have been models (and he was sure some would end up being models).

Which was why he found it strange when he couldn't come up with a single thing to say to the man before him.

The redhead smiled, turning those damning greening eyes off Yukimura and to the edelweiss stationed in front of them. "I'm told Saeko-san added them just yesterday."

"Do you like them?" Yukimura finally managed out of an increasingly dry throat.

The green eyes were back on him. Yukimura wondered how he could easily smile at his friends and family before entering a surgery he had a high chance in not surviving, but couldn't come up with something more intelligent to say to another flower-enthusiast.

"Yes," the redhead said, the amusement back in his eyes. "I'm very fond of many plants, actually. You seem to be as well."

"Oh?" Yukimura said, reducing himself to one-word conversation. At least then it made him look stoic and rude, and not like a landed fish.

One hand reached out to the flower Yukimura had just released, pulling it from the mass to be studied by interested green eyes. The hold was gentle and exploratory, sliding along the stem in a way that looked more erotic than it possibly had any right to. Yukimura felt distinctly hot and shifted slightly as green eyes went back to him.

"You're very careful with them," the redhead explained, before a small smile turned his lips. "And Saeko-san always goes on about how wonderful you are in helping her on the weekends."

"That's because Yukimura-kun is a good boy," a cheerful voice broke through, grabbing the two's attention towards the elderly woman shuffling towards them with a smile. "Unlike you, Minamino-san."

The redhead chuckled softly, placing the edelweiss flower back in its pot as Yukimura worked on trying to regain back his scattered senses. "I don't know what you mean, Saeko-san."

"Don't you pay much attention to what Minamino-san says, Yukimura-kun," the florist chided teasingly, pulling the younger boy aside conspiratorially. "He's really just a big tease."

"Now that's just mean," Minamino interjected, but looked amused just the same. "And I wasn't teasing Yukimura-kun. I just wanted to meet the boy that impressed the Great Lady Saeko."

Saeko snorted, "See, Yukimura-kun? Just a tease. Thinks because he's got a pretty face he can get away with all sorts of things... I hope he didn't make you uncomfortable."

Yukimura smiled demurely, "Not at all, Saeko-san. He was just telling me about the edelweiss. I've never seen them before, so it was nice to learn something new."

"Don't let him fool you, Yukimura-kun," Saeko retorted. "Minamino-san probably knows more about plants than I do, but that won't stop him from breaking hearts all over the place." She cast the redhead a critical look.

Minamino hummed absently, poking at the lotus flowers.

"You know Kawaguchi-san, from the tea shop down three blocks? He was telling me all about the dashing red-haired devil that dared to turn down his precious daughter Ayame-chan." Here, her eyes darkened several shades. "All about it. Took about half my sake collection with him, too."

Minamino failed to keep the laughter from his voice. "So you're taking out your revenge on me, Saeko-san? That seems rather misdirected."

"It's not revenge. I'm just doing my citizen's duty in protecting an innocent youth from your frivolous attentions, Minamino-san," Saeko grumbled.

"My frivolous attentions?" Minamino echoed blandly.

"I'm not that innocent," Yukimura added.

Both adults paused to stare at him, before the redhead laughed out loud at the florist's gaping face.

"You should never underestimate young men, Saeko-san," Minamino intoned wisely, stepping around the elderly lady with a smile. "I should get going now. I just wanted to thank you for the bouquet suggestion last weekend. My parents loved it."

He glanced at Yukimura over his shoulder as he strolled away.

"I hope we can meet again, Yukimura-kun."

And at that exact moment, Yukimura Seiichi's heart skipped a beat.

"Yukimura's been acting weird," Marui complained quietly.

Yanagi paused at his locker, sparing a closed-eyed look for the bubblegum-chewing boy. The small complaint had earned the attention of everyone else in the locker room, though; Niou had come swaggering up half-dressed to throw a friendly arm over the redhead's shoulders with a wide grin. "Feeling lonely, Bunta?"

"Yukimura does seem distracted as of late," Yagyuu added aloud, deftly pulling his double's partner back and handing him his shirt.

Yanagi nodded in agreement to the observation. As freshman at the Rikkaidai's Senior High division, the former regulars had found themselves with more spare time than they dared to note aloud in Yukimura's presence. The current tennis club captain, Hayashibara Toushirou, was a rather lax senior who seemed to prefer showing off for his fanclub rather than doing any actual tennis. They could practically feel the murderous intent just lurking under Yukimura's skin, even as they dutifully followed their senpai's commands.

"Maybe he's plotting Hayashibara's demise?" Niou suggested cheerfully, pulling on his shirt and draping himself over Yagyuu. "Before Sanada finally snaps?"

Marui cast the Trickster a bland look. "I still can't believe you framed him for serving a tennis ball straight into Sakuragawa's face. He's going to kill you when he finishes running all those laps."

Niou just laughed.

"Genichirou has only one lap to go," a soft voice interrupted, grabbing the freshmen's attentions. "If you were planning to evade him, it would be best for you to leave quickly, Niou-kun."

"Yukimura!" Marui cried, quickly going red and starting to fidget.

Jackal edged more into his locker, "How...How long have you been standing there?"

Yukimura smiled at them all guilelessly.

For the whole conversation, they realized in dread.

"You can wipe the fear from your faces," Yukimura said good-naturedly, looking amused. "I've always known you guys were prone to gossip, no matter how hard Genichirou tried to beat it out of you."

That didn't stop them from feeling guilty, though. Yanagi closed his locker deftly, turning to Yukimura with his usual blank face. "They do have a point, however, Seiichi-kun. I've noticed an 11.3 percent rise in your overall mood over the past few weeks. To be honest, I thought I'd be seeing less of Hayashibara-senpai at this point. His continued survival confuses me."

"Were you expecting Yukimura to kill him or something?" Marui muttered.

"I assure you, my mood is in no way related to Hayashibara," Yukimura said coolly, suddenly looking a lot less happy and a lot more homicidal. The others found a cold shiver crawl down their spines at the sight. Yukimura loved tennis, and found those that didn't take it seriously a blight to the revered game. "It has nothing to do with tennis at all, actually."

At that, several froze and stared at the frail-looking teen with varying levels of unadulterated shock. It didn't compute; Yukimura was always tied into tennis. Hell, the teen would have been happy to die on a tennis court!

Yukimura seemingly ignored the reaction.

"I," Yukimura began, just as Sanada entered the locker room, "Am in love."

Silence descended, only to be broken by the former vice-captain fainting dead away.

Yukimura wondered if this could be considered stalking.

If he took into context that a majority of the tennis circuit had a habit of...obsessively following...other people (usually also of the tennis circuit), he could claim that this was, by all rights, normal behavior.

Sure, most outsiders would find following one person for a majority of the day a bit strange (or very alarming), but Yukimura figured he could get away with it; blinking cute, innocent eyes up at those who dared to question him had always gotten him out of precarious situations before. Sure, his school had someone follow him around during school hours nearly every day now (under the guise of medical necessity), but had that stopped him from putting Takemura-senpai through Hell and blackmailing one of his least favorite teachers into quitting? Of course not. What Yukimura wanted, he most assuredly got.

Even if Minamino-san was being unnecessarily difficult about it.

Yukimura had used every connection, legal and not-so-legal, to get as much information as he could about the redheaded man that frequented the Hanazuki Florist. (He also managed to keep anyone tennis-related ignorant about it, because he was just that damn good.) So far, the wealth of information he had managed to uncover was virtually useless in actually pursuing the older man.

Minamino Shuuichi. Currently 21, working in a small business that deals with overseas contracts in medicine. The business is supposedly run by his stepfather, Hatanaka Kazuya, who married Minamino's mother four years ago. Has a younger step-brother, Hatanaka Suichi, who is currently attending Meio High School - the prestigious school that Minamino had graduted from.

Minamino currently lived in a small apartment in the more Southern part of the Kanagawa prefecture. He lived alone and remained single, despite numerous offers of dates from both men and women. He had been extremely popular in his school days, leading to the establishment of a Minamino Shuuichi fanclub that had more members than Atobe's and Fuji's combined. He frequently visited his family, as much as at least twice every week; he proved to be a very dedicated son, and often enjoyed taking care of the garden around the Hatanaka-Minamino household.

Yukimura glanced up from the light school text he was using as a ruse; Minamino-san was currently sitting at a ramen stall, enjoying a bowl as he talked with the man who made it. (The ramen cook was another young man with slicked-back black hair who slouched more like a gangster than a cook.) The two seemed to be friends, if what Yukimura had observed was true; Minamino-san seemed much more relaxed in the company of the ramen cook compared to his coworkers.

The daylight was waning into evening, and the pink-purple hue of the skies had a surreal effect with Minamino as the center in Yukimura's eyes. The other man seemed inhumanly beautiful in all shades of time. The slender, pale fingers currently gripping the chopsticks had been typing at a computer just two hours previous, and just the day before had been tenderly caring for a batch of white camellias. Gentle but strong, sly but compassionate, teasing but bold... Minamino Shuuichi was everything that Yukimura wanted.

Lost to his observations and rather vivid imagination, Yukimura didn't notice brown eyes flicking over to him in consideration.

"I've actually been meaning to ask you this," Urameshi Yuusuke, former Reikai Tantei, part-time ramen cook, and (self-proclaimed) full-time badass, started, looking back at his serenely-smiling friend, "Is there a reason the high schooler over there has been stalking you? I think I even saw him when we hung out with Kuwabara at the pachinko parlor you refused to play at."

"Perhaps," Kurama said, taking a sip from the bottle of green tea he had bought beforehand, "And that pachinko parlor was a scam."

Yusuke snorted. "Riiiight. Either Koenma is having you do some kind of weird-ass mission again, or you really need to find more hobbies - hopefully ones that don't include terrorizing poor bystanders."

"Terrorizing has always been Hiei's interest, not mine," Kurama allowed, looking rather cheery. "But I assure you, this does not involve Reikai. It's of a more...personal nature."

Yusuke damn near dropped the pot he had been cleaning.

"Are you fucking serious?" Yusuke ogled, turning to glance at the distant teen who appeared to be absorbed in his book. The fact that he was blushing once again (he had been blushing on and off for a while now) was tantamount to the fact that it was not the book that had the boy's interest. "Isn't he a little..." Young? Normal? Not-demon-like? - all came to mind.

"I'm only 21, Yusuke." Kurama reminded. "A five-year difference isn't much in the human realm, as I've seen. My step-father is eight years older than my mother."

"Yeah, but don't you think that whole 'I'm actually a demon'-thing is going to, uh, make things a bit difficult?" Yusuke snarked.

Kurama shrugged absently. "My, but you're thinking rather deeply into this situation. I'm touched you care so much about my sexual pursuits."

Yusuke made a face. "I don't think I want to talk about this anymore, especially with you. You're like a budding cradle-robber."

Kurama nearly choked on his ramen. "What?"

"You're like a thousand years old, fox-boy. I call it as I see it."

"Would you rather I date Kuwabara's great-grandfather then?" Kurama said dryly.

Yusuke paused, considered, then shuddered at the mental image. "Alright, I'll give you that. But people don't normally take the whole demon thing well. And he looks like a pansy, anyway; I think Yukina has more muscle than him."

"And the truth comes to light," Kurama mused with a chuckle. "I'm not interested in fighting him, Yusuke." He paused. "Well, in the conservative sense, in any case."

"Please stop making sexual innuendos; it makes it harder for me to keep a straight face," Yusuke replied. "And I think your fanboy there is getting jealous, too."

Kurama stirred the ramen broth causally. "Then maybe he'll finally stop following me and approach. While this waiting game is amusing on its own, the interest will eventually die if all he does is stare."

"Why don't you approach him, then?"

Kurama smiled, enjoying Yukimura Seiichi's vibrant blush out of the corner of his eye. "Well, that wouldn't be any fun at all, now would it?"

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