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They would call uncle Bartlett and I could not let that happen, I heard the man yelling and I kept on running as far as my legs could carry me until I ran out of breath in a back alley. I was behind a bar I looked up at the sign. What the hell kind of name is Fangtasia for a bar?


Chapter 3: My first Vampire

Sookie's POV

What the hell kind if name is Fangtasia for a bar? Must be some kind of Vamp bar, I start looking around to figure out where the hell I am. When I stop her, a cherry red corvette and she is a beauty. I almost drool. I scan the area and all I hear are sexual thoughts and sigh. For the love of God can't anyone think of anything other than that.

'I wonder if he's going to be here tonight'

'God! I want to feel those fangs on me.'

'I wonder if he's a top or a bottom'

' I sure as hell want to be your meal tonight'

'Hopefully the master will pick me again!'

The thoughts are bombarding me by then it's hard for me to put up my shields then I see him. Flashes of haunting deep blue eyes, long blond hair, strong shoulders, skillful hands, soft lips pulled up into a devastating smirk, and long fangs overwhelm me. It takes me a minute to catch my breath. What the hell was that! I try to shake off the shiver that runs through my body thinking it must be the blood loss. I realize I really need to get to a doctor soon. It's getting harder for me to breathe by the minute so I pull a little on my bindings to help me breathe a little and it doesn't work.

I look into the Corvette and see a stack of hundreds sitting inside of the middle counsel of the car. Shit! I could really use that. I circle the car and see the license plate FANGS1. Would it be a good idea to steal from a Vampire? I start thinking to myself probably not! But the music is loud and I'm really good at what I do, I'm not stealing the car. I try and reason with myself, I do need the money especially if I'm going to a clinic in the morning. I start getting woozy with all the thoughts and decide to hell with it. If I get caught what could happen they kill me I chuckled, that would certainly be a pick me up to this day. Oh well down to work I smirk. I slide under the car and in less than a minute the alarm is off. Piece of cake! I smile. I'm about to take out my tools but then a thought hits me I wonder if a vampire is cocky enough to leave his car open. I try the handle and it opens. Score!

I slid into the car and can't help but be overwhelmed with the smell. It smelt clean and masculine and I felt oddly safe. I shook it off again. Blood loss. I snatched the money and as I'm closing the door of the car shut I felt a breeze rush me and suddenly I'm up against the brick wall of the being held up high by my neck. Tight enough to constrict some of my air flow but not enough to stop me from talking and I'm looking into the haunting deep blue eyes of the man who invaded my thoughts earlier. Despite the current situation I'm in I have to admit he is hot! As soon as the thought enters my head I realize I'm crazy, what kind of sane person is about to die and thinks that the guy who is about to kill her is hot. People were right about me I am Crazy Sookie. My thoughts are broken my his deep masculine yet angry voice and I flinch.

"Do you have a death wish blood bag?" He yells harshly at me okay I guess I deserved it but it kind of stung my pride and I didn't answer. "Answer me! Or I will rip your head from your body young man." Oh God, I'm nervous and unfortunately when I'm nervous I giggle. So here I am giggling while a man is holding me by my neck up against a building and to top it off he thinks I'm a guy which turns my giggle into a full out laugh with snorts and all.

"Is something amusing to you?" He growls at me and I gain some composure.

"No." I say in a very screechy girly voice and he looks at me confused for a second. Then I felt a breeze and my hair fall down my shoulders. Oops guess I'm caught!

"You're a little girl!" He exclaimed in some sort of state of shock. "You risked death by breaking into my car little girl!" He yelled.

"Okay yeah I did! I'm sorry .and if you want to kill me go on ahead buddy I'm not scared of you. So kill me already damn it!" I yelled tired of the bullshit because I was starting to get awfully dizzy.

"Well she's a feisty one." A young blonde vampire said from behind my future killer.

"Pam!" Mr. Killer yelled and the girl stopped and sniffed the air.

"Master, put her down she's hurt!" She said with a shocked look on her face and came closer to us and ran her hand up my inner thigh pulling back a hand full of blood and sniffed it! " She's been raped! " She said and licked her hand ewww! Mr. Killer put me down on the floor and I lost my footing I swayed and Mr. Killer caught me and picked me up bridal style.

"Pam call Ludwig!" He said in a loud booming voice concern written on his face.

"Her heartbeat is slowing we might not have enough time." Pam said lowly.

"Do it!" He yelled and I flinched from the power of his voice. The next thing I know I'm laying on a black leather couch in a grey and black office. I saw circles in front of my eyes and I felt my breathing become more rapid.

"Slow your breathing." The man came and sat next to me, he ran his hand on top of my sweatshirt and then I felt his hands under my shirt.

"What the hell are you doing?" I yelled appalled by his behavior, until I felt a snap and then as quick as he was under my shirt his hands were out and he was holding my breast binding in his hands staring down at it and then looking up me. I was shocked.

"Trying to help you breathe this doesn't help with the blood lost you are experiencing." He said tossing it back to me. "Now we must talk. I'm going to need you to drink my blood if you want to live little one." He said with a small smirk on his lips.

"I don't want to be a vampire!" I yelled and he started chuckling.

"Well you won't if you drink now before your heart beat gets any weaker." He said with a small smile. "It will help heal you and stop the bleeding until the doctor gets here. Just a small amount." I decided to lower my shields to see if he was telling the truth because I didn't want to wake up tomorrow with fangs and I was shocked with what I found. Oh God! Nothing!

"I can't hear you!" I said out of shock.

"I said just a small amount until the doctor comes." He said irritated leaning towards me a little and raising his voice.

"No I heard what you said. I can't, I can't hear your thoughts." I said with tears in my eyes and he looked at me with wide shocked eyes.


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