Not in the mood.

"Ginny you're just a child" Ron says.
"I'm not a child Ron, I'm sixteen" Ginny shouts at him.
"But you are to young to date Ginny" Harry says.
"I'm to young to date? Too bad, I really wanted to go out with you Harry" Ginny sighs.
"Oh... Well... I guess there might be exceptions" Harry says.
"I knew it! You just want me o yourself. But guess what. I'm not in love with you any more Harry Potter!" Ginny shrieks.
"Ginny I won't let you date anyone" Ron says with a stern look.
"You don't decide if I'm allowed to date or not Ronald!" she says with a murderous look.
"Well I'm gonna tell mum" Ron says with a smug expression.
"You do that. She's already told me I'm allowed" Ginny says, enjoying the baffled expression on her brothers face.
"What? When?" Ron shouts.
"This summer" she answers triumphantly.
"Well I won't let you" Ron shouts.
"Damn it Ron, you are so annoying!" she shouts and storms off.

"Well well, if it isn't the Weaslette" Theodore Nott says.
"Not now Nott" Ginny growls.
"Well I want to say it now" Theo says.
"I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now" Ginny says, quietly.
"As if you would say anything important" he smirks.
"I'm warning you Nott, I'm in a real bad mood" she all but whispers.
"Whatever. I'm so scared" he says sarcastically.
Ginny slaps his face and then she pulls him down to her level and snogs him.
"Wow" Theo breaths when she lets go of him.
"I told you to stop" she answers.
"If that's what you do when you're mad I'll have to make you mad more often" he says and winks at her with one of his Slytherin smiles.

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