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An hour later, Fang and I found ourselves sitting on one of the many seats in the food court that filled half the shopping mall.

"It's like this place was built for us!" I exclaimed, yet again, my eyes flashing over all the stores with my genetically enhanced bird-kid sight. "Like, it has all the clothing lines in the freaking world, plenty of war-oriented stores for Gaz and Ig, and a food court to fill the 7 billion people on the Earth. How the hell did they know we were coming!"

"Max, calm the farm." Fang joked, staring at me with the brightest eyes that could appear from him, not the most smiley person I've ever met.

"I'm serious!" I looked at him meaningfully, a glint in my eye. "Fang, credit card. Now." I grabbed his wrist, forcing it upwards.

"Now Maxie… you gave me your beloved credit card so you wouldn't blow the rest of the money." He teased.

"But I want a thick-shake!" I whined, putting on my best pouty face. And let me tell you, I only pout for particular reasons. Like cookies. And thick-shakes. They were the only two things I could keep down for the weeks that Fang was away. "Pwease?"



"Max, you sound like a three year old."

"Well, I could be. All my memories of Jeb and the house in Colorado could be fake!"

"I've been going out with you for over four years, remember? That's why you have your arm in a bandage."

"Hm, talkative much?" I retorted. Fang put his hands up defensively (yeah, he was being defensive of his speech habits) and I took the opportunity to grab my credit card out of his hands and take a run for it. He looked stunned, but I just turned to him, a good twenty feet away, and yelled. "Vanilla or chocolate?" He glared at me, but my response was just a giggle and a short wave. I walked away, but tried to keep my cool about the amount of girls already ogling Fang. I stuck my nose up high and walked on, heading towards the thick-shake cart. I waited in line patiently, only to discover the sheer length of it was because of Fang.

"I hear he's an actor. I swear I've seen him before!" The blonde girl in front of me whispered to her friend.

"Yeah, that one we saw on Monday night. I bet he was that guy's older brother. You know, the guy who was going out with the girl?"

"Omigosh, yeah!" The blonde squealed. "Should we go say hi? I wonder if he would go out with me?"

Sick of their endless blabbering, I pushed forward, stationing myself between the two. "Don't bother. He's taken." I said simply.

"By who?" She looked engrossed.

"By me." I winked at her and tossed my hair back. "Have fun girls." I pushed in front of them, now first in line.

"Hey!" One of them exclaimed. "We were there!"

My fists clenched at my side, and I brought them to my chest. "Are you sure you wanna go there?" Ok, I admit it. This wasn't me. I was the good girl. Goodish girl. But what did I care, I had a hundred girls ogling my boyfriend.

"You wouldn't hurt me."

"Course I would." I retorted.

"Hurt Liv and get hurt by me." The blonde snarled, in attempt to be rude and/or 'frightening' – good luck with that, hon.

"Jade!" Liv hissed. "I can take care of myself!"

"Hurt by you? Good like with that." I stuck my chin in the air and walked forwards, towards the empty counter. I was suddenly pulled backwards, away from the smiling girl within the stall.

"You wanna go there?" The blonde, Jade, glared at me.

"Sure." I said happily. "Two against one, I'm in for that. You know why? Because these two wings on my back. They're not painted." I slowly opened my wings through the slits until they felt about the right size. I spun around to face the girl at the counter, flipping my hair and smiling.

"Hi, how may I help you?" She recited, a smile planted on her face.

"Uh, can I get one vanilla and one chocolate thick-shake?" I asked kindly, discreetly forcing my mane of hair in front of my shoulders, as too show off to the two girls.

"Sure. I'll just be a minute." The girl at the counter turned away, quickly doing her job.

"So, girls." I said, turning back to their shocked faces. "You were saying?" Liv looked as if she had discovered a dead body in her bedroom. Herself.

"N-nothing." She stuttered, and the two girls scurried away. I turned on my heel, a satisfied smirk on my face. Retracting my wings fast, I turned back to the counter, just as the attendant appeared with my shakes.

"One vanilla, one chocolate." She said, smiling. "That'll be $7.00." I quickly handed her my card and turned to Fang, only to find him surrounded my pretty girls. I narrowed my eyes at him, glaring, only to find a face that I rarely saw from him. Help me! It begged. Ha. So Fang didn't like this either. "Thanks for coming to Shakes Galore. Hope to see you again soon!" The girl recited, and my face snapped back to her, snatching my credit card, shoving it in my pocket and grabbing the two shakes, heading towards Fang, a snarl on my face.

"Hey Babe." I said, pushing through the crowd of girls and settling myself on the stool next to Fang. He looked somewhat revealed to see me, letting out a sigh. "Did ya miss me?" I winked at him discreetly, muttering at a pitch that only bird kids could her. "PDA." I breathed. He nodded slowly, understanding.

"Course I missed you." He said huskily. I quickly took his hand, leaning in for a kiss. As soon as his lips touched mine, a familiar spark shot through me, and I smiled against his lips. I grasped his hair, an exaggerated moan escaping from my lips. His hand trailed up my side and started to dip under the bottom of my shirt. His hand was soon just under my bra, tingling.

"Fang," I moaned. "Not here." I pulled back, resting my forehead against his. I grabbed his hand and a shake and pulled him away from the crowd. "Let's go." I whispered in his ear. He nodded silently and started to walk away from the group of gaping girls staring after us. I smiled inwardly. Suck it, bitches. He's taken.

"What did you say?" Fang queried.

"I didn't say anything." I said, confused.

"You said something about me being taken."

"No I didn't."

"I swear you did."

I slapped a hand to my mouth, understanding. "Oh. My. God." I breathed.

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