Part ten:

Sure enough two months after these events Severus Snape stood in the great hall of Hogwarts, it had been decorated in gold green black and red to match the two men being married there. Severus himself wore black and silver, behind him the great hall of Hogwarts was full of people, friends, and well wishers who had come together for this day. Somehow the usual press presence had actually been avoided for this special occasion in the life of the hero of the wizarding world and for that Severus was grateful.

Even as he stood there waiting for Harry, the pale man still found it hard to believe he was getting married today or that he had actually been convinced to wear a colour other than black, granted it was only a silver trim but still it was a colour.

Suddenly Snape noticed that the headmistress was smiling down at him and the dark wizard managed a small smile back. Without warning a much smaller hand took his and all thoughts fled the head of Slytherin's mind. Slowly Severus turned, he looked down at Harry and as he sore his intended a true smile lit his face rendering the pale man handsome.

The man who stood opposite the most feared teacher in all of Hogwarts history was smiling just as widely as his lover. Harry wore green robes the exact shade of his eyes, those shining green eyes where fixed on Severus. After a few moments like this, the two men turned to the headmistress and the ceremony joining them together began.

When the time came Severus, turned to face Harry again, the two men held hands, and then the older made his vows in a low clear voice, which carried right to the back of the hall. "I Severus Snape, do take you Harry James Potter as my husband, from now until eternity."

Harry smiled widely up at the dark wizard and then spoke his own vows in return. "I Harry James Potter, do take you Severus Snape to be my husband, from now until eternity."

The two men smiled softly at each other, as a suddenly a glowing golden cord appeared wrapping there joined hands tightly together, they both looked down at it their smiles grew and both men ignored the gasps of wonder that filled the hall.

With a small nod of satisfaction the headmistress concluded the ceremony. "I now declare you husbands together, you may kiss gentleman."

With another smile to each other the two men kissed softly, as they parted the Scottish witch looked at them with amusement in her eyes. "You two knew that was going to happen didn't you?" Minerva asked them softly eyeing the golden cord that was just starting to vanish.

The messy haired wizard looked down at their joined hands before looking back at the witch. "No we didn't know it would happen, but we had hoped that we might be soul mates." Harry finally said with a smile for his old head of house.

Severus drew his lover to him and put Harry's arm threw his and the two men turned to face those who had come to see them wed and the older woman spoke in a clear voice. "I now present to you Mr and Mr Snape."

The audience rose, spontaneous clapping and cheering started, the two men looked at each other and smiled again. "So Severus was all of this worth it?" Harry asked him mischievously.

"Yes Brat it was defiantly worth it, every moment."

"You know your going to have to stop calling me Brat."

Severus looked down at his husband confused. "Why love?"

"Well...there might be someone else you will be wanting to call Brat soon." Harry said shyly.

Even more confused and more than a little worried Severus looked down at Harry. "But who other than you would I ever call Brat?"

"How about our child?"

For a few moments the head of Slytherin frowned, then he smiled widely at Harry. "You're pregnant? But how? Usually you need a potion for that."

"Severus since when do I ever do anything usual? And yes I am pregnant. According to Poppy I am able to conceive naturally because of the amount of magic I have." Harry explained to his new husband.

Severus smiled widely down at the defence professor. "A father...I think I can live with that as long as you're with me. How far along are you?" The Potions master asked his love softly.

"About a month." The emerald eyed wizard told him.

"That's good, it won't interrupt the pleasure of our honey moon too much." Severus said with a distinctly devilish smirk.

Harry smirked back at him, before together the two wizards walked arm in arm back down the length of the great hall, past all those who had come to see them wed and then went out through the huge double doors and into a life time that would be spent together.