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Story is set twenty years from now.

Summary: How everything played out over the course of twenty years through Ziva's eyes.

Spoilers: From Season 6 up, touch on the major episodes like (Last Man Standing, Aliyah, ToC etc.)

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The Story


I. Prologue

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life.
It goes on."
-Robert Frost


Today was just like any other day; the sun was out from its little corner shining ever so brightly and the birds were high up in the trees while they chirped away ever so joyously. The aroma of coffee being brewed and freshly baked pastries that flooded the streets did not disappoint either; proven so by businessmen with bellies way too big to be considered safe. They savored each bite of the rich, sugary treat they called breakfast as they rushed through the crowd to catch the train.

Amidst it all, alone on the alcove of a café observing her surroundings, sat a stunning woman, her once smooth, delicate skin are now etched with wrinkles and scars. She dressed sophisticatedly yet casually in a pair of denim jeans and a tight fitting brown shirt and finished with a worn-out apple green coat. She looked like any other person on the street, but she is nothing but.

She's sat there every day for the past two years. The same seat, same table, same order.

What had happened to her?

Had she given up?

Her name is Ziva David and this is her story.


So that's the beginning, not much happening yet but next chapter we'll get right into it, and you'll have to read until the last chapter to know what's happening up there ^^. Reviews will be very much appreciated =). I'll post Chapter One up tomorrow.