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A Not-So-Simple Mission


"Prez! Here are the surveys about the program" my vice president, Mori-san, said. "Oh, Thank you for getting it for me! Let's see. Hmm... EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled

"W-w-what is it Prez? Is there a problem!" Mori-san asked me. I hugged her tightly and said "they love our school even if we don't know that they're observers! They awarded us as most formal academy in Japan! Isn't that great!" I told her excitedly while jumping up and down.

"I'm very happy for our school but because of your yelling I think I heard that the director and principal wants so talk to you so they ant you to go to their office immediately according to the announcement" she said.

I wonder why they were calling me.


I saw the principal and director once I entered the room. "I heard the announcement, sir. Is there a problem?" I asked. "We all know the Academy Observation Program, right?" the director asked "yes sir" I replied. They both inhaled for a while."Well, we this is very sudden but we have a request for you although we think you'd rather step down as president than do this but you have to do this no matter what" the director said "umm... sure. I'll do whatever that request is" I said with a smile.

"Anyway, since you're the president in this academy, we thought that you should be the one to observe. Your vice president will handle the things in our academy since you'll be staying there in that academy for a month" the principal said "okay" I replied. "But there's one problem" the director said with worried eyes "what's the problem?" I asked. "Well, umm..." he said "yes..." I replied "you see..." he said "yeah..." I replied again "well, umm... you see... you're a girl" the director continued "so what if I'm a girl?" I asked "because... umm... how should I say this... well... you'll be observing an all boys school and you need to pretend to be a boy!" they both whined.

I paused for a while. "WHAT!" I shouted. "Bu-bu-bu-bu-but... bu-bu-bu-bu-but... bu-bu-bu-bu-but... w-w-why m-m-me!" I complained like a little girl. I got into my senses and said "but shouldn't it be a boy to ha-!" but before I continue, they both pleaded and kneeled in front of me! "Please! You were the reason why our academy is the most formal school in Japan! They want us to influence them! PLEASE! WE'RE BEGGING YOUUUUUUUUUUU!"

I felt bad that I actually said YES! "Umm... oh fine! But the principal in the school I'll be observing will help me right?" I asked.

"Yes, he will. In fact, he was the one who requested. He wanted you to influence them. He doesn't want to do it the hard way but this was his only choice. YOU'RE HIS ONLY HOPE! Please! Do it! We already have 10 credit cards with us and 1,000,000 yen for your expenses there. We'll be giving 10,000 every week just in case you tan out of money." they both pleaded 'do I have a choice! Fine! I'll do it! But once I get back, you'll both see and feel how I discipline men. Clear!" I shouted

"yes! Thank you very much! We'll repay you soon once you get back! You are a blessing! Thank You very much." the principal said "you'll be leaving tommorow 6 am. SHARP!" the director said "yes sir!" I replied.

This'll be the worst month I'd ever have

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