Oh yeah, I'm on fire! The plot bunny decided to visit my mind and I'm definitely going to exploit him before it decides to leave... Anyway! Here I am, once again, writing a tiny Ace and Luffy fic! I seriously can't get enough of those two… they are so cute! I'm planning on making this in some sort of short stories, so don't get surprised if one chapter has nothing to do with the next. Also, ages may change drastically…

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Warning: Bad examples for good kids, some cursing as well... not too much though.

Summary: After concluding that stealing food was not a good example for his little brother, Ace decides to go for a different option, dine and dash.


Ace- 10

Luffy- 7

Pairings: If you consider Everyone/Food as a pairing, then yeah.

Now on with the story!

"Listen up Luffy, there's something we need to talk about."

Luffy lifted up his head and stared at Ace. It's been three weeks since Sabo was killed and the boy's were already getting used to the idea. After a week of crying and sulking, Luffy decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a great pirate and give Shank's his hat back, he would be free just like Sabo wanted. Ace acted different as well, he wouldn't hit him as much as he used to, and now he smiled a lot more around Luffy than before.

"Look Ace! A purple beetle!" Luffy said, ignoring his brother's statement and pushing the purple beetle into Ace's face.

Ace sighed, that boy had a serious problem of ADHD. "Listen Luffy, I've been thinking," Ace started once again, finally getting the boy's attention. "And I've been setting a bad example for you."

Luffy tilted his head to the side, what was his brother talking about anyways? "Nu-huh! Ace is a really cool big brother!" The boy said forgetting the purple beetle that was now escaping from Luffy's.

"Not that idiot!" He said hitting Luffy on the head while trying to suppress the small smile that was forming on his lips. Heh, Luffy thinks he's cool… "I mean about us stealing food!"

Luffy settled his hat on his head before staring at Ace once again. "What about it?"

"Well it's wrong." Ace said taking a seat in front of Luffy. "And I don't want a stealing little brother, so we won't steal food anymore."

Luffy pondered on his brother's resolution before speaking up again. "But then we won't be able to eat that yummy food on the restaurants…"

It was no mystery that the boys would usually go and hunt for their dinner at the woods next to Dadan's place, using it as an excuse to practice their fighting skills and get stronger so they could be ready for whatever adventure the sea decided to provide them. And not that the boys complained, those overly-grown bears and huge crocodiles were really tasty when roasted, but eating food of a restaurant was nice once in a while, even if they had to run for their lives after stealing it and having a mad chef running wild with a knife in hand.

"Yes we will still eat that kind of food," Ace said gaining the little raven haired boy's attention. "In fact, let's go to Fuusha right now." He said while getting up, being followed by Luffy. "I'm getting a little bit hungry."

"I don't get it Ace, if we're not gonna steal the food than what will we do?" Luffy asked as they walked to Fuusha Village.

"You'll see…"

It was certainly a peaceful day when the boys headed to the village, talking and fighting every now and then as they normally would, and after some minutes they made it to the main road. Ace turned his sight left and right, deciding which way they should go to get some decent food, and after pondering for a while, he decided to go to the right, being followed close behind by a grinning Luffy.

"Ne Ace, where are we going?" Luffy asked before he was shoved to the side and into a deserted alley by a smirking Ace. "Ace? Are you alright? You're making a funny face…"

"Listen Luffy," Ace whispered, ignoring the previous statement his little brother made. "Do you see that bar over there?" He said and pointed to a small restaurant that was just a few steps from the boys. Luffy nodded. "Well, this is what we're gonna do…"

The loud chatting of drunken men echoed through the small bar, drowning the sound that the small bell at the door made announcing the entry of some customers. The delicate aroma of food lingered in the air mixed with the smell of beer that, despite being so early, the clients were already enjoying.

The two kids walked to the furthest part of the bar, where the owner was located drying some glasses, and sat down, a large grin adorning the youngest face while the traces of a smirk appeared on the eldest.

"Misteeeer! Food!" Luffy said eagerly earning a slap across the head from Ace.

"Manners Luffy! Say please!"

Luffy pouted but did as his brother said nonetheless. "Food please!"

The owner laughed at the kids antics and rested his elbows on the counter so he could be able to speak with the boys easily. "Well aren't you some lively little brats?" He said with a smile. The man seemed to be in his late thirties, he was a bulky tall man with a large beard, gray hair and a scar across his face. All in all, the man was rather intimidating. A shiver ran down Ace's spine as he remembered Garp for some odd reason. "So what would you two want to eat?"

"MEAT!" Was the immediate response Luffy gave while Ace just slapped his forehead, why did he even bother to teach some manners into the hyperactive bundle of energy anyway?

The bulky man laughed in response and headed to the kitchen, ready to prepare a steak for the boys.

"Luffy, remember what I told you alright?" Ace whispered, hoping that his dense little brother had at least comprehended the plan Ace had told him some minutes ago.

Luffy nodded eagerly and Ace smirked.

Oh, this was going to be fun.

After a few minutes of waiting, the old man came out of the kitchen with two plates and some huge, juicy steak on each, making the smaller D. drool with anticipation. "There you go." He said and placed the plates before the kids, taking his hand out in time before a hungry Luffy devoured it as well.

"Mister! This is great!" Luffy managed said with his mouth full of food, earning another slap across his head from the older boy and a scolding about not talking with his mouth full of food.

The old man then stared at Luffy intently, as if trying to find something in the boy's features. Ace managed to suppress a growl that threatened to escape through his throat as he glared to the man. "What are you looking at?" He said in a defying tone, his big brother instincts kicking in.

"Oh no," He said without even taking his gaze off of Luffy. Ace could feel a vein throbbing on his forehead. "It's just that I feel like I've seen this boy before…"

The man's thoughts were interrupted by a happy Luffy who stretched on his seat, oblivious to the intense staring and the killing aura that concerned him. "Ah~! This was great!" He said with a goofy grin on place. "Are you done, Ace?"

"Yeah." Ace said before getting off of his seat and standing in front of the counter the man was leaning in, Luffy followed some second later.

"Thank you for the food." Both boys said with a bow, then, as if nothing had ever happened, they turned around and walked calmly to the front door, leaving a stunned bulky old man behind.

"You see Luffy, I told you it would work." Ace said once they were a few meters away from the bar.

"Ah… Ace is so smart!" The straw hat wearing kid said, provoking a smug smile on the older D.'s face. "We should do this more often!" Luffy said with a grin, making the older boy grin as well.


"Crap! Run Luffy!"


A throbbing vein made its way to a fuming Garp as he crashed his fists into the heads of his whining grandsons in the name of justice. No more than ten minutes had passed after he disembarked from the Marine's ship that was docked at the port of the island, and as soon as he set foot on the main road of Fuusha Village, about 10 raging chefs, knives in their hands for further intimidation, went and attacked poor Garp with hysterical replies.

It seemed that about two weeks ago, his grandsons had decided to go to every bar in the vicinity and do their now famous 'dine-and-dash', eating as much as they could and running away after getting their food. Normally they would get the kids and make them wash the dirty dishes, but those boys proved to be quite fast when each one of them tried to catch them. This only left one option.

It was common sense that those kids lacked the money to pay them, but their oh-so-generous grandpa would surely pay for the food those brats ate, and they would make sure to get every cent back. And now poor little Garp was left with one option.

Hit some justice on his grandson's skulls.

"After 2 months of leaving Fuusha I finally get a chance to visit my grandsons, and what do I find? You brats were causing trouble in the village!" Garp said as he paced back and forth in front of the pouting little boys.

"Sorry gramps…"

"And then as soon as I set foot on the village ten angry chefs come and complain to me about you stealing their food!"

"Sorry gramps…"

"Why the hell didn't you go to Makino's!" He asked as he finally stood in front of the kids.

"We did!" Luffy exclaimed. "But she was really busy, so we went to other places!"

"THEN ASK DADAN FOR FOOD!" Garp blurted out as he, once again, hit the abused heads of the kids.

"Are you serious? Her food tastes like rotten eggs! It's like poison!" Ace said desperately trying to get some sense in the old man's head. "Luffy suffered from food poisoning for one week after tasting Dadan's food!"

Garp flinched as he remembered once he tried Dadan's food… He had to deal with a week of diarrhea just when the Marine officers decided to have a week-long meeting…

"Still I'm not going to let my grandsons to be some food robbers! You're going to be honest Marines!"

"We're not robbers! We said please! And we're not going to be… ugh… I'm hungry…"Luffy said as he slid to the ground, whatever retort he was going to make to his grandpa was soon forgotten at the rumbling of his stomach. A small blush appeared on the other two as their stomach's too made a rumbling noise.

"Come on kids, grandpa will treat you at some restaurant." Garp said as he started to walk towards Fuusha Village, his two grandsons happily following behind.

"Man! I'm stuffed!"

A happy Luffy patted his stomach as he leaned to the back of the chair, being soon followed by Ace and Garp who just laughed his so familiar laugh. After going to Makino's to eat, Garp discovered that, indeed, the small bar was full of customer, letting barely any seat available. Being the considerate person that he is, he went to another bar that was located on the street behind.

"Well boys, let's go." Garp said before looking for his wallet. A few minutes passed before the man realized that his wallet was not with him and that he left it at Dadan's house. Oh, lucky him. "Crap, I forgot my wallet!" He panicked as he pulled out his hair in frustration.

The kids sweat dropped at his grandpa's antics before a playful smirk made its way to their lips. "Let's thank for the food!" Luffy all but yelled as he got off the tall chair.

"Oh, are you done already?" The owner said as he saw Garp standing in front of him with the two kids at his sides.

"Thanks for the food." The three said in unison while bowing down their heads.

"Eh?" Was all the owner managed to say before the three D's ran out of sight. That's when he got it. "GET BACK HERE YOU ASSHOLES!"


Their laughter echoed through the village as the happy family ran out of sight with a mad chef following their trail. They were truly a strange sight.

Ah, the wonders of brotherhood…

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