The Chronicles OF Time

Episode 1. The boy who would become a Hero

Setting: the Screen is Black and Only the Voice of Alex and his friends as well as a crackling fire can be heard

Unknown male: Do you guys think that you really know me and Why we are fight this war?

There is several moments of silence before someone speaks

Unknown female voice: *Hesitant* I think I do Alex.

Alex: you may know me now, but you don't know the true me. The true me and the reason we fight now can only be found in the past. We have time I could tell it.

Young Male Voice: Oh boy a story, I love when Alex tells stories.

He laughs then says

Alex: ok then I'll tell it. A story of loss and pain. Of good times and bad. Of Friends and enemy's. lets see where should I start?

Someone says as the sound of a log being tossed on the crackling fire is heard,

Unseen female: why not just start at the beginning Alex?

Alex says as the Screen starts to change,

Alex: ok

The screen Starts to change to a warm spring day in a little village surrounded by wooden walls bright green grass can be seen as the screen pans past several shops and stalls

Alex: I'll begin the story a few days before it started before I knew what my destiny was or even cared.

The Screen comes to a large market area Several fox creatures can be seen going in and out of shops some carrying crates some bags of bought foods and other goods. The screen zooms over to one shops as someone starts to yell, a young fox boy is seen running from the shop with a bag under his arm. As he runs down the street several foxes wearing armor chase after him.

Alex can be heard talking as the young fox continues

Older Alex Narrating: I lived in a nice village . . Well the village itself was nice the people in it where I little different. You see when I was young I found I could control the fire in our houses fireplace. The village found out one day when I started a fire and almost burnt our house down.

The little fox boy runs down an alleyway and crawls under a wooden fence the sound of the guards trying to climb the fence is heard from the other side as he runs off.

Alex: my dad was one of the Villages greatest warriors it was because of his reputation that the village didn't throw me out at the start. He was strong and proud I looked up to him so very much I wanted to be just like him and my mother she was kind and gentle always there when I needed her in till one day.

The little fox boy continues to walk along a dirt road passing a river when is seen to his left. Alex continues,

When I was seven my mother had another child a little girl she named Sara but died shortly after words. My dad never told me why. My dad kept the house running slightly smoothly but one day we where attacked by a force of humans and he was killed in the battle. Despite his sacrifice, that very next day the villagers tried to throw me and my sister out of the village. we had no choice but to flee from our home.

He approaches a small shack like house and walks inside. Inside of the house can be seen a few items a small one person bed, a few chairs that looked like they were hand carved from wood and an old broken table. As he sets the bag on the table as little fox girl grabs him from behind she says as he turns and gives her a hug,

Little girl: Hi brother I missed you

She asks as she looks inside the bag

Little girl: so brother did you get anything for dinner I'm getting hungry

Alex reaches into the bag on the old table and pulls out an apple and hands it to her he then says,

Younger Alex: well Sara, i did manage to get a few things for dinner, I'll start making it in a little bit, in the mean time eat this apple ok.

Sara takes the apple and happily starts to eat it. She walks over to a chair and quietly eats. The Screen follows Alex as he sits down near the corner of the room he then says quietly to himself,

Alex quietly: I'm sorry father I had to steal again. I didn't want to but I had no choice. I have to feed Sara and myself some way.

As he sits there holding a small chain with a cross pendent on it the door is kicked in by two guards Alex jumps to his feet and runs over to his sister as he stands in front of her, one of the guards says,

Guard: finally found you boy, this time you and your sister are going to jail.

Alex says as he grabs a flimsily little knife,

Alex: you all expect me to pay for food when you refuse to give me work for money then you all get mad when I have no choice but to steal.

As one of the guards makes a move to try and grab Sara Alex tries to stab him only to have the other guard knock the knife from his hands. As the other guard grabs Alex someone says from the doorway,

Old fox: that will be enough of that.

The guards turn to him and see that it's a man by the name of Miller as he slowly walks into the house he says,

Miller: let then go right now.

One of the guards says,

Guard: former captain Miller what are you doing here?

The old fox says as he bops the end of his cane on the ground,

Miller: retired or not if you don't put then down I will have you removed from the guard.

The taller guard says,

Second guard: I cant do that sir. This brat was caught red handed stealing from a store in the market district

Mr. Miller nods taking a leather pouch off his waist and asks,

Mr. Miller: how much was the items he stole?

The guard says,

Guard: it was I believe seven medalins sir

Mr. Miller says as he takes seven oval shaped coins from the bag and hands them to one of the guards,

Mr. Miller: Seven medalins you where going to throw this boy and his sister in jail for the little amount. Well takes these and give them to the shopkeeper, let him know that the boy will not steal again.

The guards nod letting Alex and Sara go as the two guards leave Mr. Miller says,

Mr. Miller: looks like I got here just in time didn't I Alex?

He nods and says as Sara runs over and hugs his leg she says,

Sara: thanks old man Miller.

Alex bops her on the head and says,

Alex: hey that's disrespectful.

He laughs and says,

Mr. Miller: well I will have to be going why not come to my house some time in the next few days I'll have some errands that you can run for me. A good chance for you to make some money.

He nods and once Mr. Miller has gone Alex turns to Sara and says,

Alex: lets get started on dinner shall we.

Sara nods and joins him as he grabs up a small cooking pot. Older Alex says as the sounds slightly fades from the screen.

Older Alex Nearting: Mr. Miller was a friend of my fathers. They had both joined the guard as young men and quickly became friends. It was at the same time my mother had given my father the chain and pendent that I now wore. It was a good luck charm that she hope would keep him safe. It did its job for several years.

As Both Sara and Alex head out side with a few wooden buckets in hand. they walk over to a well that sit's a few feet from the house. As Alex hooks the buckets to the rope and the throws them down. He then walks over to a small handle and starts turning it the sound of the water splashing as the buckets rise. As all three buckets reach the top Alex unhooks them. As Alex carries two of the buckets Sara struggles with the third one. They take all three buckets into the house Alex pouring his two in the pot and then takes a stick in his hand which burst into flames. He tosses it into a hole in the floor where a pile of wood sits as it all goes up Alex sets a metal frame and sets it over the fire then puts the pot on it. As the water heats Alex turns to the bag of food and says,

Younger Alex: Alright sis can you go get the knife so i can cut up the stuff for the stew?

Sara runs over to where the was and picks it up off the floor then brings it over to Alex, who was now at the table washing the Vegetables in a bucket of water that Sara had brought in. As She hands him the knife he gives it a few dunks in the water then swings it a few times. He starts to cut the vegetables and the small amount of meat he had stolen from the shop in the market district. as he finishes he put the cut up vegetables and meat in the pot of water he then stops and sneezes Sara watches as the Fire almost explodes. Alex says wile taking a look in the fire pit Wile Sara laughs,

Young Alex: dam ruined the wood. Sara stay here I'm going to get more wood.

Sara smiles and says trying not to giggle,

Sara: Ok brother I'll stay here but don't take to long.

He smiles then leaves the house. As he walks outside he looks over at a small bin and opens it. As he looks inside he sees a few logs and grabs them. As he puts them under his arms he says,

Alex: last of the wood I'll have to go cut some more tomorrow.

He takes the wood inside and places it in the dieing fire. Sara Pulls up a chair to sit next to him and wait till he says the food is ready.

the screen pans over to a window to show that it looks to be mid day then quickly goes dark to show that it was now late.

As the screen pans back into the room and over to Alex who sits quietly in a chair. The Screen looks over at Sara who was playing with what looks to be a doll wile she sits on the bed. As Alex get out of his chair he hands over to the now bubbling pot. As he takes a small spoon from a pouch and takes a small taste of the stew.

As Sara hops off the bed and hurries over to him. he gives the spoon to Sara who hops up and down a few times in excitement. Alex walks over to a leather bag that sits on the bed and picks it up. He takes it to the pot where he opens it and takes a few herbs out then throws them in the stew. he takes the spone from his sister to and stirs them in. he walks over to where the one bowl they had sat and brings it to the stew pot and fills it up. As he hands it to Sara she says,

Sara: No brother, you take the first bowl, you deserve it more then me.

Alex says trying to hide how hungry he is,

Alex: No I'm not that hungry so you go a head and eat the first bowl.

Sara takes the bowl and sits at the table. As she starts to eat the stew Alex goes out side and sits on a stump and he says to himself

Alex: well dad we made it through another day and I might have gotten a job I might not make as much, but I wont have to steal any more I bet your happy about that. I know how much you hate people who steal.

Sara walks out with the now empty bowl and says,

Sara: Alex it's your turn so come get some dinner

Alex smiles and nods. he gets off up off the stump and walks over to the house as he walks inside and shuts the door behind him and as the screen stairs at the closed door for a few moments then goes dark.

The ending credits start then once finished the next episode trailer starts,

Alex: we don't have much but I try to get as much out of our lives as I can after all you only get to live once.

Trailer ends

Alex: Next time on The Chronicles of Time, Episode 2: Jest living Day by Day.