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"MAX! GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED NOW!" was the first thing I heard that morning. But what puzzled me, was that I was usually the one to scream that down the hall to everyone else. Today it was Iggy's turn to shine, and as he screamed, I could hear a touch of amusement in his voice. I staggered out of bed and reached for the door handle. Why did everyone want me these days? What was wrong with Fang, or Iggy?

"What?" I hollered from the stairs. "This better be good, because I want to go back to bed!"

"Ooh, since when did Miss Up and At It become Miss Sleepy Head?" A deep voice whispered in my ear beside me, sending shivers down my spine. "Why won't you just go downstairs? It's not that far." I shook my head, refusing to accept given orders. "Fine then, I guess I'll have to take you down myself."

Strong arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me off my feet.

"Fang! Put me down!" I screeched. If I really wanted to be put down, I would have punched or kicked him, but instead I just hit him playfully. Fang carried me downstairs by my waist and walked into the kitchen of the Martinez household. There, Iggy stood, with a saucepan in one hand and its lid in the other.

"What?" I spat at him and glared.

"Put her down Fang." God, how did he know that? He can't even see me. Wait, it's because I just screamed for Fang to put me down. Sometimes, I surprise myself at how stupid I can be. Sometimes.

"Yeah, Fang, put me down." I said with obvious fake anger in leaking from my voice.

"Ok." Fang replied, and he put a quick kiss on my cheek before placing my feet on the ground.

"What do you want Iggy?" I fake-snarled. I snuck a quick glance at the pot in his hand, and snapped "And why is Fang in on it?"

"Oh, no reason." Iggy said playfully, and he stepped forward. He was getting ready for a play fight. Why? I have absolutely no idea.

"Don't touch me Iggy." I stepped backwards. Too bad Fang was there, and Fang was part of the plan. He caught my sleeve and held on like there was no tomorrow. "Fang." I said slowly. "Let. Go. Of. Me." When he didn't, I spun around on my heel, ready to throw a punch or snap a kick.

"Why should I?" Questioned Fang, and he himself grabbed a weapon. This whole play-fighting scene was starting to get on my nerves. Suddenly, out of the blue, Mom stepped into the kitchen, car keys in hand.

"Why should you what?" She said, and quickly realised that I was in between two 18 year old boys holding kitchen utensils as weapons. "I come home from dropping Ella off at school to find to find you two holding supposed weapons at my daughter?" She barked. "Go! Now!" Of course, when she said go, she was referring to leaving the kitchen and I hoped they knew that. They quickly walked away, leaving me in the kitchen with my mom, who was sure to have given me some sort of talk before I left the room.

"Max," she started. Oh boy, here it comes. "I want you to know that if someone actually hurts you from doing that, it isn't ok. You got that?" I nodded.

"But M-." She cut me off.

"No buts Max, just listen to me. It isn't ok what they were about to do to you." She said in a very motherly like fashion.

"Mom," ha-ha, I'm sneaky and didn't say but! "They were just playing around." She obviously hadn't caught on to Fang and Iggy's fake-evil voices. I, on the other hand, had lived with them for years, and could easily tell when they were joking. Mom looked disappointed; she must have been looking forward to kicking their butts into next week.

"Well. Ok then. Just remember what I told you sweetie. It's very important that you remember that." Her face had dulled and she had no authority in her voice anymore. The rage she had over Fang and Iggy must have fuelled her side of the conversation, and she was now left with nothing. Stalking out of the room, gathering as much pride as she had, Mom left, car keys still in her hand. I didn't know where she was going, and honestly, I didn't care. All I cared about was what had just happened. I ran up the stairs, leaping three at a time. I burst through the door leading into Fang's room, my apology all set, to find him speaking deeply with Iggy. So deeply, they didn't even hear me enter, which was surprising. I stayed by the door, eavesdropping into their conversation.

"Man, you should go for it. No one will judge you for doing that. It's a free country, remember?" Fang encouraged.

"But what if Max finds out? What if she kills me?" Iggy looked down at his feet, awkwardly embracing the truth. I was having trouble facing the truth myself. What were they talking about and why did it involve me?

"Max won't kill you. She'll have to find out one day. Plus, she won't care. Do it, man. Go for it. Ella's all yours." I gasped. Was is just me, or was Fang feeling talkative today? But… Ella? Iggy and Ella, Ella and Iggy. Wow. Never saw that coming.

Iggy still looked unconvinced. I could see his face, and he turned in my direction, the direction of the gasp. Fang followed his gaze, his eyes landing on me. Shoot. They caught me.

"Max, do you mind leaving? I'll talk to you in a bit." Yep, he was definitely more talkative today.

"Uh, ok." I said quietly and slipped out the door. My mind and heart was racing. As I walked down the hallway and was about to turn into my room, a strong hand held me back. I turned my head to see Fang staring at me with his strong, onyx eyes.

"I'm sorry about that. How much did you hear?" He asked, stepping closer to me.

"Enough of it to know."

"Yeah, well, sorry. I would have told you anyway." He whispered into my ear, yet again, sending shivers down my spine, yet again. God, today was getting weirder and weirder. Fang pushed a strand of hair that was covering my eyes out of my face and looked deeply into them. A strong hand suddenly snaked around my back, and his lips were on mine. His tongue pushed forward, begging for entrance, and I let him in. My hands were behind his head, getting caught in his hair. Fang angled his head more, trying to deepen the kiss. The kiss was loving, and I felt loved. I also felt like we had been there for hours when a sudden noise caught me off-guard.

"Ehhmm." Mom coughed, making me jump back three feet, which was bad, because I crashed into a wall. What was wrong with her these days? I guess she's become more protective.

"Max. My office. Now." She gave me a death glare. The first death glare I'd ever seen from her. "Fang. Not you. Find the others."

As I got walked away from him, my soul-mate, I gave him a look of apology in my eyes. This was my entire fault.

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