Chapter 1- How it Began

His name is Wesley Gibson, before he became a part of the Fraternity he was a cube-dwelling hypochondriac with a boss who humiliated him and a girlfriend that was sleeping with his best friend. His life was meaningless.

Then, when he was buying his medication for my panic attacks, this woman appears next to him tells him that his father, the jerk who left him when he was eighteen weeks old, was one of the best assassins who ever lived had been killed and the guy who killed him was right behind him. Suddenly he get tossed into a gun fight.

Next thing he knows, he's in a dodge viper racing down Chicago with bullets sizzling everywhere. The vehicle flips onto a bus and he gets knocked out. He wakes up to the buzzing of fly's and a guy comes to him and tells him about the Fraternity.

He returns to his work and gets really annoyed and yells at his boss as well as smacking the keyboard off his friend. He then goes back to the Fraternity and trains to be an assassin.

After weeks of getting punched in the face, learning to curving bullets and hand to hand combat he is given targets to execute. After having a confrontation with his dads killer, Wesley learns that the Fraternity has been lying to him and he finds out that he just killed his own father.

With anger fuelling him he devisees a plan to storm the Fraternity, using rats and explosives. Killing almost every person in the place Wesley is ambushed with no way out. He tells the assassins that Sloan, their 'leader' as it were, had been lying to them. Sloan tells them to either shoot Wesley or them selves. They all chose to shoot Wesley, apart from Fox curved a bullet round the room killing everyone including her self.

With Sloan gone Wesley returns to his father hide out, with no money, no job nothing. He gets his job back and Sloan finds him. Just as he squeezes the trigger Wesley turns round and to Sloan's amazement it wasn't Wesley. It was just a decoy. Sloan falls to floor with a big hole through his fore head. The bullets had come from over two cites away. A shoot by Wesley Gibson.