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AN: I found this on my computer a little while ago and after some heavy editing I've decided to upload it. Hope you like it and please do let me know what you think and whether or not I've kept the characters in character :D Oh and by the way this is set sometime after the events of Anvil Gate.

The halls of the Raven's Nest Carrier were silent except for the snoring and movement of the sleeping soldiers that resided within the rooms. Anya shifted in her sleep, since being on the frontline her sleeping pattern had gotten even worse; she didn't get a lot of sleep when she was working double shifts on the comms, now she slept even less with her dreams invaded by twisted monsters and the loss of the lives that surrounded her. She'd always had nightmares, but the nightmares she had now were far more vivid than the ones she had ever experienced when she was a CIC officer; there was a distinct difference between seeing death through a monitor and seeing it firsthand. When she saw death now she didn't just see it, she could feel it, could smell it, that musky copper smell that filled your nostrils and made you feel like you were suffocating. Through the monitors at her desk she just saw it, however she probably saw more of it than most, a squad would only see the death within their squad and those they were teamed with, she saw every death of every single one of the many squads she commanded and guided through enemy territory. She felt that every death attained by a squad was in part her fault, it was after all her job to guide them safely, either way she'd seen her fair share of death, and her unconscious always made to remind her.

Anya fidgeted again more abruptly, tossing and turning as her nightmare began to engulf her and then she jolted awake sitting up with urgency and scanning her eyes frantically around the quiet and near empty room, as she tried to reassure herself that she was indeed safe, at least as safe as she could be in the world that she lived in. Sighing quietly to herself she ran her fingers through her hair, then tugged frustrated at it as her fingers caught in the knots that had formed themselves as she had slept.

"Damn" she mumbled quietly as she finally got her fingers free from her enraged hair

She'd had it cut shorter a little while after she became a full time frontline gear, the shortness made it more manageable while she was in combat, besides that, she had felt like she needed a visual change to suit the change in her work. Looking towards the small analogue clock that sat smugly on the side table, she grimaced to herself as her eyes fell on the tiny numbers and her brain caught up and realised just how early it was. Rubbing her eyes with annoyance Anya edged towards the edge of the bed, dropping her legs out and over the side and shivering as her bare feet settled on the cold floor. Despite the seasons changing into warmers ones, the nights were still chilly and she suppressed another shiver as she completely left the warmth of her bed, standing up and breaking free of her blanket instantly regretting it as the cold seeped through her pyjamas.

Fumbling in the dark she managed to switch on a dim light and squinted as the light however low assaulted her eyes as they adjusted. Another sigh escaped her as she traipsed over to a neat pile of clean clothes, deciding on the way that she'd have a quick shower to try and wash the memories of what had woken her out of her mind.

'Marcus?' she called as the darkness started to close in on her

She fumbled in the dark for her Lancer but couldn't find it, nor could she find the man she had called out for. She found it hard to concentrate and she stumbled, her ears were filled with many voices, Sergeants and squad NCOs requesting back up or pickups, pleading with her for the assistance they desperately needed, assistance she couldn't get to them.

'I can't help I'm sorry!' She yelled as she doubled over onto her knees, the palms of her hands pressing hard against her ears in a feeble attempt to block the voices from her hearing

She heard their voices grow still louder, heard that now the men and women pleading for help were now dying one by one as they begged for help, the locust closing in on them.

'I'm so sorry' Anya sobbed as hot tears streamed down her face, then the voices were silent just as the lives they had belonged to.

Anya remained on the floor sobbing, heartbroken that she couldn't get the assistance to those that desperately needed it.

Suddenly the darkness that was around her shifted, changing shape as it did so and her heart rate quickened as she saw the shadow morph on the ground in front of her, she turned, fearful of what she might see and froze instantly as two yellow eyes met hers. She reached around behind her desperate to find her weapon, finally her fingers laced around the grip handle of her Lancer and she snatched it up aiming at the now revealed scaly humanoid creature that loomed over her menacingly. Firing with grim determination and fear she unloaded the entire clip of ammunition into it, she thought she had killed it, but its limbs mutated and stretched, its skin glowing with a golden luminescence.

She reloaded another clip and fired again empting it dry, hoping with all hope that the monster would meet its defeat, she had no ammo left. Finally it fell, though she was granted no relief she still had to find him, the darkness had lifted slightly and she found herself walking, searching, and hoping to find the person she was looking for.

'Marcus?' There was still no answer so she called again this time for someone else she hoped to find, knowing that if she found him she would also find the other man she sought.


She was getting worried now, would she ever find them? As if a pre-warning of what she might find the area around her darkened slightly, though not enough to stop her from seeing where she was walking. At last she saw what looked like figures, they were hard to make out because there was a grey fog about her but she reached the first figure. It was Dom; he was lying on his side in a pool of blood, her breath caught. He was dead. She knew it before she checked his pulse.

'Dom? Oh God Dom' Then she realised something she didn't want to think about

'Marcus?' she called nervously into the gloom 'Marcus?'

There was no answer but as she turned where she knelt she saw the outline of another figure, almost unable to control herself she ran to him, she knew before she got there who it was. He was lying on his stomach he too surrounded by his own blood, and she couldn't see his face, so she rolled him over onto his back, praying that she was mistaken and it wasn't him after all. As he rolled onto his back her hands went to her mouth to conceal her gasp of horror, it was him, and like his best friend, he too was lifeless.

'' One of her hands left her mouth to lie against his face 'M-Marcus' and without another word tears streamed down her cheeks as she cradled him in her arms shaking him gently as if he was merely asleep and would open his eyes at her encouragement. There was a sound behind her and instinctively she turned, she only caught a glimpse of movement but she knew what it was, it was the locust she thought she had killed earlier, it had come back, and she closed her eyes as death claimed she knew it would.

AN: Well that's the first chapter, I Italicised Anya's Nightmare just to make it a little clearer and to stand out from the main text.