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Summary: All Luffy wanted for Christmas was meat, so it's his big brothers mission to make that wish come true.


Sabo- 10

Ace- 10

Luffy- 7

Christmas Special! (ft. Sabo)

The morning was particularly cold today. The sun was already shining behind the calm ocean, and the first rays were making their way through the villages of East Blue. It was really a nice morning, perfect to stay tucked under the covers until noon and then do nothing but hang before a fire all day, drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows. And they would have accomplished that task, really, had it not been that the mean, evil sun decided to let one of its rays hit the face of a now grunting blond boy.

Sabo groaned as he covered his face with his blanket, he could still hear the light snoring from his right even with the sun on their faces. He sighed, when they made this tree house, they clearly didn't think of locating the window in a place where the sun wouldn't wake them up so early in the morning… he needed some curtains.

Sabo turned around uncomfortably under the covers as his stomach made a soft grumble. He was hungry, and he was sure that the other two would soon be hungry too. He sighed as he lay flat on his stomach for a while, he needed to wake up Ace and Luffy so they could go and hunt their food. He loved those two, but waking them up was such a pain! They could sleep through anything! Not to mention Ace's narcolepsy that let him sleep even during a fight, and just to make things worse, waking them up was a task he didn't like so much.

With a sigh he got up, deciding to wake up Ace first and then make him wake up Luffy, he always knew how to do that.

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stretched a bit before jumping the empty blankets besides his and getting before Ace.

Wait, empty blankets?

Sabo felt his heart sink when he turned around and saw the empty space where Luffy was supposed to be sleeping. Where was that boy? He was always so reluctant to wake up, so how come there's no Luffy here? Thoughts rushed through Sabo's head, making his face turn paler by the second, he could've sleepwalked to the forest, and now he could be sleeping near a cave, or a cliff or- his eyes widened in horror, he could've walked straight to the river!

He could feel himself hyperventilating; he was supposed to be the big brother! Alright, calm down. He tried to put his thoughts in order, he needed to wake up Ace, then rush to the woods screaming Luffy's name like mad men, and pray that he didn't walk into a river. Easy, right?

"Sabo, are you okay?"

He turned around sharply -wishing he hadn't since his neck was now aching- and to his relief, there was Luffy, lying in the wooden floor with a piece of paper under him and a pencil in his right hand. He was still on his red pajamas, and his hair was even messier than usual. Sabo let his hand rummage through his hair and a sigh escaped his lips, so much for a scare he had.

"Yeah, I'm fine," He said quietly, walking to where the younger boy was. There was no need to worry Luffy. "What are you doing, Luffy?"

A grin appeared on the boy's lips and he shoved the paper before Sabo's face. The blond took the paper gently and he read it, an eyebrow rising after reading the only word that was written there. "Meat?" He asked with a smirk, that boy never failed to amuse him.

"Yep, I'm writing my Christmas list!" Luffy said enthusiastically, waving his arms excitedly over himself. "Right now I've only got meat on it because I don't know what else I want, but I'll think about it through the day so I can send it to Santa tonight so I can eat some meat tomorrow!"

A smile made its way to Sabo's lips as he watched the exited boy draw something that seemed like an ugly circle with a stick next to the messy 'MEAT' letters, he supposed Luffy tried to draw a piece of meat. A groan sounded on the other side of the small tree house and Luffy immediately hid his Christmas list under a dusty box on the corner, earning a curious look from Sabo. "If Ace find out about this he's gonna bully me." Luffy whispered, praying that Sabo understood and wouldn't go and tell Ace what he did.

"We need curtains…" Was the greeting both boys received from the sleepy Ace as he placed his hand over his face in an attempt of blocking the annoying sunlight that was hitting directly to his eyes.

-Page Break!-

"Alright Luffy, it's your turn to go to Dadan's and ask her for something to drink while Sabo and I go and get some breakfast." Ace said putting on his sandals. He was ready to hit Luffy on the head after said boy complained that he wanted to go and hunt some animal too, like he always did, but to his surprise there was no complaining. Instead, Ace was greeted with a happy nod.

Both boys stared at the skipping Luffy as he headed to Dadan's house, and they shared a look of surprise and confusion. They shrugged it off and decided to go and hunt some really big bear.

-Page Break!-

"This one's bigger than the one of last week!" Sabo said happily while he and Ace pulled a big, black bear to their little hidden tree house. "I bet Luffy's already starving up there."

Ace snorted at the mention of their little brother, he had acted really strange that morning, and he was a little bit worried -not that he would ever admit it- but Sabo was right about something, whenever it involved food, Luffy always turned back to normal, and with such a big bear like this, the boy would be skipping through the whole place, trying to eat it even though it would be still raw. "I'll go get him, start the fire meanwhile." Ace said, and soon after he started to climb the handmade and quite dangerous stairs.

"Oi, Luffy, we got some food! Get the drinks and come down." Ace said, waiting for an energetic answer that never came. "Luffy?"

The freckled boy walked into the empty room of the tree house, their blankets were neatly folded in one side as they had them before leaving. Luffy's sandals were scattered over the room, meaning the boy was back, he turned around and smirked when he saw a sleeping Luffy over a dusty box with three thermos at his side. Ace tip-toed behind Luffy, his mind set to scare the poor, drooling boy, until he saw something under Luffy's head.

Curiosity taking the best of him, Ace lifted Luffy's head by his hat and took the piece of paper. At first he was rather confused, with all that scratching and those weird drawings, but after a while his face turned a light pink. There, in Ace's hands, was Luffy's Christmas List. He took a seat next to the sleeping boy and read the list once again.

Dear Santa, tomorrow will be finally Christmas, and I would like to ask you for some things. I've been a good boy, I swear, I even helped grandpa once with his boring Marine work, and I helped Dadan with the house cleaning once.

Ace smirked at this, he remembered cleaning the house with Luffy, and although it had been a good thought, the whole cleaning thing turned out to be a battle between those two to see who cleaned faster, breaking a lot of things in the process and making Dadan angrier than usual.

Anyway, I've been thinking the whole morning but I can't think of anything I would like except for meat (insert funny drawing here) lots and lots of meat!

That was something Ace expected, what he didn't was the next thing the younger D. wrote.

I know Ace and Sabo won't make you a Christmas list because they say big boys don't do that anymore, but I want to ask something for them too.

Sabo once told me that when he went to the sea, he would like to be his own navigator, so he told me once of the book he tried to steal in the library but got caught by the old lady and she kicked him out (she's a mean old lady, don't bring her too many presents, Santa!). So please bring him a navigation book, the best you can find!

For Ace it's kind of difficult because he never tells me what he wants, but I think I know what would make him happy! Every time we go to sleep, Sabo and I place our hats on a desk, and I've seen Ace stare at them for some time, once I asked Ace what he was looking at, he blushed and then he hurried me to sleep, I thought it was weird for him to blush over that, and after giving it some thought I think I realized what was going on inside his head! So I want you to bring him a cool hat, that way the three of us will have hats!

Ace blushed at that, sure, he was staring at the hats but he wasn't thinking about them, at all. Although he once wished to have some hat too, just like his brothers…

The list ended with some odd drawings of books, hats, meat and what seemed to be Santa Clause with a reindeer (or a dog, Ace was not that sure). He stood up after finishing reading that list and placed it under Luffy's head once more. He should tell Sabo about this.

-Page Break!-

"I know."

Ace stared at Sabo for a moment, he knew? How could it be that he knew about Luffy's list and he didn't? Better yet, why didn't he say anything before?

"I found Luffy's list this morning, but he told me to keep it a secret from you because you would bully him." Sabo said as if he read Ace's mind. The freckled boy turned his head to the side with a pout. Alright, maybe he would have bullied Luffy for a while, but he was his brother! He had the right to know too. "What should we do then?" Sabo asked, getting Ace's attention again.

Ace sighed, he really didn't want to do this, but it was his only choice. "I have a plan, but you'll have to keep Luffy busy after we eat."

Sabo nodded, he might as well ask Ace about the details tonight. "I'm gonna fetch Luffy, food's ready." The blond boy said while climbing the stairs, leaving a blushing Ace behind.

-Page Break!-

Ace panted in front of the busy bar that was located in the main street of Fuusha. He had heard of this place before from Luffy, whenever he talked about that Shanks, he would mention this bar and the wonderful lady that worked there that would always feed Luffy's pit less stomach. He barely opened the door before sticking his head through the gap he'd made. There didn't seem to be that many people, meaning he was safe. With a sigh, Ace opened the door completely and stepped in, staring at the woman that was cleaning some plates behind the counter.

A sigh of relief escaped from the boy's lips as he stared at the woman, he knew her, she was the lady that brought sake to Dadan and the guys! She seemed like a nice lady, considering the fact that every now and then she would climb that hill to give some sake to those bandits…

With a new rush of courage, Ace walked towards the counter, and standing in his toes so that his eyes could at least see the, lady he cleared his throat. "Uh… excuse me?"

Makino smiled at the boy as he struggled to stay in his toes so that the tall counter wouldn't block his vision. "Why, hello Ace-kun! Why don't you take a seat?" Makino offered kindly to the boy, which he immediately obliged, happy that he could stare at the woman clearly now.

Ace opened his mouth, his mind resolved to ask the woman if she could help him with a little task, but somehow, those words lost their way while going to his mouth when some other thoughts rushed in, resulting in Ace asking a completely different question. "How do you know my name?" He asked a little more aggressive than he would've liked, but the woman didn't seem to mind at all.

"I've seen you when I go to Dadan's; you're Luffy's older brother! How is he? Is he happy? Dadan's not making him suffer too much, right?"

Ace sweat dropped at the woman's questions, she seemed to care about Luffy a lot. "Err… yeah, he's fine." Ace said, earning a sigh of relief from Makino. "I came here because I need you to help me with something…"

-Page Break!-

"Well Luffy, did you like your special training?" Sabo asked to the small boy as they made their way to the tree house.

After they were done eating, Ace said that he wanted to train some more, resulting in Luffy asking (more like begging) Ace to let him train with him. Sabo, catching the hidden meaning in Ace's words, quickly took control of things, telling Luffy that he had prepared a special training for him so that he could beat Ace next time they sparred. Overflowing with glee, the black haired boy immediately grabbed Sabo's arm, leading him deep into the forest. He was definitely eager to start with his training.

It had certainly been quite a tiresome day, not only had Sabo invented some weird training to keep Luffy busy for a couple of hours, but he had also fetched the little boy whenever he slipped into the river. He would die young thanks to all those worries Luffy put him through.

"Say, Luffy, what about that Christmas list? Did you send it already?"

"Yep, before training, I sent it in a balloon Dadan gave me." Luffy said happily, skipping from time to time.

"A balloon?" Sabo asked. "Why would you send it in a balloon?"

At this, Luffy grinned. "Duh! If I send it with the mail it will take too long! So I need my list to fly to the South Pole! And what better way than a balloon?"

"Eh… Luffy, I think you mean the North Pole." Sabo said quietly, wishing soon after that he hadn't…

…Because Luffy's face went pale and his eyes started to water, "W-What?" He asked with a trembling voice. Now Sabo started to panic. There was one thing he didn't like, at all: To see someone crying. What was he supposed to do? He didn't know how to comfort a crying Luffy!

"I wrote South Pole in the balloon! I even put a stamp of the Ice Queen in it!" Came Luffy's answer as he sobbed quietly. "Now Santa won't get my list!"

Sabo was certainly panicking right now. Luffy was now sobbing and hiccupping while sitting on the ground. He sighed. He needed to say something that would make him stop crying for his sake. "Don't worry Luffy! I read in the newspaper that Santa went to the South Pole for an urgent meeting, I'm sure the Ice Queen will give Santa your list once he arrives." That had to be the most ridiculous lie he'd ever told, bust since Luffy stopped sobbing, he didn't care at all.


"Would I lie to you?"

A smile appeared on the smaller boy's face as he whipped the tears that went down his cheek. Santa would definitely bring him and his brothers their presents.

"Oi, what the hell are you doing?"

Luffy's ears perked up at the sound of that voice; there was no mistake on that bored tone. "Ace! Let's fight!"

"Not now," Groaned Ace, a scowl firm on his freckled face. "I'm tired."

"Wha- Come on! Please! I got really stronger! Now I can do this! And this! And this too…"

"How was it?" Sabo asked in a whisper, both boys ignoring the rambling Luffy that kept throwing punches at different directions while naming them in a strange, mad-like manner.

Ace nodded. "Makino said I should go at her place at 11 this night, I'll fill you in the details later."

The rest of the day turned out to be as normal as any other day, aside from the usual bullying from Ace and then a sobbing Luffy going to tell on Ace to Sabo, there was nothing really interesting. Soon enough, night came, and so did the enthusiasm that had been build inside Luffy. Finally, tonight Santa was going to come with his present. This was certainly the best day a kid could have, so after eating dinner, Luffy excused himself and went to sleep as soon as possible, knowing that Santa wouldn't come unless you were asleep.

Ace and Sabo nodded, this was their cue.

-Page Break!-

A glare was directed to the blond boy, who was currently trying to hold his laughter but failed miserably as some snickers escaped his tightly closed lips.

"Would you stop already?" Ace said in a growl. "I feel ridiculous enough, no need for you to remind me of that." He finished while putting on the black boots Makino gave him. All in all, Ace looked like a grumpy mini-me of Santa Clause with freckles.

It was about three in the morning. After Luffy went to bed, Sabo and Ace stayed down while the freckled boy told the blond about his plan. They went up the tree to find a snoring Luffy clutching tightly his pillow, and without making any noise, both boys stuffed their own pillows under the covers, so that if the sleeping boy woke up in the night, he would see them sleeping.

It was a fool-proof plan, or so they thought.

Inside the little tree house, a raven haired boy was struggling to keep his eyes shut, but someone was making so much noise outside… With a defeated sigh, Luffy got up and stayed still for a moment, his sleepiness clouding his mind as he thought how to get down without waking up his brothers. Using the stairs seemed like the best option.

Ace, meanwhile, was breathing deeply, trying to calm down so that he didn't jump on an unsuspecting Sabo and strangled him for a while. Suddenly Sabo's laughter drowned out. At first, a smile appeared on the freckled boy's face, but when he turned around his smile faded, because Sabo was now running towards a tree to hide himself. Then, after he was well hidden, he gave Ace a thumbs-up and mouthed a 'Good luck'.

His luck was turning worst and worst by the second.

A crash interrupted Ace from his musings and he turned around to be greeted by a moaning Luffy, his face was buried in the ground and his butt was sticking out. After a wild guess, Ace suspected that the idiot walked straight to the hole were the stairs were located.

"That scared me…" Luffy mumbled after getting up and dusting off his clothes. "Huh?"

Ace could feel his feet rooted to the ground, he wanted to move, run out of that place and never come back until Sabo forgot what he did and wouldn't tease him anymore, but his thought were too slow when suddenly a sleepy Luffy had his face close to the sweating raven. He saw his eyes staring at him directly, still cloudy from the sleep, and suddenly, those same eyes widened. All trace of sleep already gone.

Ace closed his eyes, too scared to see the disappointed look in Luffy. Had he figured it out already? Would he be mad? He popped one eye open, just in case, and his jaw dropped at the sight before him.

There was Luffy, pointing stupidly at Ace with sparkles in his eyes, damn he could swear there was some drool coming out of the corner of his mouth. Still, the only thought that could come to his mind at that moment was: 'Idiot'.

"Uh…" Ace started. "Ho ho… ho?"

"Santa Clause!" A crash and some cursing later, Luffy was sitting on top of Santa's stomach, a grin that threatened to break the boy's head in half had it not been that he's made of rubber. "Are you here to give me some presents?"

Santa nodded, not trusting his voice enough, and got up quietly, grabbing his brown bag. "Uh… Monkey D. Luffy, right?" Ace asked in a hoarse voice.

Luffy nodded enthusiastically, too enthusiastically in Ace's opinion, his neck hurt after seeing him. He looked into the brown bag and took out a big piece of meat. Luffy's grin got even bigger if possible. "Well, Santa has to give the rest of the presents! Go back to sleep and don't wake up your brothers!" Ace could swear he heard some snickering from behind the trees.

Luffy's face seemed to drop after that statement, was that it? What about the rest of his list? "Um… Santa?" Luffy fidgeted. "Is there nothing for Ace and Sabo?"

A small smile appeared on Santa's mouth as he patted the boy's head. "They sent me a letter too, they said they didn't want anything for Christmas, except some meat for their glutton little brother." And after finishing that sentence, Santa rummaged through his bag once again and took out two more pieces of meat.

The grin came back, and since the boy's eyes were adjusted to the night now, he couldn't help but stare at the man in front of him. Funny, he always thought that Santa would be different. "Hey Santa," Luffy said, and for some reason, that tone didn't soothe Ace at all. "You know, I always thought you would be taller, and fatter, and- Is your beard coming off?"

"Ah ha ha… Nonsense! Santa's always been this way! I have to go! My reindeers await for me at the forest! Be good Luffy-kun! Now go to sleep and remember not to wake up your brothers damn it!"

Maybe he was to happy to notice that Santa was acting quite weird and was cursing, but he obliged happily and went to bed, hugging his three pieces of meat until he drifted to sleep.

"That was so cute, Ace Clause!" Sabo teased, a smirk firmly placed on his lips as he chanted around a blushing Ace.

"Yeah, yeah. Keep laughing, next year you'll be Santa."

A smile appeared on the freckled boy's face as he saw his brother's face turn a shade paler.

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