A/N: Midnight launch! Well its midnight here (I had some free time, as you can see.) So... here we go, again, hopefully it works out a bit better this time, no? So yes, this is the follow-up to PoD! With a bit more Senshi involvement and hopefully a bit more happiness for everyone, too! (Perferably some closure too, for all.) This is set two months after the ending of PoD, so its not too far into the future, nor has a whole lot changed. I'm hoping this will be a bit lighter on the angst (though knowing me, there will still be some at some point in time!) I don't know when the next up-date will be. Maybe soon, maybe not. (Hoping for soon!) I was going to post this on Friday. But I figured, why not? So with that, go on, enjoy!

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Act I.

"Why are we still having these 'meetings?' It makes no sense. Rei and Minako are doing better now."

Makoto had asked, her being the Senshi of Jupiter and seemly the only one sane in the room at the moment. She wanted answers for Haruka's inane attempts at helping. If their crappy schemes of the last two months had been that, even.

"You make it sound like they were dying."

The Senshi of Uranus' flippant reply merely made Makoto snort.

"Not the point."

"Oh? The point being?"

Makoto ground her teeth together and unconsciously narrowed her eyes on the blonde. Picturing her face as a nice big target of some sort.

"It. Makes. No. Sense."

"Do you not like spending time with us Makoto?"

It was Neptune asking this time. The aqua haired woman wearing a convincing sad-face. Which made Makoto back-track, if only because she, herself had fallen into the trap set.

"No! No, I don't mean it like that! I…I love spending time with you guys! We're friends!"

Haruka laughed, and Michiru's smile returned instantly.

"Well played love."

"Thank you 'Ruka."

Makoto blinked, once, twice, three times. She turned to the Senshi of Mercury sitting quietly in a chair off to the side, reading.

"I've been had, haven't I?"

The bluenette glanced up from her book.

"Quite easily."

She promptly returned to her book. Makoto could only face-palm.

"You know if you want her help, you two shouldn't tease her so. It makes you less convincing."

The Time Senshi said, gracefully entering the room with a tray full of drinks.

"Your always ruining our fun you old hag."

Setsuna kept her smile as she placed the tray on the table.

"You also shouldn't make such petty comments when your talking to someone who can quite, literally, send you back to the stone-age."

Haruka's confident smirk disappeared instantly.

"You wouldn't."

Setsuna took a seat on the couch next to Makoto.

"I might."

Setsuna then took a sip of her tea. As if nothing out of the ordinary had at all, happened.

"Perhaps we should return back to business?"

Michiru softly interjected.

"Yes, if we must."

Makoto grumbled. Ami placed her book down, finally.

"I'm curious to know what it is you needed from us."

Haruka clucked her tongue. Devious plans coming together in that thick skull of hers.

"We are going to need as much help as we can get. You know why?"

"You haven't told us yet."

Makoto deadpanned. Haruka pointedly ignored her.

"Our next plan is…the love-connection!"

Ami frowned, Setsuna snorted into her tea and Makoto blinked.

"Your not really calling it that are you?"

Haruka grinned and nodded.

"Of course you are…"

Makoto face-palmed, for the second time that afternoon. At this rate, she was probably going to end up face-palming a few more times as well. Haruka always seemed to inspire it.

"Uhm…what exactly does this…erm…love-connection plan, have to do with?"

Ami asked, though she was blushing a little bit at the implications of what the title could possibly mean.

"Rei and Minako of course! Its quite obvious our little Senshi of Love has it bad for the unattainable Shrine Priestess. So…we just make it a little bit easier. How hard could it be?"

Makoto instantly shook her head.

"No way. We are just going to get caught, or in trouble and then flayed alive. I have no intentions of being barbecued. On top of that, what proof do you even have?"

"I don't need proof. I have a feeling, a gut feeling Mako."

"A gut feeling? We are going to do this based on a gut feeling?"

"And prior knowledge from Setsuna."


Setsuna cleared her throat.

"Well I do know they shared an intimate moment at Usagi and Mamoru's wedding."

Michiru and Ami were content to watch the other three. They'd of been lying if they said it wasn't at least a little bit entertaining.

"This will not end well for anyone…"

"Well actually, it might for them. If we do this correctly. And with your help, specifically, Makoto it may just go quite far."

The brunette blinked.

"Why me, specifically?"

Haruka snapped her fingers and winked.

"Because you're the bait."

A little old lady, whom was enjoying a leisurely walk to the store. Stopped for a brief moment. She could have sworn she heard someone yell 'Sparking Wide Pressure.' With a shake of her head and a bag full of change. She headed for the nearest convenience store.