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Chapter 4 – Awkward Discussions

Jane POV

As we followed the pixie like Alice Cullen back to the Cullen residence, I couldn't help but let my mind wander to Leah. Thinking about the how my heart responded to her simplest looks and how I already seemed smitten with her. It was actually quite weird, I never actually expected to find my mate while I was on this mission, heck, I never expected to find my mate period. I stopped abruptly, damn Jane, she can not be your mate. Stop thinking like that.

"Something the matter Jane?" Alice asked.

"Nope, not a thing." I replied nonchalantly.

We continued on, and Alice showed us to Alec's room first which was quite spacious with a single bed in the centre and a large wardrobe and set of drawers against the wall. Next, we moved on to my room which was the same as Alec's except for the queen sized bed instead of the double bed.

"Why have I got such a large bed? It's not like I'm going to use it." I asked.

"Trust me, you'll be using it soon." Alice said with a wink.

Edward bounded into the living room with an amused look on his face followed by an extremely confused looking Carlisle.

'Wonder if he saw a mountain lion get eaten by a snake.' I thought amusedly, earning a full out laugh from Edward.

"Uh, Jane, Leah wants to see you in a clearing Northwest of here." Said Carlisle.

"Want me to come with you sis?" Alec asked with a look on his face that usually spelled death for someone.

"No." Alec reeled back from my icy answer, not that he cared anyway as he jumped up and said "Great let's go then!"

I turned round and stared at him. Hard. He stared back without flinching, so I fixed with a painful stare, well, painful for him anyway.

"I see you even sniff at Leah funnily, I. Will. End. You. Got that brother dearest?" I asked, making the end sickeningly sweet. My only response was the screams of pain from my brother.

"Enough!" Screamed Carlisle. He had a murderous look on his face, and Jane reluctantly complied. She knew that Alec could've taken at least another half an hour before he broke out in dry sobs, years of abuse from his sister had forced him to get used to the pain.

Jane shot one last glare in her brother's direction before walking out of the door at a human pace. Once she was out of the door she ran north west as fast as she could. After a few seconds she could smell Leah's distinctive scent, slowing down Jane suddenly got hit by a wave of nerves. Jane stopped completely, taken aback by the nerves; she never got nervous about anything. A few seconds later the nerves had passed and Jane was on her way again.

Eventually reaching the clearing Jane looked at Leah who was pacing back and forth. She took a tentative step forward and said "Leah."

Leah's head snapped up at the sound of Jane's voice, her face filled with worry. Jane wanted to rush over and wipe the worry away, but she quickly shook the thought away knowing she had to stay strong and show no emotion. The tension in the air between the two was almost visible to their heightened senses. Deciding to break the tension Jane said "Why did you call me out her?"

"I need to talk to you." Said Leah.

"What about?" Jane had the feeling that getting Leah to talk was going to be like drawing blood from stone.

"It's not easy, your reaction could make or break my life."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better I promise not to react badly."

"It doesn't matter how badly you react, if you react badly my life will be essentially over."

"C'mon, it cant be that bad. I've done some pretty horrible stuff in my time, I doubt anything you throw at me can top what I've done in the past."

"It's not something horrible, well that depends on your view of horrible..."

"Just spit it out, then we can go from there."

"What's it like when a vampire finds there mate?"

"It's the best feeling in the world, for both the vampire and their mate. It doesn't happen with a look, normally anyway. However, the vampire will dedicate their life to their mate. It's easy to tell who a vampire's mate is simply by their smell, a vampire's scent will irrevocably change to a mixture of their own scent and that of their mate's; it's how I know Bella and Edward aren't true mates, because Edward still smells the same way he did when I last met him which was 30 years ago."

"Oh. It's kinda like imprinting then, only when a wolf imprints it happens the instant they look in their imprint's eyes."

"Have you imprinted Leah?"


"Can I ask who you imprinted on?"

"I- I imprinted on you Jane. I know your probably going to want to get as far away from me as possible, but I can't help the fact that I imprinted on you. If you want me to go, I'll go, I'll emigrate to Canada or somewh-" Leah was cut off by Jane's cool lips caressing her own.

Next time: Jane tells Alec and the Cullens that she has found her mate and Felix and Demetri report back to Aro.

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