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Chapter 20 – A Plan Of Peace

Three days later, the groups all met back in the war room of the palace. Everyone took their aligned spots and waited for the meeting to come to order. Harry looked around the group and waited patiently.

"I have an idea of how we can stop the Dark Lord once and for all," said Bellatrix. "I think it could work if we implement it just right."

"Please tell us what you think," said Harry nodding at her. "You are the General of my armies after all. What is your idea?"

"Well," she began hesitantly looking around. "I think that we should all break off into pairs."

"What would be the purpose of that?" asked Hermione thoughtfully trying to wrap her mind around the idea that wasn't all put forth yet. "Plus we would need to know what pairs you have in mind."

"Well," Bella continued. "For starters, the Royal Families will stay in Atlantis. Augusta, Xenophillius, Frank, Alice, Octavia, Emma, Dan, Mrs. Finnegan, and the Weasleys all would stay safely in Atlantis."

"Why?" Harry asked bluntly. "I know that Frank and Alice are part of the City Aurors. Why would you want them to stay behind?"

"So that they can continue with their duties," said Bella just as bluntly. "In this capacity they can continue to make the streets of Atlantis safe. Even though we have a low crime rate, we still have crime. We can't have all of the best warriors out of the city. That is just inviting trouble on our very doorstep."

"That is a very valid point," said Frank speaking up. "I think the suggestion has extreme merit."

"Those of the others that are on the Royal panel will have the familial advisors to help run the land while we are in Britain stopping Riddle," continued Bella to forestall any objections to the rest of the people. "The Weasley twins can provide a number of supplies that will help us in the war. We need that supply to continue as we go after the biggest supporters of the Dark Lord and then finally Tom Riddle himself."

"That is a brilliant idea," said Agusta coming to her aid. "With us being here we can keep the kingdom of Atlantis running smooth while you all put an end to the tyranny of the Dark Lord. We already know that Amelia Bones has been making small progress, but it would help if we were out there assisting with the clean up. We will also need to help with the set up to improve the forces to insure that another Dark Lord or Lady doesn't step into the shoes of Riddle."

"Shall we put this to a vote or would we just waste time?" Harry asked with a grin.

The others all laughed as their hands were raised in support of the idea. Harry grinned back and waited for Bella to continue with her idea.

"As for the Mystics, I think they should also remain in Atlantis," said Bellatrix. "They can assist us by giving ideas to us while we are on the field. Also Narcissa will need to stay as she is the Lady of the White Tower. We know that this war will be harsh and we could lose people that we care about."

"I like those ideas as well," admitted Hermione. "We four Mystics can always move around while assisting from here. It will give us a chance to do our duties to the land while assisting with the war effort. I also like the idea of Narcissa staying here to help with the wounded. Now that Helga has moved on, we need her here to make sure that those that are badly injured are healed."

"So who will the pairs be?" Harry asked looking at Bella once more. "Who would you pair up with each other? Just make sure that the people are compatible in their magic so that they have a better chance of defending one another on the battlefield."

"I have a list of the following and why," said Bella with a smile. "I was thinking that Harry can pair with Lucius. Harry is the most powerful Mind Magi on the planet. The Dark Lord is no match for him. Lucius was the top member of the inner circle. Together they can work on getting as many members of the inner circle out as possible."

"That is a very plausible suggestion," said Lucius. "I am sure that between us that we can work on taking down the inner circle and the Dark Lord as well."

"I will personally be teaming of with Cedric," said Bellatrix. "This way you have another top person from the inner circle working with the one that has captured the King's heart. I promise that as long as he is in my care that I will take care of him."

"I have no doubt that you would," Harry replied with a smile. "He is formidable in his own right and you are the one person that would go out of their way to make sure he is safe. That is not saying that the others wouldn't also. UGH! You know what I mean."

The members of the circle all laughed at Harry. They knew what he meant and were enjoying watching him squirm. When the laughter died out, Bellatrix continued on with her plan.

"I am going to pair Draco and Remus together," she explained. "This way you have someone that is good with different fields of magic working alongside another who is equally as gifted. Remus having taught Draco, they know each other's styles and so forth."

"I like the sound of that," admitted Draco while Remus nodded his head. "The two of us are familiar with each other having worked together for a year and in the time since we moved to Atlantis. I am proud to know that Remus would have my back and vice versa."

Bellatrix smiled at them as she looked at her list and moved on to the next set of people.

"I am pairing Severus with Dora," she said pointing at the two. "Severus is the Master of the Black Tower. He is strong in mind magic. He is a former member of the Inner Circle as well as being the right hand man of the Dark Lord. Dora was an Auror in Britain. She has the magical training needed to cover just about anyone. Between the two of them, I figured they could start working on taking out the outer circle of followers as many of his from the inner circle know who is in the outer circle. Severus and Lucius along with me are probably the only ones that know who is in the inner circle."

"You have the right idea," said Severus. "I can help guide those to where many of them are. We can start working in the Ministry itself to give the Aurors and Amelia the information needed to be able to apprehend the members of both circles of followers.

"I have two teams to act as back up in case we need them," said Bellatrix. "Andy and Blaise can work together to make sure that the other Ministries know that we are moving in. With the assistance of foreign Ministries we could get the extra manpower to help apprehend the criminals. As Andy is familiar with the Ministers and such, she knows who to talk to. Charlie and Seamus can work with them or they can work with the last pair that I have set up."

"Who might that be?" asked Neville curiously. "I have not been named yet and I don't see anyone else to work with me."

"I will pair you up with Bill Weasley," she said. "He is a Curse Breaker and Head of Gringotts here in Atlantis. The two of you can be a liaison between Gringotts and Hogwarts."

"Why would we want to include Hogwarts in this?" asked Sirius in confusion. "They are safe enough where they are."

"Not really," said Harry comprehending what Bella was talking about. "Think about this if you would. What is going to happen when we start taking members of Tom's group?"

"I still don't follow," said Sirius frowning.

"When we start taking the people, we take the buildings as well," said Bellatrix. "That will leave fewer places to hide the members of the circles."

"Oh my God," exclaimed Sirius in understanding. "That will mean they are going to flock to Tom and he will take over one of two bastions of power. He is either going to go after the Ministry of Magic, or he will go for Hogwarts. Both are impenetrable once they are taken over."

"My guess is he is going to go after the castle as it is the least defended," said Harry nodding his head. "It will be easier to defeat children than it would a building packed with fully trained witches and wizards. With Neville's ability with earth magic, he can assist in defending the castle. With Bill being the Head of a branch of Gringotts we can get the goblins to assist with the defense of the school."

"Let's not forget that the house elves can use magic as well," said Hermione. "They can also help defend the school as easily as the students, teachers, and goblins. Hagrid has a great affinity with the creatures of the forest as well. He can get the centaurs to assist in defense as well as acromantula, unicorns, and the hippogriffs."

"We can always go out and set booby traps in the area as well," said Fred. "We know the area as well as the professors and probably better than most. We just point out to the defenders where they are."

"We could always do the following," said George thoughtfully. "We can have the traps triggered to go off if something Dark and insistent on going for something in the castle. We can trigger it to activate on anyone with the Dark Mark."

"That is truly ingenious," said Harry standing. "Are we all in agreement that this is what we are going to do?"

After receiving affirmations from the entire panel, he gave his last set of orders.

"Andy, get all of the Ministries alerted." he dictated. "Start with Britain and move your way outward from there. Hermione, I want you to help her. Bill, you and Griphook are in charge of contacting Ragnok and letting him know what is going on. Minerva, you and Augusta are in charge of informing Pomona and Filius as to what is going to happen. Make sure that you explain to Hagrid what we need and desire. Bellatrix you are in charge of getting everything set up. This will include all supplies that we get from the Weasley twins before they head to Hogwarts and set up the traps. Let's say that we will begin operation Snake Face in two days."

The others all laughed as they stood at the name Harry had given the Mission and went about their respected tasks.

Andy recruited the help of a few people who were good at languages as well as a few of the Mystics. It was not long before letters to the different Ministries were flying out of Atlantis. It took a matter of about three hours to get the letters all done and sent. Now it was just waiting for them to come back in with a reply. Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the United States were the first ones sent. Andy paced back and forth in her office in the Rose Tower as she waited for replies.

Minerva and Augusta automatically left for Hogwarts. They flashed to the gates of Hogwarts and waited for Pomona to allow them entry. When they arrived at the doors of the castle itself, they all went inside. Minerva requested the presence of Hagrid for a quick meeting. It was not long before the group of five was sitting in Pomona's new office.

"We are going to start the operation to bring down the Dark Lord," said Minerva quickly. "So we were sent her to tell you that we are going to be sending in reinforcements."

"Why would you do that?" asked Pomona. "We are more than capable of defending the castle."

"We are not questioning your ability to defend the castle," assured Augusta. "We know that when we start bringing down the Death Eaters, that we are going for their property as well. We know that they will flock to the Dark Lord and he will attack the school. We are sending Neville and Bill Weasley to help defend the school. Neville is good with earth magic. He can get the plants and soil to help defend the school. It is only until Harry can get here and confront the Dark Lord personally. We are not slighting you in the least. We just want the defense of the children to be stronger."

"My apologies Madam Longbottom," said Pomona abashed. "I didn't mean anything by my comment. Of course you are right. The protection of the students is top priority. We appreciate the gesture on your part to come here and let us know that we will have assistance here in the castle during the final battle."

"We need Hagrid to speak with the centaurs and his acromantula friends to help defend the perimeter of the castle and the edge of the forest," said Minerva getting back on track. "The Weasley twins are going to lay traps around the edges that will trigger and do off if anyone with the Dark Mark appears on the grounds. With Bill being a Curse Breaker, he will have the goblins come and assist as well. That way the wards can be strengthened as well as improved should the need arise."

"That would be deeply appreciated," said Filius as Hagrid left to do his portion. "We know that the goblins are experts at wards and such. Add in what the Weasley twins could come up with and I think we just won the war."

The others all laughed at this. Each remembered the capabilities of the famous twins. After talking quietly for a few more minutes with the Head Mistress of the school and its Deputy, Minerva and Augusta flashed back to Atlantis with the assistance of Fawkes.

Bill was already at Gringotts while Minerva was dealing with Hogwarts. After a talk between the two managers of the branches, a phalanx of goblin warriors and warders were sent to Hogwarts. Upon arriving, the goblins met with the Head Mistress and began to immediately set the wards to stop the Dark Mark form entering upon the groups without alerting others and causing the carriers pain. When that duty had begun, Bill went back to Atlantis.

Two days later, Harry waited in the throne room as the members started filing in. When all were seated, he looked to Minerva.

"Hogwarts is ready," she simply stated. "Pomona and Filius are hosting goblin warriors as well as warders. Hagrid has the acromantula as well as the other denizens of the forest on the lookout for intruders in the forest. All will be apprehended and brought to the castle for questioning. If they are not in league with the Dark Lord, they will be given a fine and set free. If they are in league, they will go to a special holding room on the grounds until the Ministry arrives to take care of them."

"This is great news," said Harry looking relieved. "I am happy to hear that the children are going to be taken care of at Hogwarts. I am also relieved that the goblins didn't hesitate to send assistance to protect the school. Andy, have you heard back from the other Ministries?"

"I have," she replied. "The United States is sending over one hundred Aurors to help with the apprehension of the Death Eaters. France is sending the same amount to help defend Hogwarts. Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Russia are also sending in reinforcements. All countries know that should we fail, that it is possible that the Dark Lord will move out of Britain should he be defeated or if he should win he will want to expand his domain. Amelia Bones has a contingent of people working on out of the country homes, which known Death Eaters have. Other countries are being forwarded this information so that the homes can be seized."

"Perfect," said Harry. "That is absolutely perfect. Every one of you has done an amazing job. Neville, you and Bill need to head to Hogwarts. Charlie and Seamus, I want you to go and work with Amelia Bones until we need you somewhere else. Andy and Blaise, please continue to act as liaison for the other countries around the globe. The rest of you come with me and we can head out."

No one argued with Harry. It wasn't due to the fact that he was the King, but for the fact that Harry was a child of war. He had fought both Albus and Tom before and come out as the victor. When Harry made a decision, he did it both with thought and feeling. It was one thing to mess around and play. It was another to get in the way of Harry when he made his mind up about something. Many remembered the day in Diagon Alley when Harry single handedly stopped both Albus and the Dark Lord and didn't even break a sweat in doing so. The group met together and made their way out. Harry put Augusta on the throne in his absence with the support of the Crown Princess. The Mystics would work with the Longbottom matriarch to ensure that Atlantis stayed safe while they were gone.

The first place that Harry and Lucius stopped was the Ministry of Magic. They walked around and watched different people while they were there. Lucius pointed to a certain person and Harry had him pinned to the wall before he could even blink.

"Lord Potter what is going on?" asked Amelia coming up on the scene. "What has this man done?"

"He is working for the Dark Lord," said Harry. "With your permission I would like to examine the man's mind to see how far it goes and who else in the Ministry is working for the Dark Lord."

"Please be my guest," she replied. "I had no idea that a few got through our searches and such."

"The Dark Lord was working on a way to hide the Dark Mark before I left his services," admitted Lucius smoothly. "It would appear that he succeeded as this man is part of his outer circle."

Harry looked the man directly in the eye before he plunged into his mind. He ruthlessly tore through the man's memories before he found what he was looking for. When he was done, he pulled out roughly and turned to Amelia.

"Thankfully he is only one of six that are within the Ministry," he told her. "They are all working together while in different departments. Their job was to kill you, Kingsley, Rufus, and Moody."

Harry gave her the list of names. She scanned the list and her eyebrows shot up at some of the positions certain people held within the Ministry. She immediately sent word out to have these people arrested.

"We have teams of people going around searching for Death Eaters," said Harry. "Quite a few of the Ministries from surrounding countries are sending in reinforcements to assist in the project of rounding up the remaining Death Eaters. We even have one hundred French Aurors stationed at Hogwarts as well as some goblins to help. We have the American Aurors coming here to talk to you. Their government is instructing them to let you instruct them as their own leaders would. We have many Aurors from surrounding countries searching as we speak. Knockturn Alley is being raided and anyone with the Dark Mark will be automatically arrested. Borgin and Burkes is now officially closed and all items in the store are under Ministry control. What you decide to do with it is up to you."

"Thank you for all that you are doing for us," said Amelia. "We know that you would rather be home dealing with your own people, but we are grateful that you have taken the time out of your schedule to assist us in this war."

"I may be the ruler of Atlantis, but I am still a citizen of England," said Harry. "It is still my duty to assist in ending this conflict once and for all. Right now we have some of the Mystics working on things that will assist you all from future Dark Lords from gaining prestige and power. We will have the full document on your desk as soon as possible."

Amelia didn't say anything at that. She knew that whatever they came up with would definantly be beneficial to all that needed it. She smiled at him before she turned and took charge of her staff. Harry and Lucius bowed out gracefully and left the area.

"I would imagine that the Dark Lord is in his home in Little Hangleton," said Lucius. "Now that Malfoy Manor is no longer available to him, he has to go somewhere. That was his hiding spot long before my home was."

"Then I think we need to go there," said Harry. "The sooner we catch him the sooner all of this can come to an end."

Lucius didn't bother to give a reply. He knew that one was neither needed nor wanted. Together the two men apparated to the graveyard that was part of what Harry went through during his fourth year of school.

"I think that any remains of the Riddle family should be eliminated so that he can't figure out a way to use them in the future should he make another escape," said Harry. "I know that he can no longer create Horcruxes, but I would rather he not find another way of doing something equally dark."

"I can't say that I blame you," said Lucius as he pulled out his wand and assisted Harry with moving the dirt. "The less opportunity he has to pull a stunt will be beneficial to the world at large. Now that you are actively against him, he will no longer hold back on his attacks aimed at you."

"You and I both know that he is no match for me," said Harry with a smirk. "As soon as he is within my sights, I will have him down faster than he can say Crucio. I have been training hard and working with the others to ensure that I have the knowledge to put him down once and for all. I will not hesitate to stop him."

"What if you have to kill him?" asked Lucius. "Powerful you may be, but you still abhor taking a life if there is another way to do it."

"You are right," admitted harry wit h a sigh as they replaced the dirt on the grave. "I do not like killing people, but I will not hesitate if it means saving my own life or someone who is in my care. I may be down for awhile about having to take the life, but I would rather the enemy go down rather than one of us. The only thing the old coot that ever said that was accurate was that I was able to feel pain even for my enemies."

"You are a unique individual in that aspect," said Lucius as the two men headed for the Manor. "It is part of the reason why you are respected and loved so much. You are a genuine individual that has the charisma to help people understand that not everything needs to be black or white. You also help people understand that not every thing needs to end in bloodshed."

"One day," said Harry. "When I am ready to walk from this plane of existence, I can only hope that the changes I have made will make a difference to future generations. It is my desire that people learn my life's lessons and take to heart that fighting isn't always the answer."

"I have no doubt that historians are already putting your name down as the one wizard that was better than the founder of magic," said Lucius. "The purity of your heart will make you an even bigger legend than your ancestor."

Harry just smiled at that. The two men made it to the boundary of the Manor. Harry was going through his mind trying to find a way to draw Riddle out of the Manor.

"We really need to know who is in there," said Harry pointing to the house. "If I had a general idea of who is inside, then I can come up with a better plan of attack."

"Why not just enter the mind of the Dark Lord," suggested Lucius.

"I no longer have the connection with him," said Harry. "That would have been great, but when Helga healed me, they removed the connection. I need to scan for wards and then take them down without alerting anyone that I am here. We may need some kind of backup."

"Give me five minutes," said Lucius. "I will have some back up within a few moments. That way we can fight our way in if we have to. I assume that you want to take on the Dark Lord here and not anywhere near the castle?"

"Yes I want him to stay away from the students," said Harry looking around thoughtfully. "I don't want to put them in danger if I can help it. This house is far from where anyone could get hurt."

"Ok," stated Lucius simply. "I shall return in a few minutes."

With that Lucius walked a few feet away and flashed back to Atlantis. Harry stood there looking for a few moments around the area. He was not afraid of anyone attacking him. He was the most powerful wizard on the planet. He was still wondering how to get a message across to the house that he wanted them to come out and face him. Suddenly he smiled and then walked over to the shack that once belonged to the Gaunts. He took his hand and with a sudden thought, he blew up the shack. When the debris finished falling, he headed off towards the Manor. It was not long before a few Death Eaters came into view. Harry swiftly and quietly took them down.

Lucius came back with some Aurors from the Ministry. The fifty people that apparated to the spot all looked at the destruction with awe.

"There is Lord Potter over there," said Lucius pointing to the figure that was already bounding up Death Eaters. "It looks like he figured out a way to get the people to come out and meet him in battle."

"It doesn't look like they are fighting to me," said an Auror. "It looks like Lord Potter is taking them out one at a time without even breaking a sweat."

Harry turned around and spotted Lucius and the Aurors. He waved them over and turned back to his task. When they got to his side, he turned to some of them.

"Tale these four scumbags back to Madam Bones for me," said Harry. "They will not be causing anymore trouble. "I have seen to that and I have their wands snapped. The rest of you come with me. Keep your wands trained and anything that is not wearing your uniform of the two of us, shoot first and ask questions after. DO NOT go against the Dark Lord. You will not win. Let me deal with him personally. Split up into groups of five and spread out. Make sure that you cover each other's backs at all times."

"Yes Sir," said the Head Auror. "Your wish is our command. Madam Bones said we were to follow your orders to the letter. We will finish clearing out this riff raff while you take out snake face."

"Amelia said that the other Ministries are making headway in rounding up Death Eaters," reported Lucius. "Bella and her group have made much progress in the last few hours. The Aurors are swarming all the known hideouts of the Death Eaters. There are very few left that have not been captured. Severus and Dora have also been assisting with the roundup. Pretty much all that is left is here."

"Then it is time to collect the trash," said Harry. "Do you have the magic suppressor bracelets?"

"Right here," assured Lucius. "I brought them with me when we left Atlantis. I figured you would want to pick this out as soon as possible."

"Send word to Bellatrix that I want Grindelwald also picked up and suppressed," said Harry. "He knows Nurmengard to well for him to be allowed to stay. I don't want another Dark Lord who knows how to get out of prison running around."

"I thought he was dead," said Lucius in surprise. "I thought he died in his prison."

"Please," Harry said with a snort. "He was Dumbledore's lover. He is cushioned where he is. Now that Albus is out of the picture and not keeping him pinned, he can get out."

Lucius just shrugged his shoulders and sent a patronus to Bella. If Harry wanted something done, who was he to argue? When he was done, Harry and Lucius entered the building. The wards sounded as soon as they entered. Harry was not fazed in the least. The duo made it to the area where Voldemort was sitting. He was surrounded by ten remaining Death Eaters. Harry raised an eyebrow at them and didn't comment.

"I have left you alone," snarled Voldemort. "Why are you invading my private sanctuary?"

"You would not have stayed here or stayed quiet," said Harry shrugging at the older wizard. "Did you really think that I would not come after you? Did you think that by letting me have the title of Lord Slytherin that I would just say "oh well he paid his dues"? I thought you had more sense than that."

"My army will defeat you," snapped Voldemort trying to pierce Harry's mental shields. "You will not win. You had better just run along to your little mystical kingdom and not play around with what you don't understand. You have your land now let me have mine."

"See that is where you are wrong," said Harry with a grin. "This is not your land and it never will be. I didn't remove Albus from the picture just to give you free reign here. I removed him because you were the lesser of the two evils. You at least let it be known what you were after and what you wanted. He was a master manipulator that hurt people far more than you ever could."

"You can't do this to me," said Voldemort. "We had a deal. I will destroy you if you cross me Potter."

"Let me make one thing clear to you Voldie," said Harry. "I can feel you trying to get around my mental barriers. You are only as far in as you are because I have allowed it. You are seeing everything that I WANT you to see. We have not now, nor have we ever had a deal. You are a Dark Lord. I am a Light Lord. My destiny was carved out due to people like you and that meddlesome old fool. I only wanted my family and between the two of you, you took that away from me."

"You will lose more than that Potter," said Voldemort as his minions started to get into position. "I will have your new kingdom and I will take everything away from you. This will include your lover boy."

Harry saw red. The thought of Voldemort hurting the love of his life made the King of Atlantis decide to end things once and for all. The Death Eaters were startled at first by the look that passed over Harry's face. They feared their Lord for his viscous hold he had over them, but the look on Harry's face made them wish they were somewhere else.

"Voldemort is mine," snapped Harry. "The rest of you have ten seconds to drop your wands and surrender to the Aurors or I will make you wish Tom had killed you."

Three of the Death Eaters dropped their wands in that instant. Tom was so furious that he killed them on the spot. The other seven ran for the doors only to be met by Lucius and the Aurors. Harry focused his attention solely on the Dark Lord.

"You made a HUGE mistake by threatening the health of my beloved," snarled Harry. "You will pay for all of your injustices that you have cast upon the world. You will wish to God or Merlin or the devil himself that you were a fluffy bunny by the time that I am through with you."

"Do you want to dance little boy?" sneered Voldemort. "Then I suggest you get to tapping because I am about to end the line of the Potters. I should have done it all those years ago."

"You will NEVER beat me Tom," said Harry. "I have everything that you could ever want. You will lose today."

The power rolling off the two wizards were immense. Where Voldemort was a mighty river, Harry was flowing like a tidal wave. The others were busy arresting the Death Eaters and taking them away. Lucius sent word to the others that Harry and Voldemort were locked in a deadly dance. Soon pops could be heard as the other teams apparated to Harry's side.

"NO ONE is to fight him except me," said Harry through clinched teeth. "If there is anything left of him when I am done, then he can rot in prison for his sins."

Voldemort pulled his wand and started firing curses. Bellatrix, Lucius, Severus, Remus, and a few others were already layering shields around themselves. Cedric was already issuing commands from the back as Harry waved his hand and caused his hearts desired to appear behind them in safety. Harry waved his hand once more and created a shield that was so strong that some of the stray spells made gong like sounds when they hit.

"Why are you not fighting?" asked a furious Voldemort. "I want to end your retched life once and for all. Not stand here and watch you act all heroic. Fight me Potter. Prove to your followers that you are what you claim to be. To me you are nothing but a pathetic little boy."

Harry stopped at those words and looked at the Dark Lord in glee. Voldemort paused for a moment at the strange expression on his face. In that brief moment, Harry was able to strike. He entered the Dark Lord's mind and the two took the battle there to epic proportions. Furiously Voldemort sought to get Harry out of his mind. He cast the Killing Curse repeatedly.

"What is going on?" asked Minerva as neither combatant moved. "What are they doing?"

"Harry has taken the battle to a different level," stated Severus using his own gifts to view the battle. "The Dark Lord is casting the Killing Curse at Harry in his mind. For every casting, Voldemort is in actuality killing himself from the inside of his own mind."

"How is that possible?" asked Draco in awe. "I didn't think you could do something like that."

"Normally you can't," said Lucius. "However we are talking about Harry Potter. Normal rules don't apply to him that often."

Harry was laughing at Tom. For every time the Killing Curse was used, Harry made sure that a different part of Tom's mind was damaged with it.

"How are you doing this?" asked the Dark Lord growing weaker. "It is not possible. I am the most skilled Legilimens in the world."

"No you aren't," said harry with a gleeful smile. "I am a Master at mind magic. You are merely an apprentice. If you want to live, I suggest that you stop casting spells. For every curse you throw at me, I am destroying you with it. Only one person in the world and history was ever stronger than me in this field."

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD," screamed Voldemort.

"Are you tired of our little game already?" Harry asked with a smirk. "Are you ready to surrender and be a good little boy?"

"I will never surrender to you," snarled Voldemort.

"Then let me show you what else I can do here in your mind," said Harry with a grin.

With that, he lifted his hands and pulled Voldemort's magical core to the forefront of their battle.

"Do you see this?" asked Harry pointing at it. "I will make sure that you never cast magic again."

With that, Harry used a spell of his own design and started to dampen the core that made up Voldemort's magic. With every wave of his wand, Voldemort grew weaker. His magic started to leak out of him at every wave. Harry smiled at the Dark Lord one final time before he withdrew from his mind.

"Place the bracelets on him," said Harry. "He is barely above muggle status now, but I don't want to take any chances with him."

Bella walked forward and with a scornful look at her old master, she snapped the bracelets in place. Tom was trying to figure out how to undo what had just happened. With a final scream, he passed out on the floor.

"Lucius, Bella, and Severus, I need you to finish this up," said Harry. "I have a massive head ache and I would like to go home. Minerva, you have my permission to speak using my name. I shall see you all when you get home. Was Grindelwald apprehended?"

"Yes," said Bella. "We got to him just before he was ready to make his escape. It seems you knew what he was planning all along."

"I didn't," admitted Harry. "This is Luna's doing. She was able to work with me to end this once and for all."

Cedric walked over to Harry and lifted him as Harry was about to fall over. Within moments, they were back at the Palace and Narcissa was running a scan over him.

"He is alright," she said with relief. "He is just very tired. He will most likely sleep for a couple of days. Is it really over?"

"Yes," said Cedric. "It is really over. Harry fought to the end and has insured that the world will be a safer place for all witches and wizards."


Days passed and everyone settled into a somewhat comfortable routine. Harry continued to work with Britain to finish capturing all Death Eaters. The city of Atlantis began to flourish once more as Harry and his friend began to make sure that everyone had what they needed and such.

Life was peaceful in the magical world. Twenty years following the defeat of Voldemort, Harry received word that Albus died in prison. Gellert Grindelwald didn't last but a few years longer than that. Voldemort was fond dead in his cell one morning. Apparently no one bothered to make sure that the Dementors didn't administer the kiss to him and he was found dead in his cell one day having died.

Years passed and the group from Atlantis all made their headway. Harry and Cedric found a willing participant and had children to carry on the Potter and Diggory lines. Hermione married Draco and they had four children of their own. Neville married a local woman and had three beautiful daughters. Augusta lived to the ripe old age of four hundred before she joined the founders in the next stage of life.

As the decades flew by, the Potter family saw the loss of loved ones. Minerva passed away in her sleep at the age of six hundred. Severus was still Master of the Black Tower. The children and grandchildren of the group that composed of Harry's family began taking their roles in the world. Some left Atlantis and made significant changes in the outside world secure in the knowledge that they had assistance from their family and friends in Atlantis if they needed it.

Cedric passed away quietly in his sleep on night. He and Harry had been married for well over one thousand years. A huge ceremony was given for him. His was loved by the populace for his kind heart and loving ways.

Harry and Cedric's great, great, great grandson took the throne when Harry decided that it was time for him to step down. The new king was named Alexander. He was loved by all as he had the traits and qualities that both Harry and Cedric possessed. That the boy was also married to the great, great, great granddaughter of Hermione and Draco played a huge part.

With a smile on his face, harry went to the room he has shared with his beloved for a millennium and moved on to the next stage of his life's journey knowing that his legacy would forever live on.