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Anya unfolded the piece of paper Marcus had given her, there was writing on both sides and the first side that she saw clearly beheld her own handwriting. Involuntarily she raised her eyebrows in surprise and scan read the writing deciphering and remembering what she had written in this particular letter, she remembered well because it had been one of the worst weeks she had ever had at the Comms, they had lost so many Gears that week and she had cried herself to sleep some nights.

Gingerly Anya turned the paper over and looked on the other side, there was writing there as she had earlier suspected and even though it was wobbly and untidy and sometimes obscured by blood, she could still tell that it was Marcus's hand. The amount of blood that covered the paper concerned her though as she glanced over it before attempting to read it, inwardly she was both nervous and anxious as to what she might discover; it obviously held some significance otherwise Marcus wouldn't have given it to her at this moment. Carefully Anya read the writing and she felt the tears she had pushed back earlier amount a new attack on her eyes, this time she couldn't keep them at bay as she caught her breath and they began to roll silently down her cheeks.

She shifted in her seat so that her back was once again leaning against the back of the sofa and she was now able to look at Marcus again, he was still sitting besides her. Marcus turned his head in response to her movement and looked at her with an emotion she hadn't seen before at least not for a very long time.

Before she could say anything Marcus ran his thumb over her cheek wiping away the tears that were running down it, he sat back after and just looked at her carefully, every now and then eyes flickering to the letter she held in her hand as if he was expecting it to explode.

"Marcus...I never knew that this was how you felt...I didn't even know if you were still alive...I found myself writing more and more about the things I had always wanted to tell you" She said quietly though avoiding his eyes a little unsure at how to continue.

"I've never been very good at expression" He shook his head unhappy with himself

Anya wriggled and sat a little closer to him noticing how his breath caught a little as she moved next to him as if he was surprised that she would still want to be near him. She sighed quietly as she ran her eyes over the letter again; her heart fluttered against her chest as she read his words again, that she meant everything to him, and that he had wanted to tell her but couldn't find the words. Another part of her hurt knowing that he had gone through so much pain while he had been incarcerated; it drew her attention back to the blood. Looking at the paper overall really seeing for the first time just how much blood was there, she had to ask him.

"Marcus?" her voice was almost a whisper

"Yeah?" He asked quietly voice rumbling

"Where did all of this blood come from?" She asked looking up into his face with evident worry; her imagination was already coming up with horrific injuries that could have been the source of the blood.

Marcus had been waiting for this question "That day wasn't a good day" He said looking at her carefully, and he lingered on her eyes before he put his hand to his face tracing the pitted scar of his right cheek, indicating to her that the wound he had attained there had been responsible for the blood that now adorned the letter.

Anya looked carefully at the heavy scar on his face as he lowered his hand, she wanted to ask how he had gotten it but thought better of it, it had been a few years since he had been broken out of prison and he still hadn't spoken about it, it was unlikely he would want to now. She couldn't restrain herself any longer though, not now that she knew how he felt, she'd had this urge before, back at Port Farrel but she had ignored it. Slowly Anya lifted her hand to his face, and Marcus tensed suspicious about what she was doing, her fingers reached his temple and she slowly traced along the lines of the scar, all of her attention on its progress down his face. She realised from the sensation that the scar was ragged and the deepness of the wound changed as it progressed towards his jaw. She looked up at Marcus but he had shut his eyes and she smiled a little, then she noticed that the scar split off from the main wound to cut across his mouth. Still with caution Anya traced the scar to his mouth, leaving her fingers to rest against his lips.

She noticed that his breath caught slightly and she looked tentatively at his eyes expecting them to be open and expecting that despite their revelations to one another, that he might push her away. He didn't though and he hadn't opened his eyes so she decided to chance the action she wanted, hopeful that it wouldn't startle him too much or upset him. Carefully she leant a little closer and removed her fingers from his mouth, trailing them down his chin before she put her lips to his in a soft kiss. Anya held the contact for a few moments before she withdrew from him to find that he opened his eyes slowly.

Marcus looked at her with a frustratingly unreadable expression and Anya returned to her seat beside him unsure as to whether or not she had gone too far, folding the letter he had given her she held it out to him to take back. Marcus obliged and took the letter from her returning it to which ever pocket he had removed it from; though once he had done this he put an arm around her waist and his other under her knees where they reached the edge of the sofa. He lifted her up and she gasped a little in surprise at being picked up, and he sat her sideways on his lap so that her bent knees were below his elbow on his right, while his other arm was around her waist. Anya gave him a questioning look and was about to ask him what he thought he was doing when he pressed his mouth against hers and she instinctively put her arms around his neck and shoulders, kissing him back. He held her closer and she played with the knot of his bandanna before he withdrew from her, giving her a small smirk.

Before she could say anything he spoke to her "You'd better get some sleep, still a while before breakfast"

"I'm fine...I'm used to not sleeping much" She answered leaning her head against his shoulder

Without any warning at all Marcus fidgeted so that he had turned completely sideways and had his back leaning against the arm of the chair, he then shifted Anya off of his lap so that she lay next to him on her side with her back to him and facing the door. He then lowered himself down so that he was lying beside her with his back against the back of the chair.

"Now, get some sleep" He said firmly while wrapping an arm around her waist and tucking his face against the back of her neck, able to smell the light fragrance of her hair.

"Guess I don't have much choice now" she mused taking his hand in hers "Goodnight Marcus" She whispered

"Anya?" His voice was low and soft as he relaxed behind her

"Yes?" She asked stifling a yawn, maybe she really did need to get some more sleep

"I love you too" Anya stopped breathing for a second as she processed what he had just said almost astounded that the words had even left his mouth, and she held his hand tighter to show that she had heard him. "Goodnight" He added quietly and after a little while both of them fell asleep.

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