As you guys probably have noticed by now, I haven't written anything for a while.

This story is discontinued. I'm sorry, it's not that I don't love you guys and all, but I quite honestly had this plotbunny in my mind a year ago, and now have no idea where to go with this story because I've forgotten what I had in mind - I didn't write any notes down.

Not only that, but my writing style has changed dramatically and I highly doubt that any additional chapters would be able to flow well with the story.

I apologize, everyone. Anyone who wants to pick this story up ( although I doubt that anyone will, considering it's relative failure-ness ) may do so and I don't mind.

In any case, I started a new story, however, it is HP/TR and Malfoycest; many people who liked this story may not like the other one as it is quite OOC and much more mild in terms of coldness and violence and torture overall Voldemort-ness.

If you do decide to take a look at it, thank you - if not, thank you for even reading this story. I'd love to delete it, and put it behind me, but I'll keep it so a few years down the road I can remind myself about how bad I was at writing.