SasoDei – Spring Awakening – Chapter 7

The Word of Your Body Reprise

Deidara was so nervous. Dammit, that Phantom wasn't going to show…No! They were! The blonde scratched the back of his head and look at himself in the mirror. The uniform which was to be his costume looked alright on him. He didn't bother to change his hair in anyway, and no way was he wearing makeup (aside from some eyeliner).

"That's a nice costume, Dei." The blonde recognised the voice and turned around giving a smile.

"Hello Konan. How do I look?"

"I'd give you the Pedo-Bear Seal of Approval!" Deidara blinked at her in confusion. "…It's a joke…You look fine."

"Thanks, un…I think."

"You're welcome." She laughed gently. "So, who are you going to sing this duet with?"

Deidara gave a shrug. "Not sure, un. I just hope that they'll be here tonight…"

"Hey, if they don't then you could always just change the song into a solo."

He smiled at her. "Thanks Konan."

"No problem. Now I have to go, it's Akatsuki's turn to sing."

"Oh…Shit mine is after yours…"

Both of them made their way to the sides of the stage where the rest of Akatsuki were waiting for the cue to go onstage.

Deidara watched as the signal was given and they all went on stage to sing their song Stick to the Statue Quo from High School Musical.

"…I still say it isn't a musical, un…" Deidara gave a sigh and began thinking over the lyrics to his own song in his head to make sure that he knew the words.


Shit, his turn. He was just waiting for the signal…There it was. "Well, here goes nothing…"

Deidara walked onto the lightless stage, getting into position. He sat on the floor, facing the audience and slightly turned to his right. The lights came up and bells began to chime.

Please be here…

"The bells, un…" Deidara gave a smile as he started to act. "So peaceful…Sometimes I sit here, listening…And think about my future as a country pastor…My red cheeked wife…Children give me their hands when I go out walking, un…" The surprisingly large audience laughed at his act. Good, it was supposed to be a bit of a comic relief song anyway. A few seconds of silence ticked by. Come on, Phantom, it's your cue…Nothing… "Well-"

"You CAN'T be SERIOUS!" Deidara felt his body go cold. The phantom…He looked to his left to see a familiar figure enter the stage…Sasori…Sasori was the Phantom? The audience laughed at the tone the red head spoke with. "It's all a lie…" Sasori sat down close to the blonde. "The content faces of the jury are simply an act to hide their jealousy…"

"J-Jealousy…" The blonde gulped. He was playing a naïve character, after all.

Sasori gave a subtle scoot closer to the blonde (which the audience noticed and laughed at). "Ernst, there are three ways a man can go in the world. He can let the Status Quo defeat him, like Moritz…He can rock the boat and get expelled, like Melchior…Or he can wait, and let the system work for him…Like me…" Sasori scooted closer to the blonde, giving a smirk. "You know, life is like a pail of Milk…Some men sweat, churning that milk into butter, like Gail…Some fret, and spill their milk…Then they cry all night about it, like Otto…But me…Well…" Here is comes… Sasori gave a seductive smirk at the blonde. "I'm like a Pussy Cat…I just skim off…The Cream…" The audience burst out into hysterical laughter at the innuendo.

Deidara pretended to be shy about it. "Wha-Well-Bu-P-P-P-Pussycat..." Music began to play. "Hanschen…"

Much to the audience's amusement, out of no where, Sasori pulled a microphone from inside his vest. He gave the blonde a smug expression and sung. "Come cream away the bliss…" the audience laughed. "Travel the world within my lips…Fondle the pearl of your distant dreams…" Sasori stood up and began to slowly circle the blonde. "Haven't you heard the word, of your Body? Ow, you're gonna be wounded, Ow you're gonna be my wound. Oh, you're gonna bruise two…" Sasori crouched down in front of Deidara once more, so close. "Oh, I'm gonna be your bruise."

Much to the audience's shock, Sasori leaned in and pressed his lips to Deidara's. They cried out, some in joy, some in shock, some in horror.

The kiss was quick and they pulled apart.

Deidara gave a shocked gasp. "Oh God~"

The red head smirked. "Mmmm, I know!" The audience laughed at the arrogance of Sasori's character. "When we look back, thirty years from now, tonight will seem unbelievably…Beautiful…"

"A-And…In the meantime?"

The audience laughed again at the shock of the blonde's character. Sasori raised an eyebrow at Deidara. "Why not?"

They were both still for two seconds, before Deidara (much to the audiences shock once more) flung his arms around the red head. They pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss, tongues duelling for everyone to see. They seemed to get more desperate, Sasori grabbing onto the blonde's leg tightly. The audience was completely shocked, some cheering, some cursing loudly. After 10 full seconds off kissing, they had to pull apart so Deidara didn't miss his cue. "O-On my way here this afternoon, I thought perhaps we'd only…T-Talk…"

Sasori raised an eyebrow at him. "So are you sorry we-"

"No, I…" The blonde gave the red head a tender and true expression. "I love you, Sasori, as I have never loved anyone…" No one seemed to notice the name mix up.

Sasori gave the blonde a gentle smile. "And so you should."

The audience laughed again as Deidara swiped the microphone away from the red head, using it to sing. "Oh, I'm gonna be wounded, oh, I'm gonna be your wound~" Sasori grabbed onto the microphone, pulling it and the blonde closer so they would share the mic.

They began to sing in unison. "Oh, I'm gonna bruise you." For comedy, Deidara gave the red head a worried look at that line, which made the audience members who notice it laugh. "Oh, you're gonna be my bruise. Oh, you're gonna be wounded, oh, you're gonna be my bruise. Oh, you're gonna bruise to, oh, I'm gonna be your bruise."

They kissed again as the lights went out. Both were forced to stop the kiss before the lights came up again. They quickly got to their feet just in time for the lights to brighten up the stage. Sasori and Deidara connected hands and gave a low bow to the crowd. They were met with applause, cheers, and a few standing ovations.


Sasori quickly talked before the lights went off, using the microphone to get the audience's attention. "I would like to invite my good friend Pein to the stage." The audience's cheers died down as they waited to see what would happen next.

A confused Pein walked on stage. "Sasori? What-"

Deidara smiled at the audience. "Pein here is going to be singing the song 'I am the One Reprise' from the musical Next to Normal. Give it up for Pein!"

Before Akatsuki's leader could reject the offer, Sasori had already handed him the microphone and the couple had already gotten off the stage. The music to the song began to play and Pein had no choice but to sing.

"…I am the one who loved you…I am the one who stayed…I am the one, and you walked away…I am the one who waited, and now you act like you just don't give a damn…Like you never knew who I am…"

The audience was shocked when a second figure appeared on the stage, seeming to have formed out of thin air. They slowly walked to the front of the stage, singing while Pein repeated the words 'Who I am' over and over. Tobi. "I am the one who knows you, I am the one you fear, I am the one who's always been here. I am the one who hears you, I know you told her that I'm not worth a damn…But I know you know who I am."

Pein gave a scowl. "Nope…"

Tobi frowned over at Pein. "I know you know who I am."

"Can't you just leave me alone?"

Tobi stomped his foot down. "I know you know who I am."

"Why didn't you go with her?"

Tobi shook his head. "'Cause I'm holding on!"

"Let me go."

"And I won't let go!"

"Let me go!"

Both turned so they were facing each other and began to sing in unison. "Yeah I want you to know! I am the one who held you, I am the one who cried, I am the one, who watched while you died! Yeah yeah yeah, I am the one who loved you; I tried pretending that I don't give a damn…"

Tobi gave a sad expression. "But you've always known who I am…"

Pein dropped his mic, an equally solemn expression. "…Madara…Tobi…"

The raven haired ghost gave him a gentle smile. "Hi Leader-Sama…"

They both moved together into the middle of the stage, giving the other a final embrace. The lights went out, and when they came back on, Pein was the only one standing their. He gave a low bow, and the audience cheered.

Goodbye Tobi.


"So explain Danna…"

Sasori gave a shrug, putting his arm around the blonde's waist. It was Thursday, and the lovers sat in the empty auditorium. All of the lights were turned off, as they had been when they got there.

"Where do I start?"

"Are you the Phantom, un?"

"…Sort of, I was the one who sung along with you the first time you came in here. I was in here almost every morning to listen to you talking. I had taken Hidan's headband in sport and put it on the stage, hoping that you would then suspect Hidan of being the Phantom. Instead you used it as a blindfold. Tobi wanted me to help you, but I was reluctant. He was the one who kissed you. I was a bit angry over it so I stormed out while you were still blindfolded. Does that answer the question?"

"Yeah…Okay, now where were you yesterday?"

"At home. I took the day off, but I decided to see the show so I came in the audience. While there, who would pop up in the seat next to mine but Tobi? He explained to me that yesterday was his fault, and-"

"Aww, you listen to Tobi but not me, un?" Deidara pouted.

"…So anyway, he told me it was his fault and wanted me to go up and sing with you. He convinced me into doing it eventually. Pein and Tobi used to be best friends. I talked around the Akatsuki group, and it turns out that they could all see Tobi as well. Only Pein refused to say he did see him. So I figured that Pein was just denying it, probably not wanting to reopen old wounds." Sasori gave a shrug. "That was the only thing keeping Tobi here. So now he is where ever people go after they die, when they aren't ghosts."

"…Where do you think they go, un?"

"Not sure…But you remember that statue? I reckon that he will look like that." They both chuckled gently.

"Yeah yeah, un, and he'll be an evil ninja." They laughed again and Sasori pressed their lips together. They held that position for several seconds before pulling apart.


"Deidara…The majority of Akatsuki have all agreed that…We want you to join us…And when I say majority, I mean everyone." The blonde smiled widely at Pein.

"Thanks, un…I'd be happy to join!"

-x- Eight years later

Deidara looked down as the music began to play, singing gently. "Go, look at me, just go…Don't say anything, just go. I can't even walk across the room unassisted. So go, go away, there's nothing left to say. You won't have to walk and hold my elbow, hell no, just go." Sasori frowned and sat on the bed next to him, running a hand up his arm. The blonde flinched away from the touch. "Don't…Please don't touch my skin, because up to now I've been very strong…And so heroic, you wouldn't recognise me. Go, go good bye, 'cause if you make me cry, then I'll probably have to kill you." He scooted away from the red head as the audience laughed. "I will you, no, just go."

Sasori shook his head. "Sometimes you're a doozy, sometimes when you talk, I get so damn woozy, or so crazy."

Deidara laughed and smirked at Sasori. "I'm only a little crazy!"

The red head moved closer to the blonde. "Go ahead and use me. Make a pass and I will save your ass." He put an arm around the blonde.

Deidara tried to pull away but Sasori wouldn't let him. "Go, look at me just go."

"I'm not going nowhere."

"Just go!"

"And someone will hold you, later on."

"I cant even walk across the room unassisted, so go! Go goodbye, 'cause if you make me cry…"

"Later on…"

"Then I'll probably have to kill you…" Deidara tapped Sasori on the hand, causing the red head to smirk.

"Then I'll probably have to kill you…" He tapped Deidara's hand as well.

Deidara frowned. "I will you know, just go…"

Sasori smiled at him gently, pulling him to his chest. "No…"

Deidara gave a warm smile as well and cuddled up to the red head's chest. "…No…"

Sasori chuckled gently. "Shmo."

The audience laughed as the lights turned down. Sasori and Deidara helped to move the set around for the next scene.

The other members of the cast patted them on the back to signify a job well done. They smiled at their co-workers and moved back stage. "Phew, un…I had trouble keeping character tonight." Deidara laughed.

Sasori kissed him on the forehead. "I think you did a good job, Brat."

"I vaguely remember you once telling me that you couldn't call me 'Brat' for the rest of our lives." Deidara smirked at the red head.

"Maybe I was lying, Brat." Sasori kissed the blonde on the lips. "Fine then. I think you did a good job, Love." Deidara smiled at him and pressed their lips together again in a passionate kiss. The twenty-four year old Broadway actors chuckled as they pulled apart. "I love you, Dei."

"That's more like it, un." Deidara chuckled and nuzzled the red head's neck. "I love you too, bastard."

"Awww." Sasori frowned. "Why you gotta be so cruel, Brat?"

"I'm just teasing, un." The blonde kissed the red head gently on the lips. "I love you, Danna."

"…" Sasori smirked at the blonde. "And so you should."

Not all people who like Musicals are Gay.

Just some of them are.

The End


Songs Sung/Mentioned-

Word of Your Body Reprise – Spring Awakening (A song about love (homosexuality))

I am the One Reprise – Next to Normal (A father singing to the ghost of his son)

Just Go – A New Brain