sos that this chap took a while, I've had mega writers block (not to metion artists block) recently -sweatbead- this was all i could come up with sooo...hope ya enjoy!

-The next morning-
Kuki had been carried inside and was laying on the couch still unconcious
'Dammit...goddammit..' Kyo was talking to himself
'Why did I let her fall? Why did I let go? Why?'
Tohru was constantly running backwards and forwards around the house getting bandages and making sure Kuki was ok
Tohru sat down by Kyo after Kuki was bandaged up
'It's not your fault she fell you know..'
Kyo sighed 'I know but...I can't help but blame myself for the state she's in now..'
Tohru gave him a reassuring look
'Don't worry Kyo-kun, you heard Hatori, she'll be fine' she smiled
Kyo looked at Tohru then gave a small smile back
'Thanks, Tohru'
There was a groan and then a thump from the living room
Tohru and Kyo ran in there to find that Kuki had woken up, rolled over and fallen off the couch
'Arghh goddammit my head...' Kuki groaned
She looked up
'..-sweatbead- Heya guys..'
Tohru hugged Kuki
'I'm so glad you're ok!'
Kuki hugged Tohru back
'Umm..can I ask one question? ..Whattdya mean 'glad I'm ok'? Did something happen to me?'
Kuki looked at herself and saw all the bandages
'Holy s*** what happened to me?'
Kyo looked awkward
'..You fell off the balcony'
Kuki went wide-eyed
'I didn't break anything did I?'
Kuki started checking for stratches and bruises, then she touched her shoulder
'Holy cow from hell that hurts!'
'You should be careful with your shoulder..we think you were shot' Tohru said
Kuki went wide-eyed again
'I was..shot?' 'Curse Akito and his damn spies dammit!'
'You think one of Akitos spies shot you?' Kyo asked
'Yeah' Kuki replied 'Didn't I say before? "Knowing how many spies there are it's likely that one is listening on us right now"' said Kuki quoting herself
'Wait..' Kuki said
'..If one of Akitos spies was listening in on us then..'
Kuki wide wide-eyed for a third time
'..They know where I am'
'S***! They could be here any moment! I gotta go!'
Kuki got up and dashed for the door
'KUKI-CHAN!' Kyo shouted
Kyo ran and tackled her
'You need to stay here! Your wounds arn't healed yet!'
'You're worried about my wounds yet you just tackled me!'
'I have to go! Seriously! I need to go right now!'
-The front door slammed-
Kyo, Kuki and Tohrus heads all turned in the direction of the front door
Akito stood there with what looked like a couple of bodyguards and spies
'Why hello forbidden cat, we meet again'
He grinned.

Well, expect a fight next chap! :3 i wuv fights -awsome face- for those of you who actually read this and/or like soul eater as well as fruits basket heres some completly useless news tht im posting cause im hyper:
btw: Kuki-chan and Kyo-kun don't have a thing going on, they're just close childhood friends, it's Tohru and Kyo-kun who are in lurrrve x3

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