AN: Rating is for sexual situations, but nothing explicit.

Summary: It's the nighttimes she loves best, because they're the times he's all hers.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just decided they should have some sexytimes with a vaguely angsty undertone.


It's the nighttimes she loves best. Daytimes are fine; she enjoys her work, enjoys her friends, gets to enjoy his company, but it's the nighttimes she loves best.

Once the moon is up, he is all hers; singularly, completely, solely hers. He comes home with her, eats with her, shares her life's excitements and mundanities with her. He talks with her and laughs with her and gets to share his life with her in return – and he needs that, whether he acknowledges it or not. He's in her home and her presence and her kitchen and her bedroom and on her couch instead of just being on her mind. And this is good, because her mind is a more productive place to be when he's not on it – or in it. Or around it. Or any combination of the above.

When the stars herald the night he kisses her in the most tender way imaginable before roughly claiming her mouth as his own personal territory, leaving her tasting him long after the sun has risen. His fingers leave a map of electricity over her body and sometimes – when they're finished, and trying to regain normality of pulse and respiration, his fingers make her shiver and he wraps the covers around her more securely, thinking she's cold rather than electrified by his mere touch.

Night-time is when he caresses her and undresses her and leaves wicked little kisses over every inch of her in the process in such a way that she's sure no other man will ever be able to please her but him – and when she stops to think about it {which doesn't happen until well into the day} this is quite a stressful fact. Night-time is when he's on top of her and underneath her and inside of her; when he fills her every space and he knowingly or unknowingly envelopes her every sense; when the complementary rhythm of their bodies sends her somewhere so intense she's almost afraid of it.

Nighttimes are when it's all clear to her, and she knows the level of pleasure she's feeling is because of him; knows it's because they are physically perfect for each other but also because she feels so much for him that being one with him makes her drunk with sensation.

Nighttimes are when he allows himself to show his feelings for her with something as simple as a touch - are when he brands her as his own with teeth and lips, and allows himself to be governed by his passion, not his usually inescapable sense of reason. Night is when he surrenders himself to her, as willingly and bravely as any man has ever surrendered to any woman. Night is not only the time he allows himself to make love to her; night is the time he allows himself to love her. On top of this, nighttimes are the only times he isn't afraid of the love he feels from her.

Nighttimes are when, after shuddering to a point of total physical satisfaction together, he enfolds her in his arms and drops sporadic kisses to her neck and back and head and shoulders; and during the nights when she sleeps in the strong but comforting circle of his arms, she is whole.

Yes, it's the nighttimes she loves best...

AN2: I know "mundanities" isn't a word, but I like it. And I couldn't think of what I meant so I made it up.