Crystal Guns
Pairing: Stella/Shotgun Guy (friendship), hints of Stella/Noctis, possibly a love triangle between Shotgun Guy/Stella/Noctis
Warnings/ Spoilers: None
Author Notes: For some reason Stella/Shotgun Guy intrigues me, even if it's only friendship between them. This is also based off the theory of Stella can summon multiply weapons. It also assumes Stella joins up Noctis and his group. However there is a strong possiability that might add a bit of Stella/Shotgun Guy
Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Summary: She has always been the type of person to prefer close range combat, but she can't deny the fact she sees the point of learning long range weapons

Sean-SG guy

She has always preferred close range combat.

She has trained with a rapier since she was a young girl, and on occasion practiced with a few close range combat weapons.

Spears, various different blades, even though a couple of blades were a bit too heavy for her. Despite the fact she has the ability to summon guns, she barely uses them. To the point she doesn't know how use them, but she can't deny the fact that she sees some sense in learning how to use long range weapons.

Even Noctis learned how to use guns, but like her prefers close range weapons. In each time she has seen him fight or fought against him during the early days of the war.

He has always used his sword, and to her knowledge Sean is the only one who prefers long range weapons. Even suggested he would teach her how to use her crystal gun, in a flirty manner with a heavy emphasis on double innuendo, but that received a glare from Noctis.

In the few months she spent traveling with Noctis and his small four man group. She has become quite close to the prince. Partially because they can understand each other in ways, other "normal" people can't, and it didn't take long for the other members in their group to believe that they have a thing between them.

Sean uses every chance he gets to tease them about it, especially if he catches the two of them alone. Despite his teasing he was a valuable friend always making her smile and laugh. Something Noctis occasionally teases him about that is his best asset.

However, after much consideration she decided to take up Sean's offer of learning how to use guns. He grinned happily at that comment, and told her he would teach her tomorrow morning. Saying it was too late to train her properly, before making a sexual innuendo. Her cheeks are still red from the sexual comment he made.

It wasn't like she finds Sean unattractive, or anything, but she can't deny the fact that she is in love with Noctis, or what she presumes to be love.

She has never been in a relationship before, and her family died during the Cold War, but she was close to him, and she has a strong and unique bond with him.

During her solider training she has been taught that love was a weakness, especially during times of war. She silently places the crystal gun onto the nightstand and lies down on her twin size bed. It wasn't long until a deep slumber claims her.

Tomorrow begins her training with Sean.

She can only hope that things don't get complicated with her training lessons with Sean.