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All Wrapped Up in a Bright Shiny Bow

Smiling widely as he held the pink bundle wrapped burden in his arms closer, Derek Morgan's dark eyes openly adored the newest addition to the Garcia-Morgan family.

"I can't believe you chose Christmas for your grand debut, Princess," he whispered to his sleeping angel, her pink lips sucking rhythmically as she huffed in her sleep. His eyes crinkled as he lifted a finger, exploring her forehead gently. "Needed to come out and see how much bling you could score for the holidays, huh?" he asked her, holding her securely against his chest, ready and willing to fight the Devil… or whatever nurse who thought she could come in and steal his new daughter away.

Watching the miracle he'd contributed in bringing to life sigh peacefully in her slumber, his heart melted even more. She looked so much like his Baby Girl that it was breathtaking. Glancing toward his sleeping wife in the hospital bed, he whispered, "Your mommy worked hard today, Princess. But if she were awake, she'd be telling you how much she was hoping you'd get here in time for Santa. We both were."

The baby in his arms opened her unfocused eyes slowly, blinking up at him lazily. Soft brown, like his, they shined with the untold knowledge only babies had. "Hi there," he said softly, shifting his little girl in his arms. "How's my baby?"

Watching her face as she blinked again, almost as if to say, "How do you think I am, you stupid grown-up? I was shoved from a nice cozy womb into this cold, bright world at an ungodly hour. I'm frickin' peachy!"

"I know, I had a hard morning, didn't you?" he chuckled as he imagined her responde, his heart aching in his chest at how beautiful this creation in his arms was.

"So did Mommy," Penelope murmured groggily from the bed, her voice tired but satisfied. Wincing as she shifted on the thin mattress, she smiled at the pair in the rocking chair. "Tell me, does our daughter have as big a head as what it felt like a few hours ago?"

"Her melon is perfect," Derek defended immediately as he grinned at the woman in the bed. How in the world had he deserved two perfect people in his life?

"Tell that to my vah-jay-jay," Penelope laughed softly, leaning her head back against the pillow.

"I'm sure it's perfect, too. At least, it was the last time you let me anywhere near it," he winked playfully. "Now," Derek ordered, sliding carefully from the bed and making his way toward the side of her bed, "you wanna see our little Christmas Noelle?"

"Our own little miracle," Penelope whispered, holding out her arms as Derek gently deposited the baby into her mother's arms.

"Sweetness, as much of a miracle as she is, this one was certainly no virgin birth," Derek chuckled, stroking the babe's cheek as twinkling Christmas lights from outside cast blue, orange and green shadows against her skin.

"Won't be the story I tell," Penelope muttered under her breath, her finger carefully tracing the five fingers on her daughter's right hand before moving to gently touch the bright pink bow taped into the baby's fine downy hair.

"Then I'll be the guy backing up every single thing you say, Princess," he smiled, pressing a warm kiss to her temple as she stared lovingly down at her little contribution to the world.

For the rest of our lives, he thought happily, staring over her shoulder at the unmistakable lasting sign of their love. His Christmas was complete this year...and for every year to come.