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Chapter One

Hades' Inferno

The flames were everywhere. I could feel them licking every part of my body. No one flame overpowered the other, thereby forcing me to only focus or worry about its scorching heat. No, all the fires of every cell on my body torched with its own great intensity making me feel like it was only one area burning, rather than my entire body. An all consuming burning I may have been able to manage, compartmentalize till it was over, but a million and one flames just were not manageable.

I forced myself to remember why I was in the most excruciating pain not known to man. Edward Cullen. The love of my life. My heart. I am joining his family, our family, in the realm of forever. I am being changed into a vampire.

Fuck, I can't handle this. I thought they said I would only burn for three days? I feel like I have been here in the red hots for weeks.

"It's okay Bella. I am here. You can do this."

That voice is so familiar. I know it yet it sounds different. Now at least I know I am not alone. I know wherever I am; I'm being protected by that voice. That voice I know so well.

Okay I just have to think about something else. I just can't think about the pain or the fire inching all around my body. Fuck! I should look like a pile of ash by now. No, Bella think of something else. Yeah, think of Edward. You are doing this for your forever with him.


That voice, the one that was just comforting me, they sound upset. Why would they be mad? I'm not doing anything but roasting inside out. I can't even move. They must be mad at someone around me. Others, there are others here too; I can feel them, sense them, but I can't hear them. Why aren't they talking? Maybe they know I can hear them and they don't want to startle me. God, but I feel so alone. I need to hear them talking. I feel like I can make it when I hear that voice.

"I am here babe, just try to relax. Don't think about the pain. I am here forever."

Yes, that's it! Forever. We will have our forever, but this isn't Edward's voice. No, it's too feminine and light. But it is soothing the fire and I don't want it to stop. But why isn't it Edward?

Edward and I had been together for a year and a half. I will never forget that day in Biology. Not the first day! No, that day I thought I forgot to put on deodorant or brush my teeth or something, because Edward Cullen looked at me like I reeked of spoiled food or something.

(The tiny voice giggles) What are they laughing at? Why do I know that giggle?

Anyway. When Edward came back to school a week later we clicked instantly. It wasn't love at first sight; it was more like love at second chance. We were inseparable after that. I discovered whathe was shortly after that and it meant nothing to me. I thought of his vampirism as a recessive trait, like left handedness. It's whatever really. I became close to his family too. Jasper was great but his blood lust was a little harder to manage. I wasn't afraid of him, he was afraid of himself. Nonetheless, he was cooler than a fan on an August Arizona day.

Hey there goes that laugh again. I love the way it sounds.

Emmett was my long lost big, I mean damn big, brother. Rosalie was my obnoxious-but-I-still-love-her-despite-her-cockiness big sister. We were warming to each other. Esme was my more responsible mother. My mother, Renee, was still traveling with my step dad Phil, but Esme was an awesome substitute. Love her to pieces. Then there was Carlisle: the man I regarded as a father who now really was my father, for a couple of reasons.

Just six months ago I lost my dad, Charlie. He died after he was shot during a bank heist. Who the fuck robs a bank in Forks, Washington? It's not the damn National Treasury! What did he walk away with, like thirty thousand fucking dollars tops? Dumb fucks! What make it so bad is that Charlie wasn't even on duty. He happened to be at the bank on Saturday in uniform after taking some damn picture for the Police Department Directory. It was a matter of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong damn clothes. Fuck, I want to cry but even my tears are burning.

I was having a hard enough time coping with Charlie's death, and leaving Forks, Edward, and finishing my senior year in some foreign school in Florida was not going to help. Carlisle convinced Renee to let me move in with them instead. Now I know Carlisle can be damn convincing, and Renee is a bit scatter brained, but I always found it funny no one questioned or even mentioned the fact that I would be only five feet away from my boyfriend's bedroom at all times. Carlisle knew nothing would happen given Edward's more than old fashion ways of thinking but hell Renee didn't know that! I was pretty sure Jasper had something to do with Renee's ease. I am really going to have to find a way to thank him once I leave the damn furnace I'm in. Fuck! Can someone open a window?

"Hehehehehe," the little laugh filters through again. There it goes again. Every time I hear that laugh the fires back away just enough to let me breath for a second. Wait a minute . . . Alice? Is that Alice with me?

How could I forget my best friend? I loved Alice with a purple passion. I loved her as much as you could possibly love a pixie shopaholic. Edward told me she just always saw us as being besties thanks to her super awesome power of foresight, but I think it was more than that. I couldn't help but smile when she was around, even when she is throwing me in three inch stilettos. Damn! I can't use my clumsiness as an excuse to get out of that anymore. Fuck, I have to think up some good excuses. Alice was the one who really comforted me after Charlie died. I was pretty much the walking dead when my dad died (ha! That's funny; I literally will be the walking dead when the damn hellfire is done with me). I spent more time in Alice's arms than I did Edward's. That didn't seem to bother him much, now that I think about it. I really miss Alice right now. I wish she was with me in this dark, smoldering place I'm in. I take that back. I wouldn't wish this on anyone (will maybe Lauren Mallory). I can't wait to see her face with my new and improved eyes. I'm sure she already has our first shopping trip planned. Fuck, I can't use being sleepy as an excuse either. Damn super vampire body.

(The laugh as light as spring breeze filters through again) "I am her Bella. You are doing spectacular. You were already beautiful but now you are beyond stunning love. Only about 36 more hours to go. You can do this."

Alice was there with me the whole time, just like a best friend would be. *I could feel her drag something across the insatiable fires that was once known as my face. Her fingers maybe, moving my hair possibly. I felt cooler where ever she touched me. Even the hand she held didn't seem to burn as bad. Alice was my solace. Hold the fuck up! Where the hell is my husband?

Edward and I married just over a month ago. It was a rather small ceremony considering I know the extent of planning Alice wanted to put into it. Alice looked absolutely beautiful in her sage green maid of honor dress. Her short hair was wrapped in classic 1920s bopper style and was riddled with pin curls in the front. Her clip burette matched her dress in color to a "T." The smile she gave me as I walked down that aisle in all white was radiant. She was probably happy I didn't trip over those damn rose petals. Yeah, I am that clumsy. As Edward and I stood at the altar I am pretty sure Alice didn't blink. She did however begin to look frightfully sick when I declared how much I loved Edward. I could see her standing at my side and it took everything in me to not go to her; comfort her. She was my number one priority as soon as we made it to the reception. She assured me she was okay but I could see she was only being strong because of what day it was. I knew she was physically fine but something just wasn't right. Edward looked pretty good too in his all black tux.

So were the hell was the man I dared to wear a sweet heart neck line dress for in public? Shouldn't he be here warding the flames back from me rather than Alice? Not that I'm complaining, Alice's hands felt spectacular lying on my body. I could feel something heavy lying on my shoulder and something cool lying across my waist. The flames in both areas were substantially less painful. Could Alice's head be on my shoulder, her arms wrapped around my waist? God, she feels so wonderfully unbelievable. Damn, I love her. She is going to be the best sister ever. Wonder if she will still love me if I divorce Edward for not being here with me when I needed him most?

( Alice laughs slices through the darkness to Bella's heart) I am going to love hearing that sound for eternity.

Edward put up a fight about having me turned by Carlisle . I thought it was because he only would miss my warm body and the smell of my blood. I thanked the gods he couldn't hear my thoughts most times, we had an argument about that little physical problem more than once. Though I wondered if it was all just an act; the whole I-don't-want-to-take-your-life speech. Edward is not the kind to give up on an argument easily and he had to have the last word in everything. So when the day came for Carlisle to deliver the fatal bite, Edward seemed rather relieved. Hell now that I think about it, he wasn't even holding my hand then either. The entire family had gathered in my room to help Carlisle just in case my oh so stellar blood was too much for him to handle. I trusted Carlisle , I thought they were being a little dramatic. Yet, when we were all in position it was Alice who stood at my right side holding my hand while Carlisle took the left. Edward stood behind Carlisle and Jasper stood next to him. They stood rather close and if I didn't know any better they were talking lower than I could hear. Huh? Interesting.

"I can't wait for you to join me. Isabella. We will never part. I love you."

"I love you too Alice," I think to myself. Alice's words sound so intimate. Maybe it is just my new spectacular hearing. I wanted to say I love you out loud but I promised my new family I wouldn't scream and I am pretty sure if I open my mouth right now either that or the flames of Hades were literally going to fly out of the gaping hole. It was bad enough that they were all likely thinking about when they had faced hell's fire themselves and I didn't need to scare them or bring up long forgotten feeling with my blood, or venom, curdling screams.

I can feel the flames begin to pull from my body. Somehow the flames have gotten stronger and I was biting down on my teeth so hard I just knew they were going to shatter from the pressure. But I try to only focus on the cooling feeling the fire leaves behind as it pulls away from me one cell at a time. The change begins with my finger and toes. They go from a soaring heat to a frozen icy sensation, making it almost harder to move. The cold is more frightfully so than when Edward's body was pressed into mine but it is better than Hell's Fire so I am not complaining. I try to only focus on the new feeling rather than the charring of the rest of my ravished body. The flames seem to be battling and racing towards my heart but it is moving at a snail's pace. I'm going to kick whoever ass that told me this would only last a few days. It feels like it has been months at this point. It seems so long ago since I've heard Alice's voice. Has she left my side? No, that isn't possible. I can still feel her head lying on my shoulder. Yet I still feel like I have been left alone to battle the flames by myself, and I am surely losing the fight.

"We are here, love. All of us. You are almost out of there, just a few more hours. I love you my sweet."

Minutes feel like hours and hours feel like days, but I can't do anything but wait; let the fire continue to scar me. The cold hardness has turned my arms and legs into one ton pieces. I focus only on Alice's voice and the sounds around me. I remembered Carlisle said my memories will begin to fade and I should try to hold onto as many of them as I can. I think about trips Renee and I took when I was just a child. Seeing the world's largest comforter, golf ball and Ketchup Bottle (filled with Ketchup of course). I try to remember the smile on Charlie's face when he taught me how to ride a bike, or when I would return to him every summer here in Forks. I knew human food would no longer be appetizing, but I tried to recall how to properly prepare a T-bone steak, Charlie's favorite. I could feel as each memory solidified in my mind but soon it began to get more and more difficult to recover other memories, so I just kept repeating the few I could catch before they could fade away too. I remember I told some crazy stories to Alice about growing up and smile to myself; Alice can recall them for me with in perfect recap. I've told some to Edward too I guess.

I then start to listen to the noise around me. I hear music and cars, must be the freeway. I can smell something burning, but it is stinging my nose. Could that be food, but from where? Surely Esme isn't cooking. I can hear the animals in the nearby woods. You all might want to run now. Edward said the first thing I will do after I change is hunt and since I will without a doubt be a vegetarian vamp I am assuming the deer I am hearing will be dinner tonight.

(The angel's laughter gets louder) Alice is laughing again. What is so damn funny? I know my hearing is spot on now but I can't hear anyone else in the room.

Suddenly the burn has flared hotter than hot and it is circling my heart. I can't breathe. Oh. My. God! I am having a heart attack. Ain't that my luck: trying to be turned into a baby vamp and I have a massive heart attack and die. I mean I die-die, like seriously die.

"This is it Bella, dear. This is about to hurt like hell but you are done."

And then it hits me. I can actually see the inferno around my heart charring it well done. I can no longer hold back the scream I've bottled up over the weeks of my trip through Hades and I release them all into the quite house.

"Holy fuck! That girl can scream." That must be Emmett. His voice booms even more than I could hear as a human.

"Ooh my poor baby. It's almost over dear." Esme caring for her new child. I should have figured she wasn't too far away.

"It's okay baby. Let it out, let it all out." Alice forever by my side comforting me, but where the fuck is Edward?

And it is done. No more fire. No more ridged frozen limbs of steel. I feel the same as I did when I was a squishy human, except for the subtle ache in my throat; must be from all the screaming. I feel lighter, yet stronger. My eyes remain closed but I can still see light shining through. Then my hand moves and I know someone is still holding it. Alice of course. My eyes shoot open but I am too afraid to move. After that blazing all consuming fire surely I am scared and nothing more than brittle remains. But I can't continue to lie there. I could sense I was surrounded and in the front of my mind I know it is my family and they will never hurt me but yet and still I feel alert. Too alert. The hand squeezes mine and I take in a long breath and I realize I had been holding my own since the fire died, or at least relocated to my throat that is now blazing on its own right, albeit more manageable.

"Bella dear. Can you speak?" I hear Alice voice call to me. It is so much clearer than I remember. Even when I was drowning in the lake of fire it didn't sound this . . . beautiful? I slowly sat up trying to remember all the things they warned me would happen those first few minutes of new life.

Jasper said I would be defensive, ready to attack. I slowly lifted my hands and lowered my head as a sign of surrender. I know I am amongst family. "I am safe," I chant internally in my own mind as a mantra. Emmett said my mind would be moving a million miles a minute, trying to focus on all things at once, making me feel overwhelmed. I know breathing isn't necessary any more but I pull in several breaths to have something simple to concentrate on. It's not without difficulty as I can taste the air around me. Some breaths are what I remember as being considered sweet and others are tart or bitter. It's threatening to redirect my focus but I keep breathing. I lift my head up to meet the eyes of my family. I want to speak and I know I need to try. My eyes land on Carlisle first. I know he is wondering how I feel.

" Carlisle . . ." was all that I could get out though I am pretty sure that couldn't have been my voice I heard. It was too stunning and bell like. My sudden reason for stopping must have been obvious.

"It's okay Isabella. You will sound different, so will we but it is just your new and improved hearing." Carlisle was right; I could make out his British accent even though I knew he had perfected his more American accent after centuries of being away from his birth place.

"Carlisle. Emmett. Jasper. Rosalie. Esme." I call out each one of their names making eye contact with each. My spirit soars as they return a smile to me. Then there is him. He left me to deal with it all alone. Even now I sit and try to process it all and he doesn't even move towards me to help. "Edward," I sneer. I can feel the growl rumble through my chest. It startles me and I instantly stop, albeit I don't know how I stopped. At least he had the decency to look remorseful.

"Edward be careful. She is beyond pissed. Now is not the best time to do this." I hear Jasper say. His southern accent is thick, floating to my new ears. I will deal with Edward later. Right now I want my . . .

" Alice!" My voice is dripping with relief as I leap off my bed and into her arms. My solace. My comforter. She was there when my damn husband wasn't. I squeeze her close to me promising to never let her go.

"Welcome back gorgeous. But dear remember you are stronger than us right now. So, um yeah. . Hurting."

"Oh sorry." I say as I pull Alice back to her feet and pull her back into my arms. I can hear everyone snicker at Alice and my interaction but I ignore it, too concentrated on the beauty in my arms.

I stared into Alice's smiling face leaving my arms wrapped around her petite waist. While Alice's skin is pale, it has a more creamy tone, almost smoothness to it. I wondered if that is the characteristic of the rest of the family or is it something that is simply Alice. Her caramel eyes flicker and just on the outside rim of her pupil is a darker brown, what she once told me was the original color of her eyes. Her lips are full and pink, and look softer than anything I have ever seen and I want so badly to touch them. I manage to resist. Where did that come from? I know Alice doesn't were makeup (she says you can't paint over perfection) but her cheeks seem almost rosy. Alice's hair shines against the florescent light of the room. She is stunning, dare I say even more so than Rosalie? I am completely lost in her gaze. She looks at me and I can feel something certain, new, yet familiar as if it has always been there. We are not alone in the room but I feel like we are as she looks deeply into . . .

"My Eyes! No!" I release Alice to cover my face. I must look hideous with my new red orbs looking into her innocent caramel. I sink to the floor hiding my face from beauty.

"No, baby. Don't worry. They will change in a few months. I promise." Alice falls to my lap wrapping her soft hands around my wrist and I allow her to pull them away. I am rewarded with her sparkling beautiful smile. It takes my unnecessary breath away.

"You keep calling me baby," I state the obvious. Or was it obvious? I knew it wasn't a question nor did I try to phrase it as one. I love the way she sounded when she called me baby or gorgeous, as if the word was only able to describe me. It was new and made me feel things I never had before. Not even when Edward said them.

"Edward. Anthony. Mason. Cullen." I screamed. Every person in the room stepped back at my words, leaving Edward standing in my wake. Jasper was standing slightly behind him and Alice griped my hand. She must have had a vision of the tirade I was about to go into. The rest of the family had continued to back away, but made sure to stay in the room.

"Hell yeah! Some newborn action." Emmett announced. It was like a head on collision was taking place right before their eyes. You know you should look away but can't seem to no matter how hard you tried.

"Bella let me help you calm down," Jasper said. I could feel his efforts but my own anger was too much. I could feel the soothing wave trying to get to me but it was blocked by what felt like a shield all around me. "I can't get to her," he said out loud, though I am sure to no one in particular.

"Isabella, I know you want answers as to why I wasn't with you and I promise I will tell you but you must hunt first." Edward actually looked a little scared.

"I will hunt when I get good and damn ready! How dare you abandon your new wife when she is burning alive!" I could feel myself dragging Alice behind me. She really was trying to stop me but it was to no avail with my newborn strength and determination. "Or wait was I burning to death?" I suddenly stopped in my tracks contemplating the statement. What the hell was I alive or dead? I could hear Jasper and Emmett snicker and see the rest of the family smile. Obviously they felt, and seen, my anger quickly defuse in a blink of an eye.

"Distracted much?" Emmett said.

"More like bipolar much." Rosalie chimed in and even I had to laugh.

"Come on baby. Let's get you fed and Edward and I will explain everything.

"You and Edward?" My eyes bounced between Edward and Alice. What does Alice have to do with Edward not being there for me when I needed him most?

Everyone began to shift uncomfortably at Alice's words. What the hell, vampires don't shift uncomfortably. No one would meet my eyes, like they knew something I didn't and looking at me was going to reveal it. Even if their eyes could tell me I didn't know what the hell they would be saying. No one responded to me and I could feel the anger begin to bubble up over my skin just like before.

Edward wasn't there; Alice was. Alice keeps calling me baby and gorgeous and I love it every time I hear it. And if I am not mistaking Jasper's hand is on the small of Edward's back.

What fucking world did Hades steeds drop me off in?

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