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So I do not own Naruto Kishimoto does and if I did Orochimaru would of died in the invasion and Kabuto would not look like a freak accident of merging with Medusa

It was a grand day for one Minato Namikaze today was the day his Wife Kushina would be giving birth to his Son who they had decided to name Naruto but just like most days where everything seems to go right a Chunin popped into his office but not just any Chunin it was Rin Inuzuka his only female Student from when he had a genin team.

"Lord Hokage your wife is in labor and that is the good news the bad news is the Kyubbi is on its way here destroying everything in sight and killing most the shinobi that went to try and stop it or slow it down".

"Rin I want you to get Kakashi and take a squad of Anbu and try and slow it down I will get ready it seams that I will have to use the seal I made even though I was hoping to never have to I will get Naruto after he is born."

"Hai Hokage-sama I will miss you since the seal makes the shinigami-sama take your soul as well for payment"

"I know Rin I will miss you and Kakashi as well as my friends Hiashi Hizashi Shikaku Chouza Inoichi and last ut not least your sister Tsume and her husband Reaper inuzuka and I will miss Kushina and Naruto and Sensei."

With that said Minato left for the Hospital in a yellow flash when he got there he heard Kushina yelling "Where is my husband so I can rip is fucking balls and dick off so I can shove them down his throat for doing this to me he better have a damn good reason for being late."

Minato walked in and saw his wife when she saw him she did that smile that meant you're in deep shit. (You know the smile guys it looks innocent and you just know you are in trouble) "Minato-kun come here please." Minato was sweating bullets as he approached his wife and when he got there she grabbed his hand and squeezed Minato let out a yelp when all of a

sudden he felt himself being lifted off the ground and his head hitting the other side of the beds floor it seemed as if Kushina was using the super strength technique Tsunade had taught her and slamming Minato all over the place like Bambam from the Flintstones did.

After abotu thirty minutes of Minato being bounced off the floor like a bouncy ball crying was heard meaning little naruto was born.

"Minato I know you are going to seal the Kyubbi since I can feel his chakra coming this way only it feels different like someone else is pulling the strings but I am also dying my Mortal time on this world is up since I am to weak to restore my body after the birth you need to tell Sandaime to keep him safe since this seal will kill you as well"

"I already told him to if both of us died and I know that about our human half we are Demi-kamis and its going to be ok for little Naruto I am sure of it."

With her last breathe Kushina smiled a sad smile and died peacefully.

Minato cried something he had not done in a very long time at his wife dying in the human world he knew it could happen since they were getting on in age it looked like they were only in their twenties but the truth is they were well over one thousand years old.

Minato left and did the sealing and when the shinigami was appearing you could hear a DONG DONG DONG and then creepy music. (Undertaker wwe 2010 music) When the Shinigami appeared he seemed sad since he knew his great Nephew would be without parents but he told Minato that he would come and check on him every know and then and with that the Shinigami left with Minato's and sadly Kushina's spirits.

When the council heard the Kyubbi was sealed the Civvilians wanted Naruto killed but since they could not they had a root anbu member steal him from the Orphanage the Hokage had him put in since they would not allow him to adopt Naruto and they had seals put on him to prevent knowledge strength growth and a whole crap load of other seals just to make sure he was weak and could be killed if he does not do as they say little did they know they would be unleashing a very pissed off Demi-kami in about five years. For they would unleash the Legend of the Beast master.

Five years later mob attack

Narurto was running for his life he knew that if he was caught he would die most likely if not than so badly injured that what ever did heal him without scars and the like would not be able to heal him.

He turned down a corner and it was a dead end.

"Hey guys there he is lets kill the demon that the yondaime could not finish but sealed to make it weaker" villager who is about to get killed # 1 said

"Yeah lets kill the demon" the rest of the mob yelled.

so for the next ten minutes the mob stabbed punched kicked slapped cut things off and gouged his eyes out as well as cut his tongue out when they heard Naruto let out a Deffening roar that could and was possibly heard around the elemental countries and beyond that. But the thing that actually scared the shit out of not just them but everyone in the village was the loud rumble of earthquake sounds coming from all around the village when they started hearing barks from dogs growls from the giant cats and tigers all the other predators and stuff in

the forest and forest of death hissing from the giant snakes shreiks from the birds and then the scariest was the Loud roar that was coming from above the village when everyone looked up what they saw would haunt them until they died and then even in the after life for above them was the biggest creature they had ever seen and if they read their mythology correctly that was a Griffin only it looked way bigger than griffins were said to be.

This Griffin was Easily bigger than the Salamander boss from Hanzo's contract and looked strong to it was pitch black with red wings and a black eagles face instead of the usual white it had White armor on its legs and arms as well as a chest plate and all over the chest plate were red black gold and even blue gems. Standing in front of them was Tornado the First Griffin to ever live and also the one that helped win the battle against the demons in the beginning.

"Why are you hurting my new Master" Tornado yelled and scared the villagers and ninja more but one of the more stupid ones was either brave or stupid maybe both enough to say "he is a demon the Kyubbi who killed most of our people five years ago and should be killed for it he took my daughter away from me the night I was going to give her her dead mother necklace that was a family heirloom so You cannot interfere with our justice."

Tornado laughed and said "But you are wrong there since I am his guardian Griffin and he is the first Beast master of legend meaning its a bloodline and according to your laws you cannot harm anyone with a bloodline so you all are going to die I would of killed you anyway if that law was not there but since it is I have nothing to worry about". And with that the massacre had begun the only things left of the mob were some eyes fingers toes and even hair nothing else since the Griffin used the gems on his armor to do a special attack known as Chakra Sun blast and totally obliterated the area and so it came as on that day no one but the very stupid people attacked Naruto.

During this time he made friend with lots of animals and also creatures that were said to be extinct but just went into hiding like Raptors Basilisks Kirins Dragons Hydras and these creatures gave him eggs to hatch so he could have friends since some of them could not stay but would be there when he needed they put tattoos that he could use to summon them if need be with no sacrifice of blood just add a little chakra and boom they would be there.

But for now Naruto was in the Academy and would be out the next day since the next day was the Genin exams for his age group.

Hey guys hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Naruto the Legendary beast master read and reveiw like always and give me ideas for who should be in the harem other than a younger Hana inuzuka and Ino since they are already in