Story so Far: Mac delivers Logan's Christmas gift to Veronica. Veronica uses Mac's email program to thank Logan for the beautiful bracelet. Mac after taking Veronica out for dinner discovers the email was not sent. She opens Veronica's email to Logan and sees it is a basic thank you only. Mac decides to interfere and adds a line to Veronica's email and sends it to Logan. Logan reads the email and calls Veronica to ask if she meant the last line of her message. She tells him she did and Logan believing Veronica is ready to try again makes arrangements for her to come to LA to spend time with him. Once in LA Logan takes Veronica to see his accountant, head of security and to see some of the valuable things he owns. His plan is to show Veronica the advantages to having money. She is upset thinking about how he never told her the extent of his wealth and how he kept so much of himself from her. They talk and discuss their issues about their feelings. Then Logan and Veronica learn about overseas Universities and what options would be best for their respective careers. Logan takes Veronica to his favorite coffee shop and lays his heart on the line. Veronica finally sees she belongs with Logan.


"Logan," she calls as she sips her coffee on the patio of the villa. While she waits for him to answer she looks out at the magnificent view. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later he appears on the balcony wearing the blue boxers that he pulled on when he heard her call. His hair is tussled from sleep.

Veronica watches, her eyes darkening a little, as he stretches one arm behind his head and arches his back in the morning sun, breathing deeply in the fresh Mediterranean air. His dark brown hair has grown out slightly and curls a little on the ends. She looks from his broad shoulders down to the developed muscles in his chest and abdomen that she loves to trace when she is lying next to him in their king sized bed. His tan has darkened in the months they have been away from their native California.

Logan looks out at the view as he stretches. The ocean is a deep blue this morning, the beach is almost deserted and the sand is white. Gulls lazily glide over the ocean looking for a morning meal. The sky is a light blue with the occasional white cloud slowly moving in the light breeze. This morning he finds the sight of Veronica sitting at the table in her short pink silk wrap that shows an enticing amount of her tanned legs to be a more pleasing picture than the beautiful ocean view. His voice a little hoarse from sleep he says, "Good morning," as he leans on the railing and looks down at her.

She smiles up at him. Logan gazes at her noting her lazy smile, her relaxed posture and the tranquil expression on her face. This time away from classes, working and sleuthing has been really good for her. Her normally light hair has almost whitened with the daily exposure to the sun. There are no dark circles under her beautiful, blue eyes and she smiles readily. This is most tanned he has ever seen her and it looks good on her. To Logan's utter joy, Veronica looks happy.

She answers, "Good morning. I made coffee." She adds, "There are some muffins left and I cut up some fruit."

He smiles back telling her, "Sounds good. I'll be right there." He heads back inside to wash up and brush his teeth before he goes down to join her for breakfast.

Veronica takes a sip of her coffee and looks back out at the view. She loves it here. At times though she wants to pinch herself to make sure it isn't a dream. When Logan asked her to go to LA, she never imagined that she would end up spending the next four months on vacation; yet here she is.

Looking back she can see that Logan was wise to show her their future the way he had. His week long 'Introduction to Being Wealthy' course was stressful but necessary. There was no way she could fully understand the way their life together would be by talking alone; some things have to be experienced to be fully understood.

After their crucial discussion in Gerald and Cindy's Café, Logan took her to meet Linda who turned out to be Logan's travel agent. When they arrived at the travel agency, Logan informed Veronica that he asked Linda to help them plan a five month vacation. Predictably Veronica had balked telling Logan she couldn't just drop out of college and go on a long holiday as wonderful as that sounded.

He had shaken his head at her and insisted, "Yes we can." He gently turned her to face him in the car, took both her hands in his and looked her in the eyes as he told her, "For the next five months, I think we should focus on each other." He talked about how they had been through so much together since Lilly died; more than most people went through in a lifetime. He told her he really thought they needed to just be with no other stressors; just them. He told her that their relationship was like a seedling. It had to be put in good soil, given nutrients and water so that the roots could grow. The plant could better withstand all the harsh weather it might face once the roots were permanent and strong.

Veronica had understood his point and really a long vacation with Logan was not a punishment by any means. It was just she had never really had a vacation except when she was younger and they had gone camping as a family. Lilly, Duncan, Logan and the other 09ers had gone on wonderful sounding vacations to exotic places but that wasn't for ordinary people like her. It was so ingrained in her to work hard towards her goals. She just didn't know if she could take an extended break.

Logan had understood her feelings. He gently kissed her and said, "You are going to have to show me how to be part of a family and how to be in a loving relationship." He met her gaze, "Let me show you how to let money make your life easier; let money give you time for more important things like us."

Reaching up he gently caressed her cheek with his finger and told her, "We will come back to California for the summer; spend time with your father, our friends and get ready to move to wherever we decide to go to University in the fall." He had put his forehead to hers and said quietly, "I need this Veronica. We need this."

She had been unable to say no and looking back, she can see that Logan was right to insist they get away together. This time with Logan has been the best time of her life. She feels so close to him now. They have done so much, seen so many beautiful places and have made so many wonderful memories together; but more importantly, they have talked. They have opened themselves up totally to the other. Logan already knew her better than anyone, except maybe her father; but now he was her confidant, her best friend as well as her lover. He knew her mind, heart, soul and body totally; she held nothing back.

When he got down on one knee after a romantic dinner in Venice and proposed, she had immediately and tearfully said yes. Her issues with marriage and with Logan were buried. She loved him with everything she had and she trusted him totally. She wanted to be with him the rest of her life.

She had watched in wonder as he took her hand and slid the magnificent diamond solitaire on her finger. When he looked at her with his beautiful brown eyes filled with love, she had cried with happiness. When she was a child, she dreamed of her prince riding up on a magnificent white horse and taking her away to his castle. She thought she lost her ability to dream as a teenager but Logan had taught her to dream again.

Veronica looks up as he wanders out onto the patio to sit with her. She lifts her face for his kiss and then watches as he pours himself a coffee and puts a muffin and some fruit on his plate. Once he is settled and eating his breakfast she says, "Logan, I was thinking we should call Linda this morning."

He looks up from his breakfast plate and agrees, "We could. Did you want to change our itinerary?"

She nods and shares, "Yes, I was thinking she could extend our vacation a few weeks.'

Logan looks at her surprised she doesn't want to rush home. He knows she misses her dad and their friends. He asks, "Where were you thinking we would go?"

Her voice softens and she answers, "I was thinking that we could go back to Venice."

"We could," he agrees looking at her, loving her obvious happiness and excitement. It had been a magical time for them there. He is thrilled that she wants to go back. He had carefully planned the night he proposed; getting a private ball room, having a five course dinner catered and a band for them to dance to. Of course he had been nervous about proposing knowing how negative her feelings about marriage were. He understood why she felt that way but he felt so strongly about marrying her. When she had immediately agreed to marry him, it just solidified to him how close they were getting and how intertwined his life was with hers.

He is brought out of his thoughts when she tilts her head and questions, "We're rich right?"

Intrigued at what she is thinking and a little cautious that she is asking about money and using the head tilt, he confirms, "We are. What are you thinking?"

"I was thinking that we would get Linda to do her planning magic and arrange for Dad, Trina, Charlie, Alicia, Wallace, Darrell, Mac, Dick, Weevil and whoever else you wanted to come and meet us in Venice; after school ends, perhaps the first week of June." She reaches over and puts her hand on his and finishes, "Maybe they could be with us when we say our vows?"

His startled eyes meet hers and he sees the laughter that she surprised him. She gets up from her chair walks around the table to where he is sitting. He leans back so she can sit on his lap and he wraps his arms around her.

Veronica takes his face in both her hands and meets his gaze; her blue eyes open and full of love. She says very seriously, "Thank you so much Logan."

He meets her gaze, his eyes shimmering with the emotions he is feeling. He asks, "For what?"

"For teaching me I can trust again." She continues to hold his face with her left hand and caresses his hair with her right hand. "For teaching me I can open up my life again to fun and happiness." Her right hand runs over his eye brow. "For teaching me I can dream again." Her hand caresses over his nose to his lips. "For teaching me I can love again."

She gently traces his lips with her fingers and then looks up meeting his gaze she says, "I know it wasn't easy. I know I can be hard headed. I know I hurt you."

She leans in and kisses him passionately and when she pulls away she puts her forehead to his and says, "Know that you are my best friend, my one true love, the man of my dreams. You are my everything."

Hearst College in Neptune

Mac looks through her emails and sees one from Linda's Travel Agency and one from Logan. She clicks on the one from Linda first. She had sent Linda her identification information so Linda could book her plane ticket so she imagines either Linda needs more information or she is confirming that she booked her flight.

She thinks about how Linda helped Logan and Veronica plan their extended vacation together and how Veronica's emails are full of stories about where they were, what they saw and what they did. Of course being Veronica she included some stunning pictures of the sights and of her and Logan.

When Mac got the engagement phone call, her kick ass friend had been positively girly with how romantic the whole evening was, how beautiful her ring is and how perfect Logan's speech asking her to marry him was.

Of course none of the gang from Neptune had been surprised when Veronica and Logan got together again over New Years. However they had all been surprised when they announced that they were both applying to universities in England, France and Germany for the fall semester. They were planning on getting their degrees abroad and then coming back to the US to get their respective doctorates. The surprises kept coming as Veronica broke the news that they were not returning to college the following week; they were going on a five month vacation and that they would be back in the summer to get ready to move.

Mac noticed that this go around there was something different about them. She finally decided that they both seemed sure about their relationship. Logan told her that he was so excited about the trip. There was so much he wanted to show her and he wanted them to have good memories together. Mac had agreed that he and Veronica deserved some good times.

During the phone call from Logan and Veronica to tell her about the wedding, Mac could hear the excitement and happiness in both their voices. For Mac listening to an excited and bubbly Veronica was amazing. Veronica had chattered on about how their travel agent Linda is arranging for everyone to come to Venice and stay in villas right on the water. She tells Mac she can hardly wait to see her and she found a dress shop that has a great selection of dresses for her to choose from. After her excitement had finally wound down, Veronica had told Mac she didn't think after Lilly died that she would ever be this happy again. Mac could hear the tears of happiness and she found herself choking up for her friend.

When the email from Linda opens, Mac sees it is a confirmation for her plane ticket to Venice along with a confirmation of the villa rental. Linda has included the name of the villa, its features and pictures along with the dates it has been rented for her. She also reminded Mac that she will book another plane ticket if she decides to take a guest with her. Mac notes the dates of the rental and is surprised to note that it has been rented for the week before the wedding and a month afterwards. Mac looks at the pictures and sees that the villa is beautiful and is right on the water. She is starting to get excited about her summer vacation.

Mac closes the email from Linda and opens the one from Logan. She is shocked to see a note from him telling her that he has deposited money in her bank account to cover the money she would have earned if she worked during the summer and her tuition for next year. He says, "I hope you will accept the money more gracefully than Veronica did." The PS at the end of his note causes her breath to catch. It says, "Funny story….I told Veronica how the last line of her email thanking me for her Christmas present gave me the courage to bring her to LA and when I quoted the line to her, she didn't remember writing it. As you know, I love manipulative women so I am not upset and I thank you for your interference. However the little woman wants to talk to you. See you in June."

The End.