Hot hands that trailed over skin, burning a path where they touched. Mouths meeting desperately, as their tongues and limbs tangled together. Smaller hands fisted in brilliant red hair as bright blue eyes shut as the blonde gasped in pleasure. A soft growl from the red-headed man as he continued his onslaught on the smaller, perfect body beneath him.

A gasp of a name from one, then a soft scream from the other, before silence.

Overhead the moon shone brightly, the heart in the sky that teased them with what they could never have.

Skin coloured with a silvery sheen from the moonlight, as sweat glistened on their now still bodies as they lay quietly still tangled together. The smaller one buried his face in the redheads chest, as long fingers trailed softly down his spine.

"I love you."

And despite everything they tried to tell themselves, they couldn't hide from the truth - even if they wanted to with all their non-existent hearts.

They lied.

Because otherwise their world would be such a bitter, lonely place in the truth of their heartlessness. A nobody couldn't love. But they could pretend.

What else could you do?