Twist the End

Summary: Dean finds out his future self wasn't all that lonesome. Going back home gives him two things to do: find Sam, and find this girl. She turns out to be far more different then Dean expected. This story starts in the season five episode The End but the rest of the season is jumped. Also Chuck is going to be in it quite a bit so obviously the rumour of "Chuck is God" does not apply to this story.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Lucky Eric Kripke is the real owner of the Winchesters and a certain trench coat wearing Angel.


"Great, you had your jollies, now send me back you son of a bitch!" Dean demanded as he drove the stolen car.

"You'll get back, all in good time." Zachariah agreed. He glanced over at the hunter who was getting increasingly more angry. "We want you to marinate a bit."

"Marinate?" Dean asked.

"Three days Dean." Zachariah said. "Three days to see where this course of action takes you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dean asked, starting to get frustrated.

"It means your choices...have consequences." Zachariah pointed out, showing his newspaper for emphasis. The headline President Palin defends bombing of Houston glared at the hunter from the front page. "This is what happens when you continue to say no to Michael. Have a look see." With that, the Archangel vanished, leaving Dean alone.

The first stop was Bobby's house and Dean hoped that he could get some form of answer there. The best he found was the old hunter's wheelchair, lying on it's side with a hole through the back. Dean straightened it up and examined it before sighing and moving through the messed up and clearly abandoned house. He opened up the secret compartment in the fireplace and found a book. Flipping through it gave him little answers until he found a black and white photograph of several men, including Bobby in his wheelchair and a scruffy looking Castiel stood or kneeled (excluding Bobby of course) with guns and serious expressions.

Behind Bobby and next to Castiel was a girl who was shorter then all of them. Even in the photograph her eyes seemed to hold an ethereal expression. She was holding a gun that almost seemed too big for her in one hand while the other rested on Bobby's shoulder. Her head was tilted slightly and the dark hair was falling in her face. She looked as serious as the men and even a little irritated as if getting her picture taken was annoying. They were all next to a sign for Camp Chitaqua so Dean got to work and hunted down the camp.

His first day was wasted from all the traveling but he finally made it to the camp. Leaving the stolen car behind he snuck up towards the gate being absolutely silent. His eyes followed a couple of men, who he guessed where being the guards, as they walked past with guns. Something else caught his eye and he froze up slightly as he recognized the Impala, sitting in tall grass, old, dusty and untouched, missing it's doors.

"Oh baby, no." Dean muttered. He found an opening and made his way over to the car that he had grown up with. He looked inside, heartbroken at the damage. "Oh, what did they do to you?" Only one little sound alerted him that he wasn't alone and he caught one glimpse of a man in a green army like jacket before he was clubbed in the head and went down.


It was day time when Dean walked out of the cabin that belonged to the future version of himself. He had just woken up there roughly a couple of hours before and had a not so pleasant chat with himself about what was going on. When the future version left him there, handcuffed, Dean had dug out a nail from the floor and released himself. Now he was walking out into the camp and looking around.

"Hey Dean, got a second?" Dean turned in surprise to find the prophet, Chuck, walking quickly over to him. He didn't know what to do but figured Chuck thought he was the future him.

"No...uh yes...uh...I guess...hi Chuck." Dean said.

"Hi." Chuck responded dismissively as he looked down at the clipboard in his hands. "So uh...listen, we're doing good on canned goods for now but we're down to next to nothing on perishables and hygiene supplies. People are not going to be happy about this." He looked at Dean who was just staring at him. "So...what do you think we should do?"

"I...I don't know...maybe uh...share?" Dean suggested, looking a little hopeful that he had said something that would have matched how the future him would have responded. Chuck just stared at him then blinked and frowned slightly. Dean wondered vaguely if he had been figured out.

"Wait a minute, aren't you supposed to be on a mission right now?" Chuck asked.

"Absolutely...and I will be..." Dean started but got cut off.

"Dean!" A feminine voice called out, making him turn around to find the girl from the picture hurrying over. He blinked in surprise when she came to stop in front of him. Her dark brown hair falling over he shoulders and she was dressed in what appeared to be a black bodysuit with a very low neckline and an oversized army jacket over top, similar to what future Dean had been wearing. Around her waist were several belts with ammunition clips attached to them and she had a gun strapped to each thigh. She somehow looked so much smaller in person then she had in the photograph with all the large men surrounding her.

"Um...I...uh...hi..." Dean stumbled over words.

"Mira." Chuck whispered. Dean had a moment to figure that that the prophet had figured him out.

"Mira." Dean concluded his almost possible sentence.

"Hi." Mira said, sounding a little confused. "Surprised to see you here, there's no way you would have..." She stopped her own sentence short and tilted her head slightly, her brown eyes looking at Dean's and he shifted a little nervously, getting the feeling she was seeing through him.

"I'm gonna...leave you two alone." Chuck stated before walking away.

"Look uh...Mira...I'm..." Dean started.

"Not you." Mira finished for him. "You're from the past...2009. Well that's something weird."

"How did you know?" Dean asked.

"Umm...I'll tell you later." Mira replied, looking around. "Who else besides Chuck have seen you...out and about?"

"Couple of people but no one's really said anything." Dean answered. Mira nodded slowly and pushed her hair back. Her neck held burn marks and Dean couldn't help but stare at them. "Not to uh...break up this pleasant little silence..." Mira cracked a slight smile at that as she looked back at him finally. "But Cas here?"

"Yeah, I'll take you to him." Mira stated. She moved her hand as if to hold it out for him to take but stopped and quickly moved it to slip into the pocket of her coat. Dean didn't miss the action and raised an eyebrow as he followed her across the camp. She walked up to a cabin with beads hanging as a door and nudges the beads aside with her elbow. Dean hesitantly followed her in as he heard Castiel's voice.

"In this way, we each get a fragment...of total perception." Castiel explained to the surrounding women. Mira looked at Dean as he stepped inside and she grinned slightly before nodding at the only other male in the cabin. " compartment...of that dragonfly eye of group mind. Now the key to shared perception is's surprisingly physical." Mira coughed slightly, drawing Castiel's eyes from the four women on the floor over to her and Dean. He smiled slightly then looked back at the women around him. "Excuse me ladies, I think I need to confer with our fearless leader for a minute. Why not go get washed up for the orgy?"

Mira almost laughed when she looked at Dean who had snapped his attention to Castiel and was now staring at him. The women muttered agreements as they got to their feet and Mira pulled Dean to the side to let them pass by.

"You're all so beautiful." Castiel praised the women as they left, receiving little smiles and winks before it was just the three of them alone in the cabin. Castiel got to his feet with his back turned to Dean and Mira and held his arms behind himself as he cracked his back.

"What are you, a hippie?" Dean asked.

"I thought you'd gotten over labeling me." Castiel stated, rolling his head to stretch his neck. Dean looked at Mira who just nodded at Castiel. With that gesture alone, he knew she was intending him to find something out on his own.

"Cas, we gotta talk." Dean said, turning his attention back to his friend as Castiel turned around. Dean opened his mouth to continue but didn't get the chance.

"Whoa." Castiel uttered in a dazed way. "Strange."

"What?" Dean asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"You...are not you, not now you anyway." Castiel spoke with wide eyes and it almost unnerved Dean.

"No...yes...exactly." Was the reply to that statement.

"What year are you from?" Castiel asked, looking as if he was trying to get his brain to function properly.

"2009." Dean explained.

"Who did this to you?" Castiel asked. "Was it Zachariah?"



"Oh yeah, it's freakin' fascinating!" Dean nearly snapped. Mira sighed as she leaned against the wall, just watching the exchange. Dean clapped his hands together, getting all business like. "Now...I want you to strap on your Angel wings and fly me back to my page on the calender." Castiel had started laughing before the request was even finished. Dean stared at him, wondering what the hell was going on in his friend's head.

"I wish I could just uh, 'strap on my Angel wings' but uh...sorry, no dice." Castiel said, still laughing slightly.

"What?" Dean asked. He turned to look at Mira "What is" He turned back to look at Castiel. "Are you stoned?" Castiel sobered up in the instant before responding, sounding dead serious and looking Dean straight in the eye.

"Generally yeah."

"What happened to you?" Dean asked, now worried.

"Life." Castiel stated. He looked past Dean and lifted his hand. "Hello Mira."

"Hi Cas." Mira responded with a small smile. Dean looked between them and Mira tilted her head, watching him.

" she...I mean, do you two..." Dean didn't know how to word what he was thinking. Castiel blinked and raised an eyebrow.

"He wants to know if I'm in the orgies." Mira explained, leaving Castiel with a knowing expression and Dean with a confused one.

"Oh no, I don't tread on your territory." Castiel responded. "Or more...the territory of future you."

"Speaking of which...he's back." Mira announced, head tilted slightly to the side as if she was listening for something. Dean raised an eyebrow but walked over to her and poked his head out of the beaded door. He could hear the sound of car brakes and quickly went to see what was going on. Castiel and Mira looked at each other before they followed after him.


"Just take it easy!" Mira pleaded, following the two Deans into the cabin. "He's five years away from home and he's confused." Dean looked at her as she spoke directly to future Dean who had eyes only on his younger self. "Dean! Just explain to him what happened."

"We were out in a quarantine zone." Future Dean surprised his past self by listening to Mira. "We got ambushed by some Croats."

Croats?" Dean asked. He could see the future Dean getting more irritated.

"Croats is the short form of Croatoans." Mira explained, glancing at Dean before returning her eyes to future Dean. "I guess Yeager got infected." Future Dean sighed and nodded. Mira rubbed his arm through the coat and turned her eyes to Dean who was just watching them. "After dealing with this whole epidemic for a few years, you start seeing the signs. Recognizing the symptoms. Probably wouldn't have been long before he flipped." They were all quiet for a few moments as Dean watched Mira attempt to calm down the future him. She was whispering to him but not loud enough for anyone other then the intended to hear.

"What was the mission?" Dean asked finally, getting sick of the quiet. Mira looked at him then at future Dean who's only answer was to open up his bag and pull out a gun, one that Dean recognized immediately. "The colt?"

"The colt." Future Dean confirmed. He looked down at Mira. Her head only came to his chest but she seemed like she could take him down in a heartbeat if she wanted. "Mira, be a dear and find Cas and Risa."

"Sure thing." Mira agreed, nodding. She patted future Dean's chest and smiled slightly "Don't kill yourself while I'm gone." Dean was surprised when the other him actually cracked a slight smile at that. Mira walked out of the cabin leaving the two Deans alone.

"What was that?" Dean asked.

"What was what?" Future Dean asked, the hard tone returning.

"You and uh...Mira." Dean replied. "From what I hear she's...your territory." Future Dean said nothing as he poured out a couple of drinks and slid one to his younger self. Dean watched carefully and came to the conclusion that the future him was extremely guarded, even around himself. They drank in silence until Mira returned with Castiel and another dark haired woman that she introduced to the younger Dean as Risa.


"I don't like this." Mira whispered, standing directly in front of future Dean and looking up at him as Castiel and Risa headed out the door. It was the only part of the conversation that Dean heard but from the sounds of it, the future him was trying to convince the girl that everything would work out. He even went so far as to lift his hand up and tuck her hair behind her ear as he cupped her cheek. Mira frowned slightly and shook her head a bit as future Dean continued to whisper to her. Dean just sat back, watching them out the corner of his eye. He heard something that sounded like Mira asking about coming along but the future him shot it down almost instantly as she reluctantly accepted it.

"I wanna know what's going on." Dean demanded finally as his curiousity got the better of him. Mira and future Dean looked at him. "Why am I getting brought along?"

"'re coming because I want you to see something." Future Dean admitted. "I want you to see our brother."

"Sam?" Dean asked. "I thought he was dead."

"Sam didn't die in Detroit." Mira explained. "He...he said yes."

"You mean..." Dean started.

"That's right." Future Dean cut in. "The big the Devil." His voice hardened again and Mira frowned slightly as she stepped back from him when he began walking around the table. "Lucifer's wearing him to the prom." He picked up the colt and looked his counterpart right in the eye. "And we need to kill him. And you...need to see it, the whole damn thing, so you can do it differently."

"What do you mean?" Dean asked, trying to take it all in.

"Zachariah said he was going to bring you back right?" Future Dean asked. "To '09?"

"Yes." Dean replied, sounding confused. Mira felt sorry for him, having to get all of this at once and not getting any space to breath and let it all process.

"So when you get say yes." Future Dean instructed. "You hear me? Say yes to Michael. If I could do it over again, then I would say yes in a heartbeat!"

"So why don't you?" Dean asked.

"I'VE TRIED!" Future Dean yelled. "I've shouted yes till I was blue in the face! The Angels aren't listening! They just left...gave's too late for me! But for you..."

"Oh no, there's gotta be another way." Dean tried.

"Yeah that's what I thought." Future Dean said. "I was cocky...never actually thought I'd lose. But I was wrong. So Dean...I'm begging you...say yes." Dean stared at him then looked at Mira who was looking down before he turned his eyes back to the older version. "But you won't...because...I didn't."


"So..." Dean said.

"So?" Mira asked, walking with him towards the row of jeeps.

"What...I mean...what is..." Dean muttered, frowning at his inability to talk properly around this woman

"What's going on with me and future you?" Mira asked. Dean just stared at her before nodding. Mira's only answer was to put an arm over his shoulders then stand up on her toes and kiss his cheek. He looked at her but she just smiled.

"How do...when do we...?" Dean asked.

"2010...end of it." Mira explained. Dean stared, wondering how she kept knowing. "We..." She didn't finish as Chuck came up to them. Mira smiled slightly and went over to future Dean, leaving the younger one to talk with the prophet. Dean only paid partial attention to Chuck as he watched Mira hug future Dean who let his defenses drop for a minute and held her tightly. He said something to her that made her tilt her head up to look at him, surprised and confused. Dean found himself wondering, as he climbed into the jeep with Castiel, whether or not the future him would be returning to the camp.

Okay so this has to be the longest first chapter I've ever made but I absolutely love this episode and I thought this would be an interesting idea. The rest of the story takes place around and during season six with some references back to season five but the rest of season five is just as the show.