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"…And that's how it ended."

There was a collective pause in the group as Haruka finished. The Senshi of Uranus was grinning like a fool, she was quite proud of herself.

"With a huge explosion, really?"

Hotaru's tone was more annoyed then amused, even though she smiled at Haruka. She couldn't help but feel a bit peeved that the blonde would blatantly lie to her and the rest of them. But of course, Haruka was the one telling the story. So it's probably no real surprise to anyone in the room listening, that the story was filled with more embellishment and 'make believe' then anything truthful.

"Well it was still a good story!"

Makoto and Setsuna both snorted at that.

"If you were telling a story. You were supposed to tell the truth, what really happened the other day. Because we all know you were hiding in the bushes pumping your fist in the air."

"I was not."

"In the bushes or pumping your fist in the air?"



Haruka crosses her arms and nods determinedly.

"I was in my Senshi form hiding in the trees…"

"Oh for the love of-"

Makoto face palms. Haruka of course takes it all in stride, it's a usual Operation Love-Connection meeting, though, there really was no need, considering…

"Don't worry I left them alone when it started treading away from PG-13."

"I would hope so."

Michiru murmured from beside the blonde. Ami coughed into her hand, though it didn't stop a blush from appearing on her face. She was still, surprisingly impressionable. But then Haruka always liked to imply things, that would make any sane person rethink their entire existence. Err…well something like anyways.

"The best part was an explosion really did happen."

Setsuna took the opportunity to face palm. Michiru chuckled and Hotaru though no longer a child, still seemed confused by that comment.

"…And with that I'm going to check on the food."

Makoto mumbled, her own Haruka-meter just about filled to the brim. She quietly shuffled out of the room and Setsuna watched her leave. Wishing she had half as good a reason to leave as well. Ami coughed into her hand again, though she managed to speak this time, even though her newest blush was still ever prevalent.

"Now that Operation Love-Connection is finished. What do you plan to do with your free time?"

Haruka smirked at Michiru who returned it with one of her own.

"I can think of a few things…"

Setsuna scoffed and narrowed her eyes at the blonde.

"That's the only thing you think about."

"Not true, you blondist."


"Yes! In-fact Operation Love-Connection isn't quite finished, yet."

"B-But Minako and Rei…"

Haruka waved her hand dismissively at Ami who was going to argue her point. But decided that even she wasn't capable of reaching out to the blonde who was already on her way to crazy town.

"Yes, but they are only one of many who need help in the department of love."

Setsuna could feel a headache coming on and she didn't even need the Time Gates to tell her. All she had to do was listen to Haruka for more then a few minutes at a time.

"We won't stop till everyone in this group is paired off!"

"Y-Y-You mean…"

"Yes! You need to get on that horse, Ami! And there's no one better to do it, then us! Operation Love-Connection will live on!"

Ami's eyes grew wide, Hotaru was confused, Setsuna rubbed her forehead in irritation, Michiru smiled like she knew this was going to happen and something crashed in the kitchen. Either from Makoto dropping something, or…from her throwing it.

"What horse?"

Hotaru asked, but everyone seemly ignored the Senshi of Destruction. They were all too preoccupied by Haruka's statement.

"…I feel like we should give Minako her job back."

Ami mumbled, Setsuna beside her could only scowl.

"Is it the apocalypse yet? No? 'Cause I'm really hoping that gets started soon."


If only they hadn't been the only ones suffering.

"Seriously, what horse?"

"So…our relationship?"

Minako shrugged her shoulders, smiling a bit.

"We'll work on it this time, okay? I promise."


Rei settled beside the blonde on the couch. She made it a point to fake a yawn and wrap an arm around Minako before she clicked the TV on.

"Did you have to work on that?"


"The fake yawn, was that your best move?"

Rei raised an eyebrow and refused to smile.

"I have no idea what your talking about."

"That was wasn't it? Your best move is the fake yawn! I almost can't believe it!"

Rei feigned innocence.

"I have absolutely no idea what your talking about."

Minako laughed then and for the first time in months, Rei got to hear it. It was beautiful. It was calming, it was refreshing, it was something Rei feared she might not ever hear again. But she did and she was glad.

"You know…"

Rei murmured when the blonde's laugher died down some moments later. Her tone surprising sombre all of a sudden.

"If it takes me a millennium to prove to you…"


The raven haired girl turned to her companion, who was smiling softly, despite the subject change.

"I don't really like millenniums."

The Fire Senshi smiled and pressed her forehead against the blondes. Her thumb running over Minako's cheek softly.

"Then I guess forever will have to do."

Minako kissed her then, allowing the world to fade away. So she could dream about what tommorrow would bring. Something good, she figured. Something different, something she never thought possible. But then, this was already one of those things, wasn't it?

"I like the sound of that."

Rei grinned.

"Good, because forevers a damn long time. We better make it count."


They both melted into another kiss and the world completely faded away. For them, at least.

Somewhere, in the far away distance, in a house where the rest of the Senshi currently were. Something did happen to explode, but that was totally a coincidence.


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