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Chapter 2: ~ The Blue Bloods~

It had been a week since Fuji last saw the mysterious boy and a lot has happened. The students of the school was exactly as the average folks thought they were like. Arrogant, spoiled, obnoxious and all in all, Fuji was having a great time. He was good at blending with people so making friends wasn't hard.

Within a minute of entering his new classroom, he was instantly greeted by a cheerful red head named Eiji Kikumaru. The only son of a famous businessman. Through kikumaru, he was introduced to Shuichiro Oishi, the only son and heir to a famous tea cup company. Fuji learned that they wee childhood friends. With the help of the two, other students were more willing to talk to him. Which explained how he made it through the first week smoothly. He struggled to avoid his ex and strained himself looking for the mysterious prince. He had yet to tell his knew friends about it. Mainly because he didn't feel like it.

Today was the first Friday of the first week of the school year and not a single sign the prince. Classes were about to start and Fuji sat down on his chair near the window overlooking the front of the school.

"Fuji!" He heard the by now familiar voice of his red head friend. He turned with a smile to wards the door way where Kikumaru was waving for him to come.

"Yes, Kikumaru?" He asked nicely. Kikumaru frowned. "how many times do I have to tell you to call me Eiji! You're my best friend now! Don't be so formal with me, Syuuuuuuuuusuke!" Kikumaru looked at Fuji with expectations and Fuji laughed.

"Alright, Alright. Eiji. Why did you call me?"

"Oh, I just wanted to introduce you to another friend of mine. He just came to school now." Behind Kikumaru was a tall and pale boy with a facial feature a bit similar but also a bit more mature than his. He had black hair with a blue gloss. Fuji smiled in greeting.

"Fuji! This is Seiichi Yukimura, Yuki, this right here is Syuusuke Fuji!" Yukimura gave a friendly smile and put out his right hand for a hand shake which Fuji received In kind.

"I'm very honored to be able to meet the Heir to the Yukimura Corp." Fuji said.

"And I, as well, am honored to meet the one who won the full scholarship this school's third year. With anyone with no wealth or connections to the high world, that is truly a feat! I mean no disrespect. Getting in here even with money is hard as hell. I should definitely watch my back from you" Fuji listened in awe. Somehow he felt a link with this Yukimura fellow, they were cut off the same thread. Perhaps not in wealth but of mental flow. Both knew instantly they were going to get along quite well.

Kikumaru beamed with joy at the two and insisted they get their pictures taken.

"Now?" Yukimura asked, amused by the red head as usual.

"Of course!"

"But classes are starting" said Fuji, noticing that their math professor was giving Kikumaru the evil eyes… again. Kikumaru noticed but instead of feeling ashamed, he waved enthusiastically and asked the professor if he could take their picture. As he and Yukimura predicted, the expensive camera was confiscated and Kikumaru was given a stern lecture about involving other honest-to-God hard working students (meaning Fuji and Yukimura) on his charades! Kikumaru gave a pout and trotted back to his seats where their female classmates were more than a little happy to comfort him.

"Haha, please don't be too hard on him professor. That's just the way he is" Yukimura said as he entered the classroom followed by Fuji. The professor turned to them and nodded.

"I cant help it" The professor replied. "This is the way I am" He sighed as he turned his back to face the white board and started scribbling. Fuji sat near the window and to his left was Kikumaru. Yukimura sat in front of Kikumaru. The moment Yukimura sat down, everyone within talking distance began to talk to him. Yukimura merely smiled and tried to hush them gently since classes ha started. Kikuraru just kept on talking. A couple of girls were quite interested on talking to him as well. But they were of no interest to him. Not long after that, the students all became quiet as the professor started the lecture.

Lunch Break

Fuji exited the classroom with Kikumaru and Yukimura. Apparently, Yukimura made reservations for them at the cafeteria... Which was inside a large green house. Filled with antique dinning furniture's and gourmet from master chefs. When they were almost to the cafeteria… If you can even call it that, Kikumaru suddenly stopped and turned to them with a blushing face.

"Umm… Hey guys, can I not eat with you today? I gotta go and see Oishi… Im going to ask him"

"Oooh?" Yukimura said, expressing both their feelings. "After 3 years you finally mustered up the courage to ask him out"

"Good luck" said Fuji. Honestly meaning it. Kikumaru's face glowed with anticipation.

"Thank you!" And he rushed towards Oishi's classroom. Yukimura and Fuji turmed to each other and shrugged.

"Guess its just you and me for now" Yukimura said. Fuji gave a small chuckle.

"Just until we reach the hallway to the cafeteria, then you'll be surrounded by our female schoolmates." Fuji said. Yukimura returned the chuckle.

"You're one to talk" Just then Yukimura's phone rang. "Ah, excuse me I have to get this" Fuji just nodded and walked on ahead. Fuji was on end of the hallway which leads to the cafeteria.

He wasn't expecting anything much when he reached the hallway, but he did noticed that all of the students walking were all to the side and no one was walking in the middle of the hallway. 'I wonder why?' Just then, he heard footsteps coming from heading him heading his way. Fuji turned around.

There he was. The prince he had found lying in the flower filled bushes on the first day of school. The one who shamelessly kissed him after he had just gotten his heart broken and who had been looking for since then. The prince was walking towards him with both hands in his pants pocket. His unbuttoned school jacket flopping as he walked, loosened neck tie and his silky black hair framing his porcelain face. Large golden eyes staring straight at him with intensity. Fuji was frozen in his spot. He was transfixed by those eyes.

It wasn't until the prince was just a few steps away that Fuji realized he wasn't looking at him at all! The prince was not alone as well. Right behind him were a couple of prominent looking students. All were obviously older than the prince. They all paid no attention to Fuji as one by one, starting with the prince, they simply walked passed him as if he wasn't even there. Fuji could feel the breeze as they walked by.

It took a moment but Fuji got his bearings back. Acting quickly before the prince got too far away, Fuji quickened his pace until he was behind him completely unaware of the stares he was getting from the other students walking with the prince. When he was close enough, he grabbed the prince's right arm quite firmly but not enough to hurn but enough to get his utmost attention… which he did! The boy stopped and turned his head to stare at the hand who was holding him then slowly his hands traveled up the intruding arm towards Fuji's open eyes.

"Do you remember me?" Fuji asked, a smile on his face. The boy's eyes widened the slightest bit and the start of a smirk appeared on the right corner of his lips but before he could say anything, one of the students who were walking with him placed a warning hand on Fuji's right hand that was holding the golden eyed boy.

"Is there a problem here, Ryoma?" Said a stoic voice. Fuji let go and turned to see the other students has stopped walking as well and was staring at him. The golden eyed boy turned his back to Fuji and kept on walking as if nothing happened and the rest of the students with him followed. Once again, Fuji as standing alone in the middle of the hallway. Some students who saw what had happened started whispering to each other. But Fuji paid no attention to them.

Yukimura who had just finished talking to his phone got there in the hallway just in time to see Fuji GRAB THE PRINCE'S ARM! Yukimura's eyes widened and nearly dropped his phone in shock. To his relief, the prince merely turned around and continued walking. As soon as they group Fuji had been with left, Yukimura rushed to his side in worry.

"Fuji, are you alright? What happened?" Fuji had an unreadable expressiona s he turned to Yukimura.

"That boy's name is Ryoma, right?" He asked. Yukimura nodded.

"Do you know who Ryoam is Fuji?"

"No" was the fast reply "But I want to" Yukimura gave an ominous smile that got Fuji's attention.

"I wont stop you" He said to Fuji "But you have to at least know who he is" And Yukimura told Fuji exactly who Ryoma was. And boy how Fuji was an inch close from getting burned… But he could take the heat. Yukimura also told him that Ryoma's nickname was 'Prince' but he wasn't surprised. The rest of the day everything went peacefully. His lunch was superb as usual and Yukimura was more than a little happy to give Fuji as much information about the little prince as he could. That afternoon, Kikumaru skipped classes but that didn't bother Fuji, his mind was somewhere else.

Locker Room:

Fuji's school locker was bigger than his house closet, complete with a place to hang your clothes and to place you're shoes and a mirror inside the locker door. It was after school as Fuji was getting ready to go home. Yukimura offered a ride but Fuji declined saying he'd like to walk home. He got all the books he'd need from his locker and got ready to leave when he heard someone enter the room. He turned to greet whoever it was but the greeting died in his lips when he saw who it was. Ryoma entered the room, he didn't have his school jacket on only his white silk polo shirt on with the first 3 buttons open. In his hand was a familiar box.

"Ah, good. You're still here" Ryoma said to Fuji as he walked closer to him. Fuji remained where he was, his smile in place.

"So you do remember me" Fuji said. Ryoma shrugged. "The dude who got dumped on the first day, I couldn't forget" Fuji didn't give this cocky rich brat any pleasure of a negative reaction. Instead he stepped closer to Ryoma.

"I'm over it now, thanks to you" was Fuji's response. Ryoma smirked and pulled out his hands from behind him.

"here" He said to Fuji. It was Fuji's lunch box!

"I'm giving it back, the food was so-so, nothing impressive" Fuji's smile grew as took his lunch box back.

"You really ate it? I'm honored. Someone from your class eating my cooking" Ryoma stared at Fuji as if assessing him then looked away.

"Its better then he usual ones I have" he said. Fuji chucked at that.

"Now I know you're lying" He said, still chuckling. Ryoma said nothing and was still not looking at him.

"Make me another one" Fuji heard Ryoma mumble. Fuji blinked, unsure if he heard it right.

"I'm sorry?" He asked, just to be sure. Ryoma turned his head to him, straightened his back and raised his chin, aristocrat style. And somehow, even if Fuji as taller than him, Ryoma had this Authoritative presence about him… 'must have been how he was raised' Fuji thought.

"I said, make me another one" Ryoma repeated more firmly this time. Daring Fuji to object. Fuji and absolutely no intention of objecting but he want going to give in that easily. He gave his usual smile to the little prince and stepped even closer, their lips inches away.

"I don't mind" He said in a low voice. "But what do I get in return… Little prince?" Ryoma's eyes widened slightly at the mention of his nickname then gave Fuji the most seductive smirk he had ever seen.

"How about I rate it…" Ryoma brought his lips closer to Fuji's left ear and whispered "With a kiss" Fuji wrapped his arms around Ryoma's waist and brought their lips together.

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