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Yukimura Seiichi was having a serious problem.

Now, Yukimura wasn't given to dramatizing his own situations; he had never complained about any of his health issues, for one, and it wasn't until he collapsed that his loved ones decided to ignore his platitudes and manhandle him into a hospital. Yukimura took what he was given, and if he couldn't handle it, he improved it himself - just like he had improved the educational quality of his school by blackmailing Ugata-sensei into quitting and frightening the delinquent hierarchy of the school into submission. If anything, Yukimura Seiichi was extremely adept at handling his problems.

That's why he was having such difficulty in asking for help with this issue.

Don't get him wrong; Kurama was a wonderful boyfriend. He took Yukimura out for dinner dates, they talked about everything from his school to the redhead's job, and they generally had a very good time together. No, the only problem Yukimura found with their relationship was in the more intimately physical aspect.

Nearly a month into their relationship and they haven't even kissed yet.

Sure, Kurama sometimes gave him a peck on the cheek at the end of their dates, or held his hand as they walked in more private areas like the park, but Yukimura was a young man now. If he had been satisfied by chaste pecks on the cheek or hand-holding, he might as well just go back to elementary school.

Yukimura wasn't quite sure how to phrase his frustration to his new boyfriend. He felt that asking straight out for a french kiss is something only a horny teenager would do - and, well, in all honesty, that is his age group - but he didn't want to be seen like a brat by his older and mature boyfriend. He'd thought about initiating it himself, but the redhead had a way of moving around that didn't give the tennis star much of an opportunity to do so.

He'd thought about asking his friends and fellow teammates for some advice, but soon realized the folly in that plan of action; Sanada and Marui were the only ones in a relationship (excluding Niou and Yagyuu, because they had a special kind of relationship), the rest being steadfastly married to tennis. Sanada was dating Atobe, for god's sakes, and Yukimura knew his gentle, doting boyfriend was nothing like the self-centered diva. Marui would have been a better choice for advice, but Yukimura knew for a fact that the Akutagawa boy was the active one in the relationship and Marui just kind of went with the flow. It also didn't help that his fellow club members were still trying to recover from the hellish training he had put them through after he learned of their stalker-behavior in regards to his boyfriend. (Which reminded him, he still had to get payback from their Hyoutei and Seigaku counterparts.)

Which was, of course, how he ended up back at Yusuke's ramen stand.

"Yusuke-san," Yukimura began gently, looking the very picture of misery as he desolately stirred the remaining broth of his ramen. "You've been friends with Shuuichi-san for a long time, ne?"

The sushi chef gave a shrug, taking a long drag of his cigarette, "I guess. Its been about six years now, I think," the man answered. He gave the tennis player a considering look; the boy had come on a Tuesday night during Yusuke's dead hour, for the first time without the redhead. (Kurama was currently still at work, doing overtime.) "What's up? Trouble in paradise?"

"No!" Yukimura immediately denied. At the cook's surprised look, he quickly backtracked, "Nothing's wrong, really... I mean, Shuiichi-san is a wonderful boyfriend. He's very considerate; we went to an art museum last weekend. They were having an exhibit on the modern art I liked so much, and Shuiichi-san paid for the tickets and everything-"

"But what, he asked for a little something in return?" Yusuke asked, practically leering at the younger male. The former detective was rewarded with a vibrant blush and drooping shoulders. "Were you made a virgin sacrifice, Yukimura-kun?"

"Yusuke-san finds the oddest things amusing," Yukimura noted into the countertop.

Yusuke chuckled, "I have to keep you brats on your toes."

"I think Yusuke-san is just taking out seperation anxiety on me," Yukimura continued (still into the countertop), "Just because Echizen is out on a date with his newest fling and not spending time with you."

Yusuke did a full-body pause.

"...that brat has a fling?" came the deadpan.

Yukimura frowned at the cook, "So Yusuke-san is taking out his jealousy on me."

"I'm not jealous! I'm practically already married, you know!"

Oh great, now there were two of them with relationship issues.

"Just tell me what your damn problem is with Shuuichi," Yusuke grouched, taking another drag of his cigarette. He gave the younger boy a dark smirk. "Or I can just call him right now-"

"Shuiichi-san," Yukimura interrupted bravely, though came to hesitant pause. "Shuiichi-san hasn't...hasn't kissed me yet."

Dead silence met this.

"What?" Yusuke asked weakly.

"Shuiichi-san hasn't kissed me yet," Yukimura reiterated, depression hanging off every word. "We've only gotten as far as holding hands - and it's already been almost a month since we first started dating."

"Er," Yusuke managed out, but Yukimura continued on undeterred.

"I thought about talking to him about it, but how would I phrase that? 'Excuse me, Shuiichi-san, but would you mind if I examined your mouth? With my tongue?'"

"Um," Yusuke croaked.

"But what if Shuiichi-san thinks I'm just in it for the sex? Because I most certainly am not! I'm just saying I want a little intimacy!" Yukimura huffed indignantly.

"Yukimura-kun," Yusuke intervened, finally graduating from awkward noises. "Why don't you just pin 'im down and, uh, play tonsil hockey with him?"

Yukimura gave him a distressed look, "But isn't that a little forward?"

Yusuke snorted, "I really doubt Shuiichi would mind. Hiei was no shrinking violet, after all."

A pause elapsed, the look on Yusuke's face immediately sweeping into regret at what he had just given away. Yukimura studied him carefully, the downcast demeanour previous gone completely.

"Who is Hiei?" Yukimura asked softly.

Yusuke grimaced, "Well-"


The loud call drew the cook's attention immediately, but Yukimura didn't miss that fleeting look of relief on the older male's face at the distraction. Filing away the name for later, Yukimura turned to see a burly, orange-haired man coming towards the stand.

"Kuwabara! Isn't this your third time eating here this week? Yukina isn't gonna like you when you're fat!" Yusuke teased, grin wide and forceful.

Kuwabara gave his friend a confused look, eyes flicking over to Yukimura in consideration. He seemed to reach his answer after only a moment, as he gave the befuddled tennis player a small smile. While the man was not the most attractive person Yukimura had seen, there was something very amiable in those narrow brown eyes.

"Shut up, Urameshi," Kuwabara shot back, taking a seat at the counter. "I work out every day for my Yukina!"

"Oh gross, you idiot, I don't want to hear about your sex life!"

Kuwabara spluttered, turning a brilliant shade of red as he vehemently denied any such insinuations. Yusuke ignored him however, already starting a pot for his new customer without needing to be told the order - Kuwabara would like what he got and if Yusuke heard any complaints, he'd reacquaint his best friend with his fist.

"Yukimura-kun," Yusuke started. "This guy is Kuwabara. He's another good friend of mine and Shuiichi's. Kuwabara, this is Yukimura Seiichi - Shuiichi's boytoy."

"...I don't think Shuiichi keeps boytoys," Kuwabara deadpanned.

Yukimura had paused in thought. Why are all of Shuiichi-san's friends reminiscent of gangsters?

"And don't be getting the wrong idea, Yukimura-kun!" Kuwabara was quick to protest. "I'm your normal, everyday college student!"

"With a sharp sixth sense and a penchant for street brawling," Yusuke added.

"Yeah, and that - wait, I haven't been in any street brawls recently! That was way back in junior high, Urameshi!" Kuwabara denied. "And you were the one starting all the fights!"

"Really? Because I seem to remember that you were the one constantly approaching me, asking to have your ass kicked!" Yusuke shot back with a grin.

Kuwabara stood, glaring down at the shorter man. "What was that? You want me to beat your ass down so you can remember properly?"

Yusuke was already at the ready, effortlessly slamming down a large bowl of ramen - missing Kuwabara's head by millimeters but catching all ten digits of the larger man's hands. Kuwabara howled with pain, jerking backwards and throwing the bowl off his abused fingers. The ramen bowl had a large crack going down the center where ounces of the hot liquid were pouring out, travelling along the counter.

Kuwabara's flailing appendages nearly caught Yukimura in the face, but fortunately the carrot-top's arm was grabbed and gently pushed backwards.

"I see you've met Kuwabara, Seiichi-kun," Kurama said amicably, the smile on his face being one of the most terrifying things all three males had ever seen. He was currently holding Kuwabara's arm away from his younger boyfriend with a steely grip, looking perfectly unruffled in his business suit. Kuwabara valiantly tried not to cry out in pain - lest Kurama twist his arm for interrupting.

"Shuiichi-san!" Yukimura cried, delighted.

"I'm pleased to see you enjoy Yusuke's ramen," Kurama started benignly, releasing his carrot-topped friend's arm without so much as a glance. "But you shouldn't have it more than once a week, Seiichi-kun. It isn't healthy."

"Stop trying to get rid of my customers, Shuiichi!" Yusuke interjected playfully.

"Yusuke, the broth is spilling," Kurama pointed out calmly.

Yusuke swore, pulling out a rag and starting to clean up the counter with only one smug smirk thrown in Kuwabara's direction. For his part, the taller man just glared back before refocusing his attention to the newly-arrived redhead.

"Hey man, haven't seen you for awhile," Kuwabara greeted happily. Kurama, upon seeing that Yukimura's general welfare was no longer in any imminent harm, gave his friend a smile.

"Yes, well, we've both been busy," Kurama replied, taking a seat next to his boyfriend. "I heard you're planning to intern at Sasagawa Animal Hospital?"

Kuwabara nodded, "I need some practical experience for course credit at my university. Sasagawa has a good reputation."

The carrot-top paused, before tilting his head in Yukimura's direction. "So you're really Shuuichi's boyfriend, Yukimura-kun?"

Yukimura blushed but a pleased smile came to his lips. "Yes - we've been together for about a month now."

"Shuuichi is like a sugar daddy now - after younger men~!" Yusuke crooned from behind the counter, already starting to make Kurama's favorite ramen. The redhead rolled his eyes at his friend's commentary, although Kuwabara looked confused.

"Eh? How old are you, Yukimura-kun?" the taller male asked in confusion.

"I'm 16," Yukimura answered lowly.

Kuwabara gaped, "No way! I thought you were in college already!"

Yukimura smiled wanly, "Yes, well, I have some friends who look like they could teach high school kids. I suppose there's just something about my generation."

Kuwabara darted a look over at Kurama. "Ku-Shuuichi, I don't think it's even legal for you to date him," he pointed out carefully.

"I haven't crossed any lines," Kurama replied calmly, sipping at the green tea Yusuke had just served him.

Yusuke snorted, "Yeah - talk about sexual frustration. Poor Yukimura-kun."

Yukimura ducked his head, now a bright scarlet but still managing to shoot daggers through his eyes at the unrepentantly smirking ramen chef. Kuwabara just looked uncomfortable at the topic change - he really didn't want to know about any of his friends' sex lives, thank you very much!

Kurama stared at Yusuke - and with how flat it was, it was obvious the wrong words could easily set the former thief off. "Excuse me?"

Yusuke wasn't exactly known for his strong instinct of self-preservation. "Just think about it from Yukimura-kun's perspective, Red," the ex-Spirit Detective pointed out. "Your hormones are acting all crazy, just ready to get it on, you have a super hot boyfriend with a steaming bod-"

"I really don't like the way this conversation is going," Kuwabara interjected, just in the name of decency.

Yusuke would not be stopped, "-multiple dates later, multiple fantasies and ruined bedsheets later - and still nothing? I mean, he's in high school now - how long do you think chaste romance is going to last with him?"

If looks could kill, Yusuke would be dead for the third time; as it was, he just had to keep the shit-eating quality of his grin hidden in response to Yukimura's smoldering glare. Kurama frowned; it was obvious the redhead had not thought of it from that angle. He was no stranger to lust, but from an early age he'd learned to be careful where intimacy was concerned; there was no guarantee that the person you took to bed wouldn't try to behead you during sex. As a youko, Kurama has had his fair share of near-death encounters between the sheets.

"I'm just saying you might want to do more than just hand-holding, Shuiichi," Yusuke continued. "Before Yukimura-kun decides you've dried up before you even got to the good stuff."

Kuwabara groaned into the counter. "I cannot believe we are having this discussion in public!"

"I would never think that," Yukimura interrupted calmly, giving the ramen cook a level look. "If Shuiichi-san wants to take his time, that's perfectly fine with me."

Yusuke pointed to the high-school boy solemnly. "Did you hear that, Shuiichi? He's obviously gagging for it. You better start showing him how to do the horizontal tango before he decides redheads aren't his thing."

Kurama stared back at his friend. "Yusuke, I'm going to have to ask you to stop talking about this. Your advice has been taken into consideration, so please drop this line of conversation."

"Sure!" Yusuke agreed immediately, laughing as Kuwabara nearly sobbed out a thank you to the redhead. Yukimura still seemed content with spearing Yusuke through with his eyes, but the ramen chef remained unaffected as he cheerfully served his two friends their food.

"That reminds me... Shuiichi-san," Yukimura turned to look at his boyfriend. "Who is Hiei? Yusuke-san mentioned him before."

Kuwabara choked on his ramen and began to cough violently. Kurama set his chopsticks down quietly, glancing over at Yusuke with a hard look before looking back over at Yukimura with a thoughtful expression.

Yusuke frowned, "It was a slip of the tongue."

"You don't need to tell me if you don't want to," Yukimura backtracked, sensing the hesitance in the redhead's posture.

Kurama only shook his head. "It's fine, Seiichi-kun; it's no secret. Hiei is an old friend of our's. He moved away awhile ago, however," the redhead explained. Kurama paused in consideration, before continuing softly. "We - Hiei and I - dated for a... time. We ended it before he left, though. There's no need for concern."

Yukimura nodded, knowing instinctively that wasn't the whole story. The fact that the usually loud and boisterous Yusuke was silent and looking away, as well as Kuwabara's scowl, were testament to the fact.

So 'Hiei' is the taboo subject...Yukimura mused.

The trek home was awkward, but that could have just been Yukimura feeling self-conscious. It hadn't helped that he had endured about an hour of strained conversation between the three friends, full of the kind of hidden messages and innuendos he knew he was missing and could never hope to understand.

Yukimura didn't know if he should be annoyed that even the mention of one person could disturb his usually-calm boyfriend, or that the redhead had so blatantly lied to his face about this 'Hiei' issue being closed. He kept his face serene to not alert his boyfriend to his inner turmoil, but he wasn't sure that Kurama was buying it - the redhead often glanced back at him as they made their way to Yukimura's house.

As they passed through the neighborhood park to get to Yukimura's street, the younger male paused and nearly scowled. He was feeling a little angry now, to be honest, but he wasn't sure how to explain why to his older boyfriend. Kurama had already stopped and was looking at him in consideration.

The redhead reached a conclusion before Yukimura could form his own, stepping closer to the younger boy and settling one hand on the boy's face. Yukimura blinked, surprised by their sudden close proximity.

"I have been unfair to you, haven't I?" Kurama mused aloud.

Yukimura stared up at him, dumbfound. Thus he wasn't prepared as Kurama closed the distance between them, soft lips settling on Yukimura's own pair with gentle pressure. It was warm and a little moist - and Yukimura had no idea what he was doing.

He kept his arms at his sides, his body completely still, and his eyes wide open. Green eyes slowly opened to meet his own, and they stared at each other for a long moment as their lips remained together.

Kurama pulled back suddenly, turning around with one hand over his mouth and eyes downcast. For one panicked moment, Yukimura thought he'd really pissed the redhead off - until he realized the older man's shoulders were shaking, and he could make out the sniggers coming from his boyfriend.

"Sh-Shuiichi-san!" Yukimura snapped, face heating up. He didn't know how to kiss - so he had frozen up. And now his boyfriend was laughing at him!

Kurama turned back, green eyes feebly rising to meet his own. He lowered his hand, revealing a smile that took Yukimura's breath away. That is, before Kurama snickered again, making Yukimura's face heat up in humiliation.

"Sorry, Seiichi-kun," Kurama coughed, choking down the rest of his chuckles as his little boyfriend looked ready to punch him. "Your expression was priceless."

Yukimura scowled, turning away with a huff. Kurama smiled, breaching their distance and wrapping his arms around the tennis player's waist. Playfully, he nipped at the youth's ear; Yukimura gave a startled flinch but Kurama didn't let him go.

"Here, let me show you," Kurama murmured into his ear. Yukimura turned slowly, seemingly entranced as Kurama took the youth's arms and lead them to wrap around his neck. He tilted Yukimura's chin up and reclaimed his lips.


It was different this time. With this new position, their bodies were in closer contact and Yukimura could feel the other's body heat through his clothes. Kurama had taken advantage of his slightly-parted lips, deepening the kiss and making Yukimura feel without energy. One of the redhead's hands had settled on his waist, holding him steady, as the other braced his back and pushed their bodies closer together.

It was warm, and wet, and very, very intimate. Yukimura tried to remember to breathe through his nose but looking hazily into intense emerald eyes made his brain go fuzzy. He shut his eyes to get better control of himself, but then he was enveloped in the sensations of Kurama's teasing tongue and warm, wandering hands.

I like this man, Yukimura thought, feeling pleasantly adrift. Kurama pulled away slowly, but before Yukimura could pull him back in for more, the redhead tilted the boy's chin up more and trailed butterfly kisses down his jaw and to his neck.

"Ah," Yukimura exhaled as Kurama lightly bit down. The redhead quickly kissed the small mark with a breathy chuckle, before placing another one less than a centimeter down from the first.

I really like this man, Yukimura thought dazedly just as Kurama once again kissed him.

The tournament courts were full of chatter as teens moved down the paths, heading for one area or another. Most were dressed in the uniforms or jerseys of their schools, although some were just spectators there to support family or friends. The sounds of balls hitting the ground could be heard from some courts, as a few matches were in progress, but Kurama wasn't interested in any of those.

Rikkai Daigakkou Senior High School versus Matsue Gakuen Senior High, set to begin in about another forty minutes. The court was easy enough to find, but neither team had showed yet so Kurama had assumed he was still too early. He had wandered over to the vending machines to pass some time, and after purchasing a bottle of green tea, he'd sat himself down on the nearby bench and just decided to people-watch.

The tennis courts were a lively place. The people were also pretty fun to watch; there was one group dressed in dark purple jerseys arguing nearby, although the one teen with silver hair - the apparent leader - would quickly and efficiently rebuff anything a scruffy-haired brunette snapped. The teen also looked to be glittering, although Kurama had no idea how he was doing it.

Another team drifted into the area, only they wore blue and white jerseys and were lead by a tall boy with glasses. This caught the dark purple team's attention, and the redheads of both teams immediately began what looked to be a - gymnastics competition?

Tennis is a strange sport, Kurama mused off-handedly. Kurama had never watched any sports, to be honest; he'd never been that interested. His idea of a good time or exercise almost exclusively included either gardening or sparring. But his boyfriend was in love with the sport so Kurama knew it was custom to support him in such a way.

Besides, now he'd get to see Yukimura in cute shorts. It was a win regardless.

"Eh? Momo, Kaidoh, and Echizen?" one of the blue-and-white jersey teens exclaimed. Kurama blinked at the familiar face - the young boy that Yusuke was fond of. The boy in question was being half-dragged by a tall youth with spiky hair and trailed by a scowling boy.

"We came to give you support!" the spiky-haired teen greeted cheerfully. "You're going against Tachibana-san's team today, right?"

"Unyaaa, Ochibi! It's been so long!" the redhead cried, breaking away from his impromptu gymnastics match in order to cling onto the younger boy.

"It's only been a week, Kikumaru-senpai!"

So these are his senpai with the brat-fetish? Kurama chuckled inwardly.

The dark purple-clad team joined the into the conversation - with Echizen deftly ignoring the prima donna leader of the other team - and golden eyes eventually met Kurama's own pair. Kurama hid a smile as Echizen stared at him for longer than was polite; he knew from past conversations with both Yukimura and Yusuke that the young boy had a hard time remembering people.

"Ah," Echizen suddenly spoke - accidentally cutting off a one-sided argument with Atobe. The diva blinked at being interrupted, and his utterly insulted expression caught the attention of the rest of the group. Echizen rudely pointed to a pretty redhead only a couple meters away, sitting down on a bench. "You're Yukimura's boyfriend, right?"

The redhead smiled, "I'm surprised you remembered me, Echizen-kun. Yusuke said you couldn't remember his name for an entire month."

Echizen shrugged, "I remembered after the second time. I just wanted to piss him off."

The redhead chuckled.

"Eh?" Oishi croaked out, shock all over his features. The beautiful redheaded- man? Yes, man, by the voice - was the infamous boyfriend of Rikkaidai's Yukimura?

"Holy shit, you're gorgeous!" Mukahi exclaimed, eyes wide.

Oshitari twitched, "Gakuto."

"But I still like you better, Yuushi!" was the redhead's quick rejoinder. Oshitari tried not to roll his eyes.

"Eh? Eh? You know Yukimura's boyfriend, Ochibi?" Kikumaru said, gripping the boy tighter. "You never told us!"

"I didn't think it was important," Echizen dismissed. "He doesn't even play tennis, anyway."

"What does that have to do with anything!"

Inui was already at Kurama's side, looking over him speculatively. "Minamino Shuiichi... You are quite a bit more attractive than I theorized. Ii data..."

Atobe looked over the older man speculatively. True, he could see the appeal - Minamino Shuuichi was gorgeous, so there was something to be said for Yukimura's tastes. Atobe didn't exactly prefer the drop-dead-gorgeous look himself, though; he was more of a regal-handsome kind of a guy. Regal handsome men that played tennis and practiced kendo.

"Rikkaidai is playing that unseeded team today, aren't they?" Shishido pointed out, breaking his captain out of Sanada-based fantasies. "Isn't that game starting soon?"

Kurama nodded, "I came a bit earlier to see if I could find Seiichi-kun, but it didn't seem like his team had arrived yet."

Gakuto frowned, "It's weird to hear someone call that guy by his first name and without a hint of fear. It feels like a crime."

"I think Minamino-san has full rights to call his boyfriend by his given name," Shishido replied blandly.

Kikumaru perked up, "That reminds me - who's the pitcher? We never resolved that."

"Eiji! That's personal information we have no right to know!" Oishi cried out.

Kurama coughed to regain some say in the rapidly-dissolving conversation. Why is our sex life being discussed so often lately? he mused to himself. "I never got any of your names..."

"That's the Monkey King and his idiot followers," Ryoma introduced before anyone could get a word in edge-wise, as he indicated to Atobe and the rest of the Hyoutei regulars. "And this is Tezuka-buchou and the rest of my annoying senpai-tachi," he continued blandly, motioning to his exasperated friends.

Ryoma paused, before pointing to a smiling Fuji, "That's Fuji-senpai. We have to keep him and Yukimura apart because the last time they spent any time together, both of our schools shut down for a week and no one could get the bloodstains out."

"Echizen," Fuji piped up with a mock-hurt expression, "How could you slander your favorite senpai?"

Kikumaru eyed his friend with a pout, "It's not slander if it's true, Fujiko-chan."

Ryoma ignored his friends' banter and Hyoutei's general scandalization at his rude labelling. "Yukimura's harem are the ones in the yellow jerseys," the boy explained.

"Exactly what happened to you this year that made you so snippy?" Oshitari asked dryly.

Echizen's eyes darkened considerably, "Nothing that I can't repay back in kind."

"He's always been snarky, anyway," Momo waved off.

Listening to this ongoing conversation, Kurama couldn't help but feel there was something very odd about the tennis circuit. It was a very bad sign for humanity when he'd heard saner conversations take place between an inebriated Chu and egotistical Suzuka than what he was hearing right now.

"I didn't realize Seiichi-kun had a harem," Kurama noted aloud, amused.

"Because I don't."

The assembled Regulars of both Seigaku and Hyoutei whipped around to face their Rikkaidai counterparts, most looking guilty and nervous. The Rikkaidai players scanned their rivals curiously before their eyes alighted upon the redhead seated amidst the throng.

"What kind of rumors are you guys spreading?" Marui asked, honestly curious.

Fuji smiled guilelessly, "We were just talking about Yukimura's many admirers."

"I'll never have as many followers as you, though, Fuji-kun," Yukimura replied back with a sunny smile.

Silence descended as the two sadists just smiled and chuckled at each other, their auras darkening rapidly and causing everyone to take a step back instinctively. Ryoma - one of the few unaffected - turned back to Kurama with a droll face.

"This is why we keep them separated," the boy pointed out.

Kurama watched in fascination as the boys in the yellow jerseys flinched away from Yukimura and huddled closer together, keeping terrified eyes on the wavy-haired youth. Likewise, the Seigaku regulars eyed Fuji as if mentally debating the merits of forcefully removing the slender tensai from the immediate vicinity or let him have his intimidation showdown with Yukimura.

"Echizen, control Fuji-senpai!" Momo hissed, just as innocuous bystanders began to flee. Kurama almost applauded the sheer amount of killing intent between his boyfriend and the brunette. Ryoma just looked at Momo like he was being an idiot before shuffling towards Tezuka for protection.

"Seiichi-kun," Kurama interrupted benignly, just as the last bystander escaped the oppressive atmosphere. Almost immediately, tensions relaxed as Yukimura turned his attention to the redhead. "I'm glad you're here - I didn't know where to find the court."

Yukimura smiled instantly, sauntering towards his older boyfriend and practically glittering. (Seriously - how were the tennis players doing that?) "I'll show you where we're playing, Shuiichi-san. Thank you for coming today," Yukimura chirped brightly.

Kurama smiled in return as he stood, flowers seemingly blooming around him. "Of course - it's my pleasure, Seiichi-kun. I came to cheer for you and your team," the redhead responded.

As the two bloomed and glittered at each other, everyone else present had to look away. They didn't know if it was because of the sheer amount of lovey-dovey-ness of the scene before them, or because it looked like Yukimura and his boyfriend were the same type of person: the smile that hides pure evil.

Marui turned to glare at Yanagi and Inui as Yukimura walked off with Kurama. "You guys didn't say anything about Minamino being just as dangerous!"

Ryoma snorted. "He's Yukimura's boyfriend, isn't he? Why would you expect anything less?"

There really was nothing to say to that - just resigned silence.

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