A Curious Girl
- for Doll

Sometimes secrets were best kept that way.

It wasn't that she liked lying. It wasn't that she wanted to be decieving. It wasn't that she liked the thill.

It was just that it was so easy to keep it quiet.

Nights in the broom cupboard, a romance under the stars, close electricity in the dark - she kept it quiet. That was what it was, anyway, a quiet night, nothing more. And it wasn't like anyone would ever tell. No one ever wanted to gossip about poor little Eloise, after all. She was good at hiding. Good at keeping the secrets.

Sometimes the girls surprised her. Pansy. Cho. Girls who were curious, liars, or sometimes just bored. Girls with secrets just like her.

She liked the ones who wanted the romance and the secrets as much as she did. She didn't like the quick flings. (Not that she complained.)

The thing was, even though it was sparingly (sparingly) - when people talked, it was for all the wrong reasons. Eloise was a Slytherin in that respect; she was good at getting what she wanted even when people didn't realise they were giving it to her. She wanted them to notice bad skin and stringy hair, and they did.

The girls like her were the ones that were smart enough to see - what she wanted them to see.

And then Eloise grew up, left Hogwarts, left magic, left England. And she met a boy, didn't she?

Eloise became just a normal American girl with a normal American boyfriend, but she still spent nights in broomcupboards with girls who saw through the facade.