SasoDei – Spring Awakening – Chapter 1

All That's Known

It was the first day of the year, and Deidara was starting year 11 at Malcolm Gets High school. It was the year 2027, and the school was celebrating its 15th year since being founded.

Deidara's family had recently moved houses, and they didn't have enough money to send him to a private school. So he went to the second closest public school to his house. He didn't go to the closer one because they had a very bad reputation, while this school was not as bad. At least no one had been murdered at this school.

The blonde had been given a timetable, and a locker. It was an outdoor school, as opposed to his last one in America, which had been indoors due to snow. It didn't snow in Australia, so they had no need for enclosed hallways. The thing that the blonde didn't like about moving countries, was that he was now far away from his boyfriend…Or was that a good thing? Deidara's boyfriend had had a bit of a wandering eye, which had irked the blonde a lot. In fact, he had been planning to dump him anyway before his family moved. Deidara had actually forgotten to break their relationship off, but they weren't even in communication, so it was plain to see they were no longer in item. Out of sight, out of mind.

Yes, Deidara had had a boyfriend, despite himself being a male. As they would say, he 'batted for the other team'. But no one at the school knew that, so it was going to be a good start for the blonde. If he kept his secret quiet, then he wouldn't get bullied for it.

Deidara was sixteen years old, and had long blonde hair. A small portion of his locks were held up in a loose, messy, pony tail, while the rest was either down or covering his left eye. He had been described as 'beautiful', and had been mistake for a girl on numerous occasions. His eyes were a shimmering bright blue in colour, and it was difficult to read emotions within the identical orbs.

He crouched down in front of his locker, remembering the given combination. Deidara undid the lock, and opened the door, slinging his bag from his shoulders. The blonde's school uniform was made up of a light blue shirt, which had the school logo sewn on the pocket, a pair of long grey pants, and sneakers. It wasn't formal, though it wasn't exactly casual either.

The blonde began to load his books into the locker. No one else was around, as it was only 7:30am in the morning. Class didn't start till 8:45am, but Deidara hadn't been able to get to school any later. He hadn't known the way to school, so his dad had driven him. On the way to school that morning he had managed to memorise the route, so he could probably walk in the mornings from now on. At least then he could sleep in until 7:40, rather than being woken up at 6:45. Deidara yawned as he placed his bag on the top shelf of the large locker, closing and locking the door as he stood up. The blonde pulled out his iPod Touch and put his headphones in his ears, beginning to listen to the song 'All That's Known' from the musical Spring Awakening. Yeah, he was also a bit of a musical buff.

Deidara didn't know what to do now. He had seen a few other students walking around, but none seemed to be the least bit interested in him. The blonde decided that he would check out the school so he could learn his place around. He saw a trail to the left of the locker area which lead to a large, tall, dark building. The blonde dubbed it a good place to start exploring.

He followed the dark blue foot path which led to the building. Deidara tried to open the front door, only to find that it was locked. He was about to give up, when he noticed another path which carried on to the left side of the building. The blonde looked to his watch to see that it was now eight. School would begin to forty five minutes.

"I can make it, un." Deidara began to walk along the new foot path, which lead to the very back of the building. Another door sat there, and when he tried the handle it was unlocked. The blonde entered the building, and began walking down the hall. There were photos on the walls, and judging by the themes of them, this place was most likely the Performing Arts Centre. He vaguely remembered his father mentioning something about it in the car trip to the school.

The blonde continued to walk down the hallways. No one seemed to be around, though why had the door been unlocked then?

"Hello?" Deidara walked into a large pair of double doors, which lead to a large auditorium. The only lights on were for the stage area, though nobody was about. The blonde frowned and walked onto the lit area. There wasn't a sign of anybody, and the lighting booth seemed empty. "Hello?" A gentle chorus of echoes followed… Deidara smirked. He closed his eyes and began to sing to his invisible audience. "Come cream away the bliss. Travel the world within my lips. Fondle the pearl of your distant dreams. Haven't you heard the word of your body? Ow, you're gonna be wounded. Ow, you're gonna be my wound." Deidara became aware that his voice wasn't alone. "Oh, you're gonna bruise two. Oh, you're-" The blonde suddenly cut off.

"Gonna be my bruise." The voice was male, and quickly silenced itself.

"Aha! So I'm not alone, un. I'm Deidara. Who're you?" Silence. The blonde waited for the person to speak, but they did not. "Oh come on, don't try to pull the whole 'Phantom of the Opera' trick. I'm not that blonde, un." Still nothing. "Hey, don't be embarrassed that you know that song. I know that it's a gay song, but come on. Spring Awakening is an epic musical." Still nothing.

…Maybe he'd just been imagining things…

Deidara suddenly heard a crash, a male's voice yell, and a thud. He quickly ran backstage to where he'd heard the voice. As he disappeared, a figure peered over the tops of the seats from where he had been hiding. "What a weirdo…How does he know the words to that song…?" The male frowned gently in thought. "Whatever. I've gotta go before he comes back and sees me."


"Hello, un?" Deidara looked around backstage, searching for the source of the crash. He suddenly heard a low mumbling sound, and he spotted a dark shadow lying on the ground, surrounded by black chairs. The blonde went to the figure, to see that it was a person. "Need some help?"

"Please." Deidara lent the boy a hand and pulled him to his feet. "Thank you. Tobi was moving these chairs since Tobi forgot to yesterday."

The blonde blinked at the male. He had short black hair, and wore the same uniform as Deidara. He looked pretty normal, the only weird feature being that his left eye was covered by an eye-patch. "Who's Tobi?"

"Tobi is Tobi." The male pointed to himself, giving a wide grin. "It's nice to meet you, Sempai."

"Oh, my name is Deidara." The blonde frowned at the boy and began stacking the chairs for the raven.

"Okie dokie, Sempai." Tobi began to stack the chairs as well.

The blonde rolled his eyes at the nickname, but instead of voicing any complaints, he asked "So, was it you that was singing before?"

Tobi blinked at Deidara. "Singing? Tobi loves singing! Tobi had a little gun, little gun, little gun; Tobi had a little gun, which gave a great big bang!" The raven said 'Bang' in a way so that it rhymed with gun, but it still wasn't a very good poem. The blonde gave him an odd expression. "But…Tobi wasn't singing before. Sorry Sempai."

Deidara looked at his watch. "Well, it was nice to have met you, Tobi, but school starts in five minutes, un. I should get going."

"Okie dokie! See ya, Sempai!" The raven boy gave an immature wave to the blonde.

"Later, Tobi." Deidara gave a slight wave as well, and started walking to the back exit from where he had come from. "I guess I was just imagining another person singing, un. Probably just the echoes messing with my head, I mean, those two verses are pretty similar, I must have just misheard them, un."


The first class all of the students had to attend, was Home Room (also known as PCG), where the children had to sign in. It went for only ten minutes, and Deidara didn't mind it too much. None of the others in the group he had been put into talked to him, but he didn't really care.

His mind began to wander back to the auditorium. Had he just been imagining things? Deidara made up his mind. He would go back to the auditorium tomorrow and try to find out if he really was insane.

The blonde read over his class list. First off he had Physical Education, and Science. Later on in the day he would also have Society Environment, English, Cooking, and finally Maths.

Not too bad.


The blonde had gotten changed without much of a fuss. No one seemed particularly interested in him, and he had gotten changed in one of the several toilet cubicles. He wasn't modest; he just didn't want to draw any attention to himself.

The class now stood in front of the teacher, Mr Guy…It really was his name. The man gave them all the thumbs up signal, and his teeth seemed to sparkle. "Okay, my youthful students! Today we are going to be playing Splatter Ball! For all of you new students, this is basically Dodge Ball, but with a much more Youthful title! And if you score the balls in the hoops, then all your team comes back into play. Get the 'Money Ball' in the hoop, and your team wins the game. Got it?" The class gave nods. "Good, now get into two equal teams!"

Deidara was on the sashes team. He wore the colourful belt around his thin waist. The blonde studied the other team. The opposite group were made of eight people, while the team the blonde was on had ten. No one seemed to be complaining, however.

His eyes swept across the over team. There was only one girl, and she looked pretty plain. She had dark blue locks, a lip piercing, and a white rose clipped into her hair.

The rest of the team was made up of some pretty scary characters. There was a boy with raven hair, who practically screamed 'Stoic'. A male with slicked back silver hair who was currently screaming fierce abuse at the blonde's team, plus a tall man with spiked orange hair, and several facial piercings. Before Deidara could get a good look at the rest of the team, the game had started.

The non-sashes team had already managed to get the 5 balls onto their side, and the blonde's team was cowering in fear. It was just a game, why were they so scared. The balls were suddenly ditched in one complete simultaneous movement of the perfectly co-ordinated team. Five balls thrown, seven of the blonde's team already out. The ones who got hit quickly ran to the other team's side, cowering in the corner which had been dubbed a 'Jail'. Deidara ran forward and picked up one of the balls. A cold sensation ran through his body as he felt everyone's eyes land on him. Some were horrified at his defiance, though the opposite team actually seemed amused. Deidara looked across each face of the non-sashes team.

"THROW THE BALL YOU PUSSY! I FUCKING DARE YOU!" The silver haired boy had yelled at him. He was grinning widely. The blonde gulped and looked down at the ball in his hands…Huh?

He hadn't noticed that it was the money ball. Deidara could still win the game. The blonde ran past the black line which had divided the teams, bouncing the ball to show that he was going to shoot.

The other team didn't seem to know what to do. Most of them started to run after him, but he would still win. The blonde ran past a red head that hadn't even moved the entire game. That was when he suddenly felt his face slam into the floor, and the ball roll out of his grip. He groaned and pulled himself from the ground to see that he had been tripped by the red head's leg.

The boy wasn't even looking at him; he just stood with his back to the blonde, hands in his pockets.

Deidara felt himself get rolled over onto his back. A boy with blue hair stood over him, giving a sharp toothed grin. In his hands he held the ball. The blonde expected to have it hurled at his face, but instead the blue skinned boy lent down and tapped him with it. "You're out, Barbie."

The blonde frowned and groaned, sitting up. The blue haired girl was giving him a glare, and so were several others. There was a boy with dark green hair, who was smirking at him far too dangerously, and the only thing Deidara wanted to do was to go home. He stood up with a moan of pain and made his way over to the jail. The other members of his team moved away from where he sat, suddenly seeming terrified of the blonde.

Deidara just brushed it off. The non-sashes team easily won by getting the other members of the blonde's team out, and a new game was started. Deidara almost immediately got out, as three of the five balls were aimed at him during the first throw. He had managed to catch one of the dodge balls, however, so he had managed to get one of them out.

The blonde went to sit down next to the brunette boy, but was stopped when the male shot him a deadly glare. "What do you think you're doing?"

"…" Deidara smiled friendlily at the boy. "Hi, I'm Deidara, un. No hard feelings?" He put a hand out to shake.

The boy glared even harder at him. "Get lost." The blonde frowned and retracted his hand. He went to sit on the opposite side of the jail, where he sat for the rest of the PE lesson.


Deidara walked out of the cubicle, having gotten changed already. He was suddenly shoved against the wall. The blonde groaned and glared at his attackers. It was the group from before, minus the girl.

They looked pissed off. "Who do you think you are?" It was the orange haired male who had spoken out. "You dare try to go against Akatsuki?"

"A-Akatsuki?" The blonde frowned in thought. What were they on about?

"Just let it slide, Pein-Sama." It was the blue haired boy who had spoken. "I think that he's new."

"Name: Deidara Iwa, sixteen years old, recently moved from America to Australia, has a problem where he ends his sentences with 'un', and he 'Bats for the other team', if you know what I mean." It was the stoic raven haired boy who had spoken.

"Oh great, a gay boy, just what we need at this school." It was the green haired male that had commented. "Should we introduce ourselves?"

The orange haired boy stepped a bit closer to the blonde. "I'm Pein, leader of Akatsuki. That's Hidan," he pointed to the silver haired male, "Kakuzu," the brunette who had been in Jail with Deidara, "Itachi," the stoic raven, "Kisame," the blue skinned boy, "Sasori," the red head who had tripped the blonde earlier, "Zetsu," the green haired boy, "and Konan, who is the girl you saw earlier. We're Akatsuki, and Mr Iwa, we're going to make your life hell."


Songs Sung/Mentioned-

All That's Know – Spring Awakening (A song about change)

Word of Your Body Reprise – Spring Awakening (A song about Love (Homosexual))