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This is an AU fic sorta, it goes by some of the same timelines but starts in the buu saga


Trunks/Saiya(my own character, Gotens twin sister)







Ok now here we go

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The unknown daughter

"Vegeta you there" Saiya called, "VEGETA GET YOUR SCRAWNY ASS OUT HERE" she yelled

"WHAT DO YOU WANT BRAT" Vegeta said with an angry face.

"I cant find Trunks and Goten" she said

"There out, why do you want to know" he questioned

"My dads coming back, the supreme kai said he could and I've never met him, and hes coming back on my birthday" she said excitedly

"hahaha good hes finally coming back, don't tell anybody but Ive missed not having that bugger here to spar with"

"Awww is Veggie going soft"


"ok, ok im going" she said. Vegeta smiled as he watched her walk. She was the daughter he wished Bra had been, she was strong, proud and arrogant, a true fighter in his eyes.

"Vegeta I'm home" Bulma yelled, she was covered in bags, Pan and Bra followed her in after a day of shopping. Vegeta and Saiya walked out in there training suits, "Looks like you finally found someone to spar with" she looked at the two in there spandex trainng outfits.

"Yes a suitable one at that"

"Dad your being nice to someone other than me, Im surprised" Bra said with sarcasm, Pan laughed.

"Hi auntie Saiya, hows it going?"

"Pretty good dads coming back next week, mom told me"

"Cool i get to see grandpa"

"Well i gotta go Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Marron and I are going clubbing" she said, "were looking for a place to buy to start our own"

"awww thats awesome Saiya, tell me when you find one"

"K cya guys" she then flew out the window

(AU I so suck at the first chappie)

When Saiya got home she looked through her closest for a outfit to wear to the club tonight she pulled out her lowride black jeans and a black triangluar straples tank top. The were simple and her favorite, they matched raven black hair that she had layered to her shoulders and in perfect condition. She walked out of her room to the bathroom and put on a gold necklace with her birthstone in it that Vegeta had given to her for her 16th birthday last year. He had told her it was actually from her dad but she didn't believe him. Her and Vegeta had a special understanding of each other and were very good friends even though they never acted like it.

She stepped out of the bathroom to go downstairs where her mother, Trunks, and Goten were sitting eating. Her mother gave her a disaproving look at the clothes she was wearing but she didn't care. "HEy guys, ready to go?"

"Ya lets go" Trunks said seeing ChiChis look, "are we still going club shopping tomorrow?"

"Yup of course!", she said excitedly,"I really want to open it on my birthday"

"Ok lets go" Gotent said, "oh ya Pan and Hayden are meetin Marron and Matt and us at the club"

"OK, now lets go" trunks replied in a hurried voice. They walked out to Trunks BMW, "hey why are we taking my car instead of yours"

"Cuz I dont want to drive" Goten replied. They each had gotten a new car on their 16th birthday from Bulma. They got in and started driving until a wierd set of lights appeared in front of the car. Trunks swerved trying not to avoid it, they thought they were out of the woods until they heard a bang.

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