They sit in their usual spots, holding their lists. They are quiet, conspicuously so, but not upset. They seem almost shy around each other, stealing only quick, furtive glances. Sweets risks observing for as long as possible as these moments are often the most revealing about these two.

Booth is the more fidgety of the pair, which is not atypical, as he does not like to sit still, in quiet. Brennans says it is because he gets bored, but he knows that this reason is not the whole story. Sitting in quiet with yourself forces introspection and he knows that Booth struggles with what he sees. Brennan remains calmer, although he senses a disquieting mood.

Sweets breaks the silence by asking them if they completed their lists. Booth maintains character by offering a mocking comment regarding their homework. Brennan matches by indicating that she feels that it was an unnecessary exercise, but found it an easy enough task to accomplish.

Booth asks if she came up with nine items after all.

Actually, she says, she settled on ten.

Booth gives a slow smile and the teasing commences.

Sweets does not ask them to share their lists. Inasmuch as he would love to see what they wrote, this is not the purpose. In fact, he smiles to himself, it is clear to him that the goal has clearly come to fruition.