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Lover's Vacation

Chapter 11: Rescued

"Usui, I don't think you should be moving your wrist like that." Misaki pulled to a stop and pouted up at the innocent frown on Usui's face. They've been walking around the heart of the jungle for the past two hour now and so far luck is not on their sides. As they weaved through endless green trees and shrubs Misaki felt more disheartening each time the invisible clock ticked by.

Blinking twice before smiling encouragingly at Misaki, Usui held up his right arm and laid it on top of his left. "Don't sweat it Pres. I'm perfectly fine!" As if wanting to show her how his wrist was feeling much better, Usui picked up his right arm and punched it repeatedly in the air: Grunting in pain as he hits the fresh oxygen the fifth time.

Scowling, Misaki smacked the blond boy directly on the head and carefully caress his broken wrist in both her palms as if she was cradling a bubble in her soft and dainty fingers. Slowly, she pats against the red blotch of blood through the white fabric and ran her finger up and down his arm in a super soothing motion. Usui stood still as he watched Misaki's finger creates it own magic on his pained appendages, smoothing away the pain as her silky white hand brush upon his own. He could feel his heart tumbling and beating frantically inside his chest and he absentmindedly wonder if she could hear the sound his live organ is making for her.

"Baka Usui, you don't have to pretend that you're okay." She quietly mumbled as her hand continued its path up and down his arm. Looking up, Misaki lands both of her eyes upon Usui's green orbs and tried to ignore the quiet throbbing in her heart. "Are you okay now?"

Yes, every time you touch me the pain goes away.

That's what he had wanted to say, just that one phrase that tell her of the magic she was doing. Only Misaki could have that power over him and she would be the only one.

Usui gulped lightly at her intense brown gaze. He could see the light of the sun peaking through the edges of leaves as they slightly hit her perfectly round orbs, reflecting it back out to the world and making the one pair of eyes – that Usui could stare at 'til eternity– sparkle in a magical way. She couldn't have looked more beautiful even in the drastic state they were in. And to make it even better, she was looking at him with those piercing eyes. Right now, it's only him. He bit down his lips to stop the smug grin that almost form on his lips.

"I'm okay." He smiled warmly down at the dazed girl. "Now that I know Pres cares about me so much."

Blinking her eyes twice and turning away, Usui heard a small cough and clear of throat before Misaki turned back to a smirking Usui.

"Baka..." She mumbled as she looks on the dirty ground so she wouldn't have to stare as his seductive eyes. "Of course I was worried... You're injured..." She looked up with guilt filled eyes and sighed, "and it's because of me."

Usui hated it it. He absolutely loathes it when she stare at him with those guilty eyes. Nothing was her fault and she should know that. But knowing how stubborn she is, Usui knew that she would only blames herself further more if he said anything.

"Pres, can you strip?" Usui stared down into her twitching eyes.

"W-what?" She grounds out, annoyed at his unusual question.

Hiding the relief behind his eyes when he saw no more of the guilt in her eyes, Usui spins around and pull her away forward. "Nothing Pres. Let's go and find our escape route!"

Grunting in aggravation, Misaki let him lead her away deeper into the restless jungle.

"Where are we heading?" She asked after another hour of walking.

"I don't know." He kept his stride in front of her. She had tried once to walk in front – since he had a broken wrist and all – but his only answer however, was to push her back behind him. When she had protested Usui told her that he had been on the island before and would know the land form better than she. But deeply she knew that he only wanted to walk in front in order to protect her from unnoticed harm.

"Baka, I'm not a kid." She mumbled quietly to herself, kicking away some pebbles that lie resting on the ground.

"What?" He questioned as he keep heading forward, swatting away branches and leaves as he proceed further.

"Usui, are you sure you know where we're going?" Misaki sighed as she moved a branch full of leaves away from her face.

"No idea." Usui answered shortly and turned around briskly to flash her a teasing smirk.

"What! What do you mean you don't know where we're going?" She spat, wanting to hit him across the head. Which she did, making him stop dead in his track and frown.

"Pres, you're not suppose to hit a cripple." Usui pouted slightly, an evil glint in his eyes.

"You'll live." She growled but could feel the guilt quickly inducting on her feelings. "You want to explain to me where we're going?"

"Nope." He smile innocently.

"Usui..." Misaki snarl in a deadly voice. Usui could see hair sticking upward in her scalp in anger and he chuckles despite the tense atmosphere.

"Ah Pres. You're always too tense." Usui playfully swatted the air with his hand and grinned widely.

"Tense? TENSE? Of course I'm tense baka!" She literally screamed on the top of her lungs.

Uh oh. Usui thought as he stare at her loud tantrum.

"We're stuck here. In the middle of NO WHERE. And you expect me not to be TENSE? Gah! Usui!" She was shaking in tears and suddenly Usui felt the twinge of guilt moved across his chest for teasing her.

Pulling her shaking form into his arms, Usui hugged her body and tuck her head under his chin, cradling her until they both hit the soft earth.

"Shh. It's okay Misaki. It's okay. We're definitely get out of here soon." He petted her hair and felt the wet tears hitting his bare chest.

Misaki knew that it wasn't his fault. None of it was. Yet she couldn't help but feel angry. Towards herself. She didn't want to feel so vulnerable, especially in front of him. She didn't want to break down and cry like a child but she did. She loved the way on of his hand encircle them around her waist while the other stroke the soft hair on her head.

"I'm sorry Usui..." She whispered into his chest as he pulled her closer. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay...I kinda deserved it." He chuckled lightly in her ear. The sound sent her heart flying high into the air.

"No you didn't...I'm just...I can't be stuck here forever Usui." Misaki quietly spoke into his warm heat. She didn't noticed when his body shook under hers. "My mom...and Suzuna. I need to get out of here. I can't leave them alone, they need me."

"I know Misaki...I know." Usui soothed her with his enchanting voice. "But there's one thing I need to correct."

"Hmmm?" She asked him, suddenly her eyes feeling droopy.

"I need you too." He whispered huskily.

"As do I..." She blushed into his neck.

He chuckled as a response. "Good. Now you ready to get out of here?"

Misaki raised her head out from his warm neck and quirk up and eyebrow, with one hand she brushed away the dried tears on her cheeks. "How are we–?"

Nudging his head over behind her, Misaki followed suit in the direction and gasp in shock.

Or horror.

But mostly shock.

"Satsuki-san! Erika-san! Honoka-san! Subaru-san!" Misaki's eyes were almost popping out of their sockets. "Y-you're all here!"

"Yes. Yes we are." Erika smiled smugly at Misaki and everyone chuckled. "And we're certainly sorry to interrupt."

Cocking her head to her side, Misaki glanced over at Satsuki – with moe flowers dancing all around – and finally understood why they were acting so coy. Blushing furiously down all the way to her neck, Misaki shrugged her arms out from under Usui's neck. She was about to push herself up but Usui beat her to it and stood up, pulling her with him, his hand never leaving her waist but instead only pulled her in closer.

"W-when did y-you...h-how...d-did you...what's going on?" Misaki stuttered between words. Completely stumped on what was happening.

One of the men that had been watching them from the back stepped up and smile politely. He looked Japanese and confirmed it when he explained to Misaki with a fluent tongue.

"This forest is part of the underground spa of the resort where quests get to enjoy the 'rain forest' without going far off from the hotel."

"This is part of a resort?" Misaki asked incredulously.

"Yep." Usui grinned down at her when Misaki glared up at the too innocently expression on his face.

"You knew didn't you?" Misaki accused darkly.

He chuckled guiltily. "Kinda..."

"Kinda?" She growled and attempt to push herself away from the smug boy.

"Yes, kinda. I knew where we still in the resort. I just didn't know which part we were in." He mused slightly.

"Then the chicken..." Her eyes widen in understanding and gulped, looking down at her stomach.

Miss Cockeroo...she thought guiltily before glaring up at Usui's still innocent face.

"Oh Misaki! We're so glad you're okay!" Satsuki ran over and hugged the girl tightly. It was awkward though, since Usui never let go of her grip on her.

"I'm glad too." Misaki attempted to hug her back. She wondered why Usui still hadn't let go of her. "But can we get out of here first? Usui's hurt." She pointed down to his bandaged hand.

"Oh my Usui-kun!" All the four girls gasp. "Are you alright?"

He smiled and nodded. "I'm perfectly fine. Misa-chan had already patched me up."

"Woah...so moe.." Satsuki breathed as moe flowers grow and replace her perfectly orb eyes.

Misaki's only response was to chuckle breathlessly.

"Okay men. Let's get them out of here." The man from before nodded back to his group.

As he moved away and direct the others the things they needed to do, Misaki couldn't help but to feel a pair of eyes creeping on her from the back.

Apparently Usui had felt it too because throughout the walk back to the resort, the arm around her only increase its grip, pulling her even closer to him. She made no protest as she continued to feel that uncomfortable stare down her back. Before leaving and thanking the forces of the rescue team. Misaki had a chance to look at the eyes that was causing her troublesome discomfort.

Who was he..? She thought silently to herself as she stare the the man out of the corner of her eyes. She recognized him as one of the men on the rescue team but he had been so quiet that she didn't remember. He didn't looked like a regular Japanese man and Misaki doubted that he could even speak the language. He though, did seem to look young. Misaki guessed about the age of 19 or 20.

As that thought hit her, his eyes turned and she shuddered when their eyes met. His eyes held the color of a light gray and it had the powers to send cold winds down the length of her spine. For the second time during that whole trip, Misaki truly felt scared.

It wasn't until Usui gently touch her cold arms that Misaki was brought back to reality. Just before she turned away though, Misaki could swear she saw something like jealously glint in those silver irises and she didn't know why. Once again, Misaki shuddered visibly and leaned into Usui's firm chest, breathing in his smell and attempt to erase the picture of those vague eyes from her mind.

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