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Today was Naruto's first day at the academy and he could not be happier since he was going to make new friends and become a ninja in a few years after he passes the academy exam. During Naruto's time after being saved by Tornado he had found other animals thought extinct or only myth like his pet Basilisk Named Venom Venom was actually a very large snake like creature that had Blood red snake slit eyes and its body was a dark green color and looked to be covered in metal spikes all over but Naruto found out they were not metal but hurt like a bitch if stabbed by one the only thing different from a regular basilisk was that Venom had a barbed tail and what looked like a sword on the end of it he also had a mouth full of Razor Sharp teeth filled with a toxin that could kill ten thousand tigers in one bite and not regular tigers we are talking about the giant tigers in the forest of death a cool thing about Venom though was he could shrink to a size where Naruto could hold him and pet him as well as let him in his Crap hole they call an apartment.

Naruto had also gotten a giant Spider by the name of Skull he was as big as Naruto's apartment complex and would keep watch over Naruto during the night he had gotten quite a few meals from the idiots that tried and failed at breaking into Naruto's apartment and enjoyed hearing their screams of terror when they saw him and his giant spider fangs about to chomp them to pieces and eat them. Skull was a black and gold spider with eight eyes like other spiders and had a picture of a skull on his back he was one of the only of his spider clan that had not died out yet but because of Naruto he was going to have children since one of Naruto's beastmaster powers was to take the Dna of a species that is dying and create a counter part if the dying species is male then he created a female and so on Skull had to wait a few more days for the giant spider egg to hatch his bride but he was so happy that he did not care.

Then their was Flame a giant humanoid walking ball of fire (and yes this is Meramon but I thought I could make him a beast or legendary creature just for this story so don't get mad) Flame was the nicest creature you could ever meet if you were nice to him but if you pissed him off like some of the villagers had he burnt your body till not even ashes remained he was a bit psychotic but it was not bad.

Naruto had made tons of animal friends and those were only a few that were named but right now Naruto was at the academy gates Venom was and looked like a piece of leather wrapped around Naruto's arm since he shrunk and stuff and he also had some regular animals following him into the academy like tigers dogs cats and even a bear yes I said bear.

The animals following naruto was a daily Thing they would follow their master anywhere the funny thing is that bears came from Iwa and it was just funny how they got here a few years ago to be around the beastmaster.

On his way he heard people whispering things like demon child and Kyubbi reincarnated as well as son of Demons and was going to kill them if they did not kill him. Just as Naruto reached the gates a villager was stupid enough to throw a home made spear at Naruto hoping to impale him and kill him but just before it hit Venom popped off of Nartuto's arm and grew in size and spit his toxin on the spear burning it to nothing in an instant and went at the villager that threw it and grew bigger again and ate him while he looked at the giant Basilisk in horror and fear that it was funny how his face looked before he disappeared into the giant snake like mouth.

"You monster you let your devil snake eat my Husband you are going to pay the council will hear about this and then you and your Pets will be executed and sent back to the underworld where you belong burning forever."

"You nor the council can do anything to me or my friends I am the Beastmaster if I wanted to I could have all animals summons or regular or even the ninken and auburames bugs leave here and never return so watch what you try to do."

"Yeah right they won't listen to you you're just a fraud and only control demonic animals that were given to you by Yami herself to kill us all."

Naruto just ignored her and went into the Academy when he got to his room number he went inside everyone was there and the teachers were there as well Iruka saw him and told him to take a seat next to a girl with long blonde hair who looked at him and blushed a color of red that would make Orochimaru look totally transparent like a ghost.

"Hey hot stuff how are you my name is Naruto Uzumaki you are really beautiful." (and they are only ten years old so they don't know how to feel yet and won't kiss or anything till after they reach sixteen years old which is when they get out of the academy in my story so don't get mad)

Ino was blushing even more now and finally said "my name is Ino Yamanaka and I think you are Handsome want to be my friend." Naruto nodded and that is when they were told to shut up by Iruka's big demon head jutsu. After that they all shut up and would remain in the academy for six years.

Six year time skip

Naruto woke up happy as could be why because today was the last day at the academy he was also happy because today was the day that his Phoenix egg was supposed to hatch he remembered the day he got it from his great uncle the Undertaker or better known as the Shinigami.

(flashback 2 weeks ago)

a big black portal opened up and a huge man with long black curly hair a trench coat and a cowboy hat his eyes were pure white and he had tattoos on his arms and a name SARA on his neck he started talking to Naruto who was strangely not afraid.

"Naruto I am your great uncle I was once known as Mark Callaway then I became the undertaker and then later the Shinigami you see the reason is because I am a Kami and I married your great aunt and she and I had kids but your grandpa was a man named Randy Orton his real name was Vipor kind of the vipers and kami over reptiles and your grandma was was a human and her name was Prisma she was beautiful and then their was their son your father Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage and your mom Kushina Uzumaki she was where you got your fiery spirit from but your moms parents and your grandparents on her side are Kami and a young woman named Sasha no last name but she and your grandpa had your mom and then later on your parents had you but the Kyuubi attacked and they sealled it away using the rest of their mortal lives and went to the realm of Kami's and tried to watch over you until the council put the seals on you but they do love you and they did not abandon you."

OKay but can I ask what that giant egg like thing is in your hand"

"The Undertaker looked at the egg in his hand and laughed and handed it to Naruto. "this is a Phoenix egg you are the beastmaster and this is an egg that can only be hatched by you or its parents and since the phoenix died out a long time ago this is the only egg left so hatch it and raise it then use your powers and make a counter part for it to replicate by having babies understand Naruto"

Naruto nodded and his grand uncle left in a black portal leaving the giant orange with flame designs egg with naruto.

When naruto entered the classroom Ino ran up to him and hugged him they had gotten really close within the last six years her ex best friend Sakura had quit being her friend since she was friends Naruto who her parents told her to stay away from since he was a demon in human skin.

"Naruto-kun how are you I hope we are on the same team."

"So do I Ino-chan I also have something to ask you after class and we have our headbands."

"Ok" and with that they went to their seats and waited to start their tests Iruka gave Mizuki the tests and he passed them out when he got to Naruto he handed him a test that was Anbu level hard Naruto was actually smarter than he let on and finished it before Shikamaru or Sakura finished theirs Mizuki was smiling on the outside but on the inside he was Cackling like a mad man thinking the Kyubbi brat would not get the answers right and would be severely dissapointed when Iruka graded it correctly. Next was the projectile portion and everyone went th fangirls just plain sucked the clan heirs did good with Sasuke getting nine out of ten and Naruro was a surprise though he chose to use all three kinds of projectiles at the same time he threw the kunai and shuriken and the the senben the thing that awed everyone though was the the ring in the kunai and shuriken were pinned to the bullseye with the senben.

When Sasuke saw this he was livid and walked up to Naruto and said "I want you to fight during the Sparring session Dobe." Thinking he was Superior to everyone since that was the shit the council fed to him.

Naruto was Okay with this and nodded.

It came time for the sparring and everyone had gone except Naruto and Sasuke they got into their respective styles Sasuke got into his interseptor fist style of the Uchiha clan and Naruto got into a style that was called Unpredictable fist which he created himself.

"Hajime" Iruka yelled and jumped out of ring.

Naruto just stood there while sasuke started running at naruto screaming like a fagot hyped up on dope and Vodka at the same time when he reached Naruto he sent a punch at his face but missed since Naruto bent back at an unbelievable angle like he had no spine at all but he did when he came back up it was so fast that no one saw his hand hit sasuke all they saw was sasuke fly back a few feet and roll on the ground. Naruto was back to how he looked when the match started sasuke got back on his feet "once I defeat you you will give me how you control those animals and then give them all to me I deserve that power not some parent less loveless freak of nature like you". while the fag- I mean sasuke was saying this he did not notice the aura of death aimed at him until Naruto dissapeared so fast and his stomach found Naruto's fist in it with him coughing up blood and spit as well as his breakfast.

"You cant hit Sasuke-kun like that" yelled Sasuke's most loyal fan girl Sakura Haruno also known as the Slutty Banshee she was even in the bingo book before even reaching genin rank and the reason is because of her banshee voice and screams that ruptured eardrums and put one person in a coma and still has not come out of it and that was two years ago.

Naruto ran over to sasuke and started to literally beat the shit out of him Sasuke was unconscious but Naruto brought him back using electricity and reviving him just to beat him up again he picked him up and threw him in the air and when he got close enough Naruto jumped and RKOed him knocking him out again.

"Winner Naruto and he is Rookie of the year since he beat the rookie so congrats Naruto you are the new rookie now someone please take Sasuke to the infirmary for his injuries".

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