This story takes place after season 3 ends. It is my Christmas gift to our VM fan fiction family. I have enjoyed reading your stories this past year and I have benefited from your feedback on the stories I have written.

A special shout out to my sister who holds the gift of language, especially writing, close to her heart. Thank you for your support this year; it means a lot to me.

To my fan fiction sisters and brothers: Have a happy and healthy holiday season.

I hope you enjoy this story…..

Veronica gingerly pulls at the tape on the professionally wrapped package. Mac lies on the other bed in the room and watches patiently as Veronica opens the gift. Mac has known Veronica many years and has been her best girl friend for the last three years.

She believes that Veronica loves the tall, dark haired guy whose parcel she is so carefully opening.

Their relationship has been the stuff that songs, poems and stories are written about. She doesn't mean the multitude of poorly researched tabloid stories that have been written about one or both of them. She means the soulful, heart wrenching, wonderful stories where there is so much conflict but in the end, there is love; the stories where you have to pull out the Kleenex but you feel hopeful at the end.

After their last breakup Logan moved to LA while Veronica was at her FBI internship in Virginia. Since that time they had decided to try the long distance just friends routine and had been exchanging emails and the occasional phone calls; both not wanting to lose touch with the other...

Mac will admit she is worried about Veronica. She is still working as a PI with her father and the company is busier than ever. She is still getting insanely high grades in college. Her career plans are on track as she did well in her FBI Internship and they want her back.

The problem is emotional. It is like the light has died out inside her. Even when she was being ostracized in high school, there was a spark inside her. Now she is subdued. It is hard to describe besides to say that Veronica is unhappy.

Her close family and friends all believe she misses Logan. The queen of denial herself has gone to parties and even tried dating but they could all see her heart is not in it. Slowly over the last few months she has begun to focus on her school work and her work in Mars Investigations; slowly withdrawing from the dating scene.

Mac has remained friends with Logan and she is concerned about him as well. He is in college at UCLA and has bought a house on the beach not too far from the campus. She and Wallace went to visit him one weekend. He is surfing and has a group of friends he hangs out with but Mac could see he was alone; totally alone. When she asked him about it he just shrugged and then looked out the window for a few moments before he looked back at her and said, "I'll have to get used to it."

Mac is taken out of her thoughts by Veronica's exclamation when she sees the beautiful bracelet in the box. Mac looks at it and smiles a little. It is perfect! It is a present from a man who knows his woman.

It is an inch wide bracelet in gold with multiple pink and white stones that make a beautiful lily. It is truly magnificent and perfect for Veronica's small arm. Mac sees her friend's eyes tear as she looks at the gift. She can clearly see that Veronica still loves Logan.

When Mac encourages Veronica to telephone Logan to thank him for the gift, she looks torn and opts instead to send him an email. Mac opens her lap top and gives Veronica access to the email program.

Veronica spends some time writing her thank you email and then she and Mac go out to dinner with Veronica wearing the bracelet. It has been a long semester and they are both happy to be finished their finals.

Mac is going with her family to visit her grandparents. They will leave just before Christmas so after she leaves she won't' see Veronica until the New Year.

Veronica is spending the Christmas vacation with her new family. Her beloved father has begun to seriously date Alicia Fennel. Mac loves how good they are with each other. Wallace and Veronica are good friends and now talk about when they are family. They both expect their parents may marry and make them officially brother and sister.

Mac enjoyed her dinner with Veronica but she enters her dorm room feeling a little unsettled inside. She really wishes Veronica was happy. Mac can't imagine choosing a life where you are so exposed to the ugly side of people like Veronica has. Actually Mac doesn't like working with people at all. She finds them difficult to understand; instead preferring to work with computers. You always know how they are going to react.

She sighs as she thinks about how closed off Veronica is. The waiter at the restaurant goes to Hearst and was obviously attracted to and interested in Veronica. Usually so observant, she had inexplicably missed his interest and had not responded to any of the signals he gave out throughout their dinner. Mac thinks her thoughts were on Logan. She kept fingering the beautiful bracelet as they talked.

Mac turns on her computer to check her emails. She quickly realizes that Veronica's email to Logan was not actually sent. Mac frowns as she remembers that she set it up so you have to have a code to send an email from her computer.

Shaking her head a little at how the delay might make Logan think Veronica didn't like his gift, Mac clicks on the email thinking she may add a note that the email sat on her computer for three hours.

When she accesses Veronica's email to Logan she sees that Veronica has merely thanked Logan for the bracelet and did not really tell him how much it meant to her. Mac knows Logan is going to be disappointed reading the email. It is such an amazing gift that truly deserved more than the three lines Veronica wrote.

Mac is actually surprised the email is so short. Veronica took such a long time writing it; she must not have been sure what to say.

As Mac sits there thinking about how Logan and Veronica both seem unhappy apart but neither is taking the step to get them back together, a crazy idea pops into her head. She looks at the email and wonders if her idea could work. It is a ridiculously simple idea but isn't it usually the simple ideas that turn out the best?

Her decision made Mac types in the last sentence she feels Veronica should have written and sends the email before she can change her mind. Smiling as she reads that the email has been sent, she says, "Yes Veronica there is a Santa Claus."