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Tohru was walking back from shopping, it was raining and dark.
She saw a hooded figure through the rain.
Tohru stopped, It seemed like the figure was in pain, each step was very slow like it was taking a lot of energy.
It's like how Kyo would be if he had been walking through the rain for a few hours Tohru thought.
The figure stopped and looked up at Tohru.
It was a girl soaked to the bone peering up at Tohru with her eyes just open.
Suddenly the girl collapsed to the side unconsious and turned into a kitten.
'W-What just happ-end?' Tohru stuttered.
She pulled out a blanket that she just brought and scooped up the kitten in it and ran as fast as she could towards Shigure's house

As she got in the door she shouted 'Shigure! Yuki! Kyo! we have a problem!'
They all came running and stood and stared at the brown kitten wrapped in a blanket
'we need to get her warm! i'll put her in my bed!' Tohru cried
'um, i don't think it's a good idea putting a cat in your bed' Shigure replied
'WAS THAT AN INSULT!' shouted Kyo
(Yuki hit Kyo)
'shut it baka neko you'll make Miss Honda upset' said Yuki
(Kyo turned away muttering something about 'damn rat' and '..get him with a frying pan')
'besides we dont know where its been it's a wild cat' Shigure finished
'it's not a wild cat!'Tohru pleaded
'please let me put her upstairs and then i'll explain everything!'
'fine don't let me stop you' Shigure said Tohru ran upstairs
(a few minutes later)
'so this girl turned into a cat?' Kyo half-shouted
'that's impossible' said Yuki 'there has never been another person who can transform; and there has never been 2 cats, so how is there?'
'so it was all true.' Shigure mumbled
'huh? what are you talking about?' Yuki asked
'yeah, what crazy talk you spewing over there?' asked Kyo
'this is something that only Akito, Hatori, Ayame-' Kyo and Yuki winced at the name '-Kureno and I know about.' shigure replied
'what is it?' everyone else asked
'I have reason to belive' Shigure said 'that the cat upstairs is...The Forbidden Cat.'
'huh? the forbidden cat?'
'nobody knows the full story, not even Akito the only one that knows the full story is the forbidden cat him or herself'
suddenly there was a loud poof.

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