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The beginning or the end?

September couldn't have gotten any warmer as the sizzling sun radiated trough the gates of Seigaku High. First-years excitedly explored the school ground as they couldn't help to admire the school. The first-years happy-go-lucky attitude vanished trough the window as they felt a shiver go up their spine. What happened to the sun again? Murmurs where heard as the first-years instinctively moved out of their way as a auburn-haired girl walked trough, not even taking a glance or a notice that the first-years - and dare I say?- second- and third-years making their way for her. Not that it mattered. Unfortunately a brown-haired pigtailed girl was oblivious than the rest it seemed.




Osakada Tomoka ran past oblivious students as she took the way she forcibly tried to remember. Hearing a familiar sound inching closer and closer as she ran ahead. Her mind was still fogged of what just happened, first day of school and this happens? Tomoka groaned as she sped up.

The tennis courts came in view as she saw her seniors have morning practice on the court. Though the prince had already left for the states, a part of his love tennis remained behind. In fact it had remained a part of her own heart, so watching the courts right in front of her feel nostalgic. Clutching her bag at her side Tomoka hastily with - no hesitation - zoomed past the courts until she spotted them. Takeshi Momoshiro blinked twice as he recognized one of his juniors during Seishun Gakuen. A full-blown grin didn't escape his face. He lightly jogged towards her and ruffled her hair without thinking. "Welcome to Seigaku High, Osakada! Missed us? Man, you should have know how quiet it was after we graduated! Ya know it ain't the same without Echizen and you guys! By the way where's the ichiinen trio? and Sakuno-chan?"

Tomoka clutched her bag close to her as she recalled the previous event. Back off!"S-sakuno, she-"Who the heck are you? "-she." All of her confusion and pent-up anger released itself out all once. Her eyes watered and she felt weak. She could faintly see a red blob making its way trough her tears.

"Geez, Momo. Making girls cry on their first day of school? And one of Ochibi's fangirls at that too? Tsk, tsk, tsk... you shouldn't have permission to go out of the house!" Kikumaru Eiji huffed in disappointment as Momo panicked, "It wasn't like that senpai! Osakada, she- Oi, Osakada, you okay?" Throughout the confusion, Tomoka nodded her head as she tried to calm herself down. "What happened?" Unlike Eiji's normal tone - childish and a bit chirpy - this tone held what seems to be worry and confusion. "I bumped into Sakuno t-this morning, and she... was really cold towards me - it wasn't Sakuno at all." Tomoka's eyes suddenly found the ground interesting as she tried to recall what happened. It hurt when your best friend gives you the cold shoulder. Seemingly forgetting you was another thing.

Eiji scratched his head, "Nya, maybe she just needed a jacket?" Momo shook his head to the sides, "senpai, I don't think that, Osakada, meant it like that." Tomoka shook her head, "No, I have this feeling that... that Sakuno is different... m-maybe I'm just over-thinking," a light and sad chuckle escaped her lips, "just forget what I said... it's nothing to worry... about." Her voice faded away as the two male tried to think about something to say back. Their gazes seemed to have their own conversation. O-oi say something, senpai. What me? Why? You say something Momo-! Hurry and sa-

"Oh, what's this? A small reunion?" Fuji Syuusuke, together with Kaidoh Kaoru and Inui Sadahara and calmly made their way to the group. Fuji smiled slightly at Eiji's and Momo's panic-filled expression, until a small wave of relief flooded them as they say Fuji, Kaidoh and Inui made their way. "Well... sort of..."

"It's nice too see you again Osakada-chan." Fuji smiled and Kaidoh nodded. "With my calculations I can state that something has been pestering your thoughts. Mind to share?" Inui jolted up from his notebook as he looked at Tomoka and the others. "Well you see-" Tomoka carefully revised the whole event that confused her to them. Inui scribbled down on his notebook, as he carefully didn't leave any details out. He underlined Ryuzaki Sakuno, glare, cold-shoulder, contrasting personality to emphasize the point.

A bell rang throughout the school ground.

Fuji sighed and patted her shoulders. "She's probably having a bad morning. Nothing to worry about, Osakada-chan. Then I'll see you later." Fuji slightly waved towards her. "Yeah, Osakada! See you later! Oh, don't be late for your first class!" Momo yelled from the distant as he ran to his own class. Soon one after one bid Tomoka farewell and left. Tomoka stepped towards her own class hoped that her seniors were right, but stopped as she felt a pressure on her head.

"Welcome to Seigaku High, fshuu"




"Yo, brat," a shabby young looking man yawned as he watched his younger version of himself look at him with boredom, "happy now? We're in Japan."

The boy yawned as he strapped his tennis bag - slung over his shoulder - harder towards him. He blinked the tears away as he calmly walked past his father at the airport, "Un."

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