A/N: Some important info:

1) Jake never got hurt.

2) Leah and sam stayed behind to burn the newborns

3) The volturi already know the quileutes are only shape shifters.

That should be everything, Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Leah POV

I dropped the match on the last pile of bloodsucker ash. Gotta say, feels great getting to kill a leech, what with the only leeches we see being the cullens. Sam nudged me, causing me to look up and my eyes rested upon four figures walking, wait, gliding towards us. The cullens looked at us with a worried look on their face, before Rosalie hissed "Great. The Volturi are coming to see what's going on, while we have two mutts in tow with no where to hide them in time. As if they aren't already looking for an excuse to destroy us."

"Shut up Rosalie." Edward and Carlisle hissed.

"Don't worry, I can still see us all making it through alive. Wait. Jane's future is randomly disappearing and resurfacing hours later, till it eventually disappears pretty much fully. Know why anyone?" Alice asked as she looked round.

"There are four of them, and nine of us. Why are we worrying exactly?" Sam whispered to Carlisle.

"The Volturi are the very essence of our kind." Edward began. "They govern us, and attempt to keep our existence a secret. This is only a small portion of the guard, no-one actually knows the official guard count as it changes so often. By the looks of things it is Alec, Jane, Felix and Demetri. They are some of the most powerful guards, and Aro's favourite guard dogs if you'll excuse the expression. Don't underestimate them, they each have a unique reason for being in the guard. Jane can make you feel the worst pain you will ever feel in your life, Alec is considered Jane's antidote essentially removing all of your senses, Felix is such a good fighter that he would give Jasper a run for his money, also he can out-strength Emmett, finally, Demetri is considered the world's best tracker, meaning he can find almost anyone in the world. If they were all, with the exception of Felix of course, to use there power on us, Bella would be the only one of us unaffected."

Why are they looking for a reason to kill you? I mentally screamed at Edward.

"The Volturi are gettingworried about the size of our coven, fearing that we may try to overthrow them. Which we have no intention of doing." Came the curt reply.

Why does Barbie have a problem with us being here then? I thought.

"Rosalie is unhappy because one of the Volturi leaders was almost killed by a werewolf. He is so afraid of werewolfs now, that he has made it illegal to sign a treaty with them." He simply stated, looking slightly bored.

The four vampires finally reached us, and one of the two at the front spoke. "It appears that you've done our work for us today . . . for the most part." She paused. "Just out of professional curiosity, how many were there? They left quite a wake of destruction in Seattle."

"Eighteen. Including this one" Carlisle answered. I ignored the conversation, as I looked at each of the four in turn. The leech on the far left was very tall and had very thick shoulders, he also looked like three Emmetts. I guessed that one was Felix. The bloodsucker on the far right removed his hood, and I could tell from his unusual olive complexion that he was Demetri. My eyes finally rested on the two at the front who looked practically like a man and his clone, because they were both the exact same in build and height. Suddenly, the clone, or clone master, pulled back his hood. He could only be described as angelic and beautiful, although he had dark purple bruise like marks under both eyes, I guessed this one was Alec, because the only other Volturi member there was Jane.

Jane. Why did that name make me feel loved and like I had a purpose? I ignored the look from Edward, and looked directly at her as she removed her hood. Her long blond hair fell around her face which could only be described as a childlike, female version of Alec's. As I looked at her face her eyes met mine.

The eyes were beautiful. As I stared into them, everything around me faded, everything that mattered to me were pointless, my entire world shifted, and went into orbit around her. Shit. I think I just imprinted on a bloodsucker.

"Sam." I called in his direction.

"What is it Leah? I'm a little busy at the moment." Sam barked back.

"Can I talk to you for a second? It's really important."

"I'm sure it can wait."

"No Sam, I think it really is important." Edward stated as he shot me an amused look.

Fuck off. I thought loudly.

"Fine. It better be quick." Sam said irritably.

We walked away from the clearing, and never said anything until we were out of hearing range of the others. When we finally stopped he whirled round and spat "What?"

"What's it like to imprint?" I asked nervously. An amused look hit his face before he described what happened when he imprinted on Emily. Fuck I thought. That's exactly what just happened between me and Jane.

"Wait, why are you asking me this? Did you imprint on one of the leeches?" he asked.

Before I knew why, I spat back "She is not a leech!"

"She?" He snorted. "You imprinted on a female vamp?"

"Yes." I whimpered.

"Which one? The Barbie?"


"The pixie?"

"Wrong again."

"Wait, did you imprint on the mother?"

"Still wrong. Think not Cullen."

"Fuck. You imprinted on the blonde witch didn't you?"

"Fuck you." I screamed at him before slamming him through a tree. We marched back to the clearing, Sam muttering all the time.

"Wont you come back to Volterra with us Jane? Alec?" Felix was quizzing them.

"No Felix. We really are leaving. Sorry." Jane said.

"Very well. Aro sends his regards. I hope we do not see each other any time soon." He stated before he and Demetri left.

"Well Jane, where do you and your brother propose to live now?" Carlisle asked her.

"Well if it is not too much to ask, we were wondering if we could stay with you."

"Why should we allow you to stay with us after all the pain you have caused our family?" Edward spat, with venom. "Give us one good reason not to tear you both limb from limb."

"The eyes." I stated simply. "They are gold not red."

Everyone suddenly had a look of shock on their faces, as they each realized they had changed their diet.

"Why?" Edward asked.

"We are tired of being monsters, we want to make something good of our life." Came the swift answer from Jane.

"Very well, you can stay with us on the understanding that you shall not feed from humans at any time during your stay. You will also not use your powers on anyone." Carlisle decided. "Alice will show you your rooms."