Please forgive me for posting this as a chapter to an already completed story, it was not my original intention.

However, I've received a few messages from readers who stumbled onto the outtake I wrote for Fandom For Texas, marking an end to the The Dark Muse.

So, I thought I'd let those who read this story know that a futuretake has been posted as chapter 2 of The Dark Muse Outtakes story which can be found on my profile.

Please find an excerpt below, and thank you for reading, should you decide to do so.



Edward's hand closes over her hip and he works the tip of his fingers under her waistband, just to touch her skin. Warm and soft and home, he thinks, as he nestles in the cradle of her belly right between her hipbones with fingers snagged at her waist like she's an anchor that makes him real.

Above him, Bella sighs, content.

He scratches rough hands over her pale skin and shimmies up a little until his auburn head nestles below her ribs and almost under her clothes, tucking himself up inside her soft, woolen cardigan.

"I wanna live here," he mumbles.

Bella tightens the edges of the cardigan around them both. "You do."

When she begins to stroke his hair, he wishes he could doze off, just like this. Sighing, he stills his hands and listens to the rain beating the building outside while the heaters hum a comforting warmth into the air around them. Beneath him, the steady rhythm of Bella's heartbeat lulls him, and he coasts gently to her beat.

"I did something," he confesses to her belly button. Bella doesn't answer, and her hand continues playing with the hair at his nape as though he didn't just light the wick of a bomb.

"I was thinking the other day... I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe this is a really stupid thing to do and I'm really nervous now because you might hate-"


Her innocent-looking hand yanks his hair painfully. "Just tell me."

"I found an old friend of your Dad's."



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