This isn't my first attempt at writing, but it is my first I've ever published here. I hope you like it.

Lost Family

Somewhere in the Proving Grounds, a pair of Spider Splicers were laying low. It has been over two weeks since the Little Sisters dissapeared and all the Splicers were getting restless. They needed the ADAM that those girls were carrying, even if it meant they would have to fight their protectors, the Big Daddy.

These lumbering giants were aptly-named, for they were not only large, but would protect their charges to the best of their ablity. They would fight to their death if they had to, which was often since the Splicers were relentless in their need for ADAM. But with their armored diving suits, they were a force that could bash its way through any attack.

For the two Splicers, they wouldn't stand a chance against a Big Daddy on their own. Which was they they rounded up a group large enough to take one down. With any luck, the two would be the only survivors to harvest the Little Sister.

A dull thump was heard in the distance, a sign that a Big Daddy was coming in their direction. They heard another thump, and another as the lumbering giant slowly made its way towards the vent.

"Hurry, Mr. B!"

At those words, the trap was sprung early. Three dozen Spider and Thuggish Splicers came bursting out of the walls and ceiling while another two dozen Leadhead Splicers fired a wave of bullets from their pistols and machine guns. A dozen Nitro Splicers hurled their bombs while several Houndini Splicers as well, each hurling fire, lightning, or ice. None of the Splicers cared who got hit, as long as it was in the direction of the Big Daddy.

The violence was horrendous, as both Splicer and Big Daddy were bombarded by bullets, explosives, and various plasmids. The Big Daddy fared far better than the Splicers, but his armor could only sustain so much. It took a fireball hitting his air canister just to force him to his knees. But a lucky Spider Splicer had caught a grenade mid-flight and rammed it through his helmet's visor. The two were killed instantly.

When the damage was done and the smoke cleared, there was nothing left but piles of red mass and pieces of blood-soaked cloth and metal. They did this because the little sisters were almost immune to damage, as they possessed the ability to rapidly regenerate. The Splicers pounced on the pile, hoping to find her somewhere in the mess.

But where the need for ADAM had brought them together, it now had them tearing each other apart. Each wanted the ADAM, but the Little Sisters only had a limited amount and there were far too many Splicers to share. The battle had dropped their numbers by half, mostly Spider and Thuggish Splicers who had been caught by another's attack.

"Hurry, Mr. B!"

All the Splicers stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction of the voice. Their confusion came because what they saw was not a Little Sister. An armored figure stood at the enterance. Some of the Splicers turned to flee, but some stayed when they realized this wasn't another Big Daddy, or Big Sister. Although he didn't look quite as big as the other Big Daddy the Splicers had just killed, he had a menacing look to him. Hunched over by the metal plates covering his back, he had a primal appearance, like a dangerous animal standing on two legs.

The armored figure raised a tape recorder and pushed the button so the Splicers could hear, "Hurry, Mr. B!"

They had been tricked! So much death, and there never was a Little Sister! The Splicers rushed him, wanting nothing more than to add him to the mess under their feet. But the man just stood there and didn't even flinch as bullets and heated hooks flew past him. Once they were close enough, he raised a fist and punched one of the Thuggish Splicers.

The man wailed as he was propelled into the air and came crashing down on a Nitro Spicer, who dropped her grenade. The others tried to run but the Splicer's supply of explosives had scattered across the floor. Many Leadhead and Nitros vanished in the blast and all but one of the Houndini Splicers had managed to get away in time.

Another Splicer was struck by the man's powerful fist, knocking him through several others. His punches laid waste to any in their way, taking out the Splicers with ease. Any bullets and hooks that made it past the swarm were deflected, as if swatted away by an unseen hand. Once all the Thuggish and Spider Splicers were finished, the man hurled a harpoon attached to a cable. He speared one of the Leadheads and took hold of her machine gun. Even with his large hands, he was somehow able to wield the weapon with deadly efficiency. He took down several Leadheads and a Nitro Splicer with ease before casting the weapon away and running for cover.

Only a dozen Splicers remained, half of them being the Houndini Splicers who kept popping in and out of sight. But all they found was an emtpy room with a large metal sphere sitting against the wall.

The remaining Nitro stammed her misshapen foot, "Where did the metal bugger go?"

"Don't ask me, why couldn't you keep an eye on it?"

"Don't talk like that to me!" The woman held a grenade in a threatening manner.

"I'll talk any way I want to you-" he couldn't finish when the ball suddenly launched at them without warning. It bounced around a few times, crashing into any remaining splicers. Only three Houndini and the two Spider Splicers, who had the brains to stay out of the battle, were left. All of them took one look at the carnage and decided it was best to just leave. Their were crazy, but not stupid enough to keep trying by this point.

With them gone, the metal ball opened and the plating shifted back into place. The man stood and examined his surroundings. So much blood and death, they were so desperate for some ADAM. Unfortunately, the use of it was the reason they were in their condition in the first place. It was also why he was here too.

After locating a sack, the man fished through until he found a tape and put it in his tape recorder. He pressed the play button and let his his feet take him down an empty hallway.

"Hello, my name is Patrick Drake and I am a resident of Rapture. It is now June 12, 1954. My assignment is to get close to the glowing 'biomass', as they call it, that is located on the ocean floor. The scientists don't know what it is, only that they know it has something to do with ADAM. I'm recording this so that I won't be forgotten if something happens to me. I don't know what will happen, or if the thing is safe, but I want to do something for my new home. We can't get anywhere if we don't take little risk now and again, right?"

The man popped out the tape and looked for another one.

"It is now December 15, 1954. From what I've been told, I passed out when I got close to the biomass. I don't have any memories of what happened, only that there was something strange about the light and it felt like I fell into a dream. I was told by my doctor that I'm not only ok, but I'm actually very healthy after what happened. I feel pretty damn good too. They're doing tests on me, just to make sure. I'm sure I'll be ok."

"Febuary 2, 1955. A lot's been going on. I don't know the details because I seem to be a test subject now. The exposure to the biomass has done something to my body and they were able to implant a slug inside me. Unfortunately, the thing doesn't seem to work quite as well, as any ADAM it makes seems to quickly break down and my body absorbs it. I don't like how they just put this thing inside me without my permission, but I've been getting stronger every day. I guess there's a silver lining in this."

"March 23, 1957. From the rumors I've been hearing, a lot's been going on. Andrew Ryan is fighting against some guy named Fontaine. I thought Fontaine was the one who helped bring about those plasmids the scientist guys around here were developing. They put a few in me just a few months ago and they are a true marvel. If only the ladies could see me now, I have muscles like a god and I never tire. Course, the only way I'm getting out is if I help protect one of the 'Little Sisters', as they're called. When I got a picture of one of them, they looked just like your average little girl, but their eyes glow like someone put fireflies in their heads. But after being in here so long, I wouldn't mind if it meant I could see my family. I bet they're so worried about me."

"April 11, 1957. I'm finally out. The guys in the labs put me in this suit so I could be useful around Rapture. It's armored, so I can take a hit, and it allows me to go outside into the ocean again. It's uncomfortable at times, but it'll do. I've also been given the responcibility of taking care of Sara, my Little Sister. It's strange calling her that, cause she's not really my sister. I don't know why, but I feel some kind of connection with her and the rest of them. Even the Big Daddies sort of like me, or at least they don't seem to mind me being around their Little Sisters. The girls have even started to call me 'Big Brother'. I guess it fits, what with the slugs in our bellies. We're just one big twisted family."

The sounds of tiny feet could be heard before a young girl cried, "Big Brother, come on! I can smell an angel!"

"Alright, you wait for me. This whole 'angel' thing really creeps me out, but if all this keeps Andrew Ryan happy, then I get to stay out of the labs. I just wish the Big Daddies could talk since everyone else is scared of me."

"Hurry, Big Brother!"

"Alright, signing off now, Sara's getting impatient. I really need to find another tape."

The man stopped for a second and looked out into the ocean. A school of fish were swimming by, all content with the presence of each other. Rapture was like that once, but now it was every man for himself. The only time the Splicers would work together was when there was ADAM to be had. The swarm he'd recently dealt with was just such a group. But once the deed is done, they would go their seperate ways if they hadn't killed each other first.

Just as he was about to start moving again, his heavy foot hit something. It was a doll of some sort. Different pieces were put together on a baseball to make it look like a Big Daddy. Now why would it be here? He put it in a sack of objects he found, along side a genetic key, an empty plasmid vial, and several other objects, all found while he wandered the remains of Rapture.

A loud shot pierced the silence and the man discovered a damaged Big Daddy trying to bolt a leak in the wall. But his aim was off and he didn't have the strength to plant his rivet gun in the right place. He must have been attacked some time ago, for his wounds looked healed over. There was no way he could ever go outside ever again with the shape his armor was in.

The Big Daddy dropped his rivet gun and fell to his knees so he could die of exhaustion. His body was grafted to his suit, so the damage had left him exposed to the cold. Normally, this wouldn't have been enough, but this Big Daddy had been hurt for so long without repair. It was too late to help him. The man watched as the lights in his helmet dimmed and faded to black, showing that there was no more mental activity. The man didn't mourn the Big Daddy's passing, knowing that this meant he was finally free from this place.

He picked up the rivet gun and sealed the leak. It wouldn't last, but it would prevent flooding for some time. He dragged the Big Daddy out of the area and to a place where he could find some oil. He laid the body to rest and used the oil to light it on fire. This was probably the first time someone had done this for a Big Daddy, and it would probably be the last.

With the rivet gun in hand, the armored man pressed the reverse button on his tape recorder and quickly hit play. "I just wish the Big Daddies could talk since everyone else is scared of me."