Hello, I'm Miku Hatsune, and I'm going to tell you how I found my first love.

Before I start, I have a best friend named Rin Kagamine and she has a twin named Len Kagamine. My second best friend is Teto Kasane, a cute girl with twin drills.

This is how the story started:

One day I was sitting in Vocal Class 1. I sat beside Kaito Shion, and Len Kagamine. Rin and Teto were in front and behind me.

"Attention!" Yelled my teacher in the mic. Everyone froze and looked at him blankly. "Sorry to startle you, but I have an announcement."

Everyone clapped for some reason. "Okay." He went on. "The Tokyo Dating Quiz is going to be passing our school." Everyone smiled. "I will pass out sheets, and with your pens, check each box that describes you."

I was happy inside, but I didn't really know who I wanted to be with, or liked.

There was Kaito Shion of course, the most popularest boy in the 11th grade. But, I don't think I would really like dating him. I don't really like being popular.

Choice number two, Len. He was cute, but Rin might get mad.

Choice number three, Nero Akita. Neru Akita's brother. Hmm...not really.

Choice number four, Gackupo. WAIT, HECK NO! Plus, Luka likes him and she is sorta my friend.

Choice number five, one of Kaito's brothers. There kinda popular too. Maybe not.

I had to stop day dreaming though. "MIKU HATSUNE!" Yelled my teacher. "Sorry.." I mumbled.

"Here's your paper. Pay attention." He adjusted his glasses.

Embarrased, I took out my pen.

Question 1: What three words describe you best?

Sweet, Kind, Warm-hearted

Stubborn, Mean, Popular

Drunk, Lazy, Tired

I decided to fill in the first one, other than the other wierd selections.

Question 2: Which are you?






I looked down at myself in my uniform. I filled in the pretty.

Question 3: Do you currently like someone?



I filled in no.

Question 4: Do you have a boy best friend?





I filled in Sorta, for Kaito and Len.

Question 5: Final question! Even if you don't like anyone, who would you date?

A line. I got stuck. I mumbled the boys names in my mind.



and much more.



Ring ring!

I quickly wrote in one of the boys, but not knowing who. I just know I wrote about someone.

Len and Kaito gave me smiles as they walked out. Do they both like me?