The Sea Witch's Game

Summary: Marooned on an island and separated from his crew after a storm, Monkey D. Luffy must find a way off the island and reunited with his crew. But he then realized that he isn't alone and bizarre things are starting to appear around the island.

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A woman wearing a dark robe and long lavender indigo hair is sitting on her desk with two bottles on each hand groans of being disturbed of her work. She turned towards the man that was standing on the doorway and stared at him with an annoying look on her face. "What is it Hector? Can't you see I'm busy making my potions here?"

"Forgive me for bothering on your work my lady." The man apologized. "But it seems that we got visitors on the island after the storm that pass by here today."

"Who are they and how did they get here? My island is suppose to be invisible by the spell I cast so that no one can find it in the New World." The woman named Yvonne asked.

"I believe it was the storm that came by brought them here and in the report Nikki made during her spying, one of the visitors is a pirate and the other is an marine admiral. They are also appear to be devil fruit users as well." He answered.

"Really?" The woman in the dark robe stop working she was on and walk towards to the mirror on the other side of her elegant room. She waved a hand in front of it and images started to flow around the mirror for her to see. In the mirror shows a boy wearing a straw hat inside a cave making a bonfire to keep him warm from the cold weather outside. Then the images switches to a tall man in a red suit wearing the marine coat and cap, wandering in the forest looking for something. The images faded away leaving Yvonne to smiled at this discovery and turned to the man who is waiting for his master to respond an order.

"Hmmm, this is a very exciting discovery!" The woman said excitedly. "We haven't had people here in a LONG time. It can get very boring for a while without people coming here to entertain us."

"What shall I do with them, Yvonne-sama?" Hector asked and then a sick twisted smile formed on his face. "Can me and the others perform an hunting game on these two? Hunting down a pirate and an admiral seems very challenging because they are devil fruit users and I really love to hunt down a tough prey."

Yvonne waved her hand. "No. Don't bother hunting them because I have something else in mind for them." The man look disappointed but listen on what she has to say.

"You go and tell the others to prepare a search party while I'll clean up the castle, have the maids made the rooms and tell the head chief to cook the foods for dinner tonight." Yvonne said.

"What are you planning for these people this time my lady?" Hector asked knowing his master's mischievous nature.

"Oh, you'll find out later after our guests has arrive here." She said.

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