Just to be clear, Marik is Marik Ishtar, the hikari. Bakura is Yami Bakura.

Bakura POV


Hearing the alarm clock ring, I groaned, and sat up in my makeshift bed. I yawned, stretched, and then I was awake. And the first thing I noticed was that my father wasn't home. If you could call this a house.

My family, which is really just my father and I, had never had a lot of money. And Dad always spent all the money we got on alcohol or cigarettes or whores. It was amazing that we even had enough to send me to school. Of course, I had a job. Anyway, this resulted in us losing our tiny apartment last month, left to live on our own. Which is why I had to work, because once I was legal and had enough money-no, screw being legal-once I had enough money, I was going to buy my own house. I hated the job, I hated working, hell, I hated pretty much everything except cigarettes and stealing. But I was determined to get out of this goddamned excuse for a house. Right now, we were living in an abandoned warehouse. Talk about cliché. Of course, this place doesn't have any electricity, so no heating. I had a cell phone, which served as my alarm for school. I had gotten the phone before we really got broke, before Mom died and Dad lost his job….before I started stealing. I loved it, the rush of adrenaline when you realized you got away with it…which I did every time, of course. I was a master, no one could even think of catching me.

I didn't spend too much time thinking about my father's absence, he was probably off drunk in someone's house. Pulling my self out of bed, I slipped on some clean clothes, and rummaged through one of our suitcases until I found something decent to eat. I chewed the whatever-it-was slowly, wanting to enjoy my time alone. Normally, I would rush out of the house, not wanting to spend another second with my drunken, abusive father. So I had never been late for school in my life. Not once, as much as I hated it. All the teachers hated me, and I haven't gotten a single A in my life. Or anything above a C, for that matter. I really only went anymore so that I wouldn't be lying around the house all day. One thing I couldn't stand, more than anything, was useless people. If all you're going to do is lie around and have sex and get drunk, then you're better off dead. I probably only thought this way because it's what my father is, and what I had almost become. So when I finished my mystery object breakfast, I grabbed my abused looking books, and headed out the door.

I reached the school just as the last bell was ringing. I didn't stop at my locker, just went straight to homeroom, and took my seat, all the way in the back. Secluded from everyone else, the way I liked it. I watched all the students around me, all smiling, all happy. All talking about some nonsense. They're all stupid, this school is stupid. The whole fucking world is just stupid. The class fell silent when our homeroom teacher, Miss Hana-something or other, entered the room. "Alright class." I hate her voice. She makes it sound like nothing was wrong. Like the classroom was a happy place.

What a fucking lie.

"Today, we have a new student. His name is Marik Ishtar." I sat up a little in my seat, now I was interested. The chances were that this guy would turn out to be just another oblivious classmate, but there was a possibility he could be alright. The teacher walked over to the door, and let the kid in.

And at that moment, I completely stopped functioning.

The boy was astoundingly beautiful.

You could've mistaken him for a girl. He had blond hair, it looked almost golden, that fell slightly past his shoulders. He had tanned skin, which was absolutely flawless. He was wearing a purple T-shirt, and black cargo pants. He was even wearing fucking earrings. The only thing that was in any way masculine was his arms. They looked strong, you could see his muscles. But not in a repulsive, bulgy Dragonball way. But beside all that, the strangest thing about his appearance was his eyes: they were purple. I had never, not once in my life, seen anyone with purple eyes. "Marik, do you want to say anything about yourself?" I held my breath, waiting for him to speak. When he opened his mouth, I could see that his teeth are as white as my hair. "Hi. There's no point in me introducing myself, since you already know my name." I held back a laugh. This guy had attitude. "All I really have to say is that I moved here from Egypt." He was from over seas? His Japanese was pretty impressive…

He turned to the teacher. "Miss Hanazono, right?" Ah, so that was her name. "Where should I sit?" She consoled to her seating chart before placing him-guess where? Right in front of me. Granted, it was the only seat open, but still….

I saw this as my chance to talk to him, so I tapped him on the back. He twisted around in his chair. "I'm Bakura." I wasn't smiling when I said it. "Listen, don't get the wrong idea. I don't want to be friends with you." He smirked.

The damn punk actually smirked at me.

"Right. Bakura. I'll remember that. Can I ask you a question?"


"If you don't want to be friends, then why did you tell me your name?"


It was a good question. Why did I talk to him? I guess it's because…

"Because you fascinate me." Then the bell rang, and I jumped out of my seat quickly and walked out of the room. But I could still feel him staring at me.

For the next three painstakingly slow periods, all I could think of was Marik. I guess I hadn't been lying when I said that he fascinated me. His attitude this morning wasn't exactly like mine. I have that 'Don't fuck with me' attitude, but his was more like…'I'm better than you and I'm not afraid to show it.' Since I was too busy thinking about Marik, I didn't notice when the Chemistry teacher started talking, not that I would have anyway. But he caught my attention when he said "Alright class, this is our new student, Marik Ishtar. He just moved here from Egypt. So, where to put you…" And that's when I realized – I'm the only one who didn't have a lab partner. "Alright Marik, I guess I'll put you next to Bakura." Apparently, he hasn't noticed that I was in the room yet, because when the teacher said my name, his eyes snapped up and met mine. And then, he had that goddamn annoying smirk on his face again. But this time it was was different. He looked more amused, or something.

He walked up the middle aisle and sat down next to me, and his books made a dull thud when they hit the desk. "So Bakura, it looks like we meet again."


I stayed quiet, staring straight ahead. Of course, I wasn't paying any attention to the teacher's instructions or the assignment he was giving us, so I was surprised when a beaker and several vials of liquid were placed down on the desk next to me.

"Do you want to do it?" I realized it was me Marik was talking to, and turned to face him.


Seeing the blank look on my face, Marik sighed. "Just pour the clear liquid into the beaker."

Dammit! Who does this guy think he is? "Tch. Like I need any help from you." I quickly reached for the vial closest to me, and started to pour it in….

….but then Marik tackled me.

He pushed me off my stool, throwing us both to the ground, and the beaker went flying from my hand. On instinct, I wrapped my arms around him. Then, everything seemed to slow down. Off in the distance, I could hear the sound off glass shattering, and people talking in loud voices. But I wasn't really concentrating on any of that. Because Marik was on top of me, staring with a face I watched change from anger to mild surprise. And then the next thing I realized was that in about five inches, the back of my head was going to collide with the hard tile floor. I guess Marik noticed this the same time I did, because he removed his arms from around my waist, where he had grabbed me, and wrapped them around my neck, pressing my face into the crook of his neck. All of this happened in about 5 seconds.

And then my body collided with the floor, and I gasped a little when Marik's body collided with mine, knocking the breath out of me. And then I felt – holy fuck, I felt something hard pressing against my thigh. So here we were, two boys lying on the ground their arms wrapped around each other, with Marik's fucking erection pressing up against my fucking leg. But he was still staring at me, just like I had been staring at him the entire time. I felt like I could stay there forever, just staring into his gorgeous purple eyes. But then students started crowding around us, saying things like "Are you OK?" and "What happened?" Marik pushed himself off me, and said we were both fine, everything was fine. And I heard the teacher say that it was a good thing Marik had pushed me-otherwise, the chemical I had almost poured into the beaker could've blown up the whole room. And through all this, Marik was still telling people that it was fine, everything was OK.

What a fucking liar.

While I was writing this, I was actually sitting in science class, so I kept looking at the ground, trying to figure out how far the fall would be, how long it would last, stuff like that. And my friend who read this thinks Bakura says fuck a lot…does he? I didn't think so…


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