Damon POV:

I felt my little witch stir in her sleep, as she snuggled closer into me. I let my arm drape over her side and let my hand rest on her protruding stomach. I focused my hearing and listened to the rhythmic fluttering. I glanced down at her; I loved her more than I ever thought was possible, and now she was pregnant, with my child. I didn't even think that was possible. It had been a little over 4 months since Bonnie had told me…

"Bonnie what-"

"Damon I don't think I can call you my boyfriend anymore"


"I was thinking maybe I would just start calling you my baby daddy"

I had just watched her fling Elijah across the room like a puppet, she had been drinking blood, and now she had just told me she was pregnant. I started laughing. I could see Stefan and the others leaving the room quietly sensing that we needed some time alone.

"Wait what?" I had questioned her

"D-Damon, I'm pregnant" she whispered, I stopped laughing almost immediately. This wasn't a joke.

"What? T-That isn't possible" I stuttered. She moved closer to me

"Damon listen" I focused my hearing, I could hear Stefan, Caroline and Tyler talking in the next room, I blocked them out. I could hear Bonnies blood flowing through her veins I moved past that. I could hear her heartbeat, and slowly I could hear another faint noise, a fast fluttering sound. I could hear it, the baby's heartbeat. The look on my face must have been priceless because Bonnie had stopped crying and chuckled a little she grabbed my hand and moved it to her stomach

"Were gonna have a baby" she whispered

I felt myself smiling "Were gonna have a baby" I whispered back as I leaned and kissed her.

Stefan POV:

I sat in the living room, the fireplace roaring, i sipped on my drink as I focused my hearing and listened to the little heartbeat. Who knew my brother would ever have the change to be a father.

"I was thinking maybe I would just start calling you my baby daddy" I froze in a state of shock, waiting for Damon's response, but he broke out in a fit of laughter. Oh no I thought. I turned to leave the room ushering Caroline and Tyler with me.

"Whoa I did not see that coming how is that even possible" Tyler stated one we were in the foyer

"Your guess is as good as mine" I sighed. If Bonnie was even pregnant I was going to be an uncle. If this was possible did that mean I could maybe have a change at having a normal family too, having my own child.

Caroline glared at me "Bonnie is pregnant, she's not lying" she read my thoughts, I sighed and glared back

"you knew, how long?"

"of course I knew, she's my best friend of course she told me, shes around 2 months I geuss" Caroline said

Tyler laughed

Caroline sighed "fine she didn't tell me, I found out by myself, she was drinking blood, puking all the time, oh yeah and then I heard the heartbeat."

I froze, how come I didn't hear it. I focused my hearing

"Were gonna have a baby" Bonnie whispered, and I could hear Damon whisper the same words back before I focused my hearing even more, and there I could hear it the little flutter.

I was broken out of my thoughts by Damon entering the room, pouring himself a drink and sitting down next to me

"You couldn't sleep either?" he asked

" I just can't believe I'm going to be an uncle" I said smiling

"Well I can't believe im going to be a dad" he said laughing

"Now that's something ive got to see" I joined him in laughter

He stiffened in a second "Dam-" I started

"Bonnie" he said before he sped out of the room I quickly followed.

I entered the room to see Damon rushing over to Bonnie. She was sitting up in bed, slightly crying.

"Bonnie whats wrong? What happened?" Damon asked.

Bonnie didn't answer instead she grabbed his hand lowering it down to her stomach, I watched Damons face as he smiled, Bonnie smiled back.

"What happened?" I asked

Bonnie looked up at me "It kicked"