Title: Soon Enough

Characters: The usual.

Summary Notes: ...chapter...three...yes...

And then you're on your very first date and he's got a car
And you're feeling like flying
And you're momma's waiting up and you're thinking he's the one
And you're dancing 'round your room when the night ends
When the night ends

"I still can't believe a guy from ANBU asked me out, Tsume. Me! I mean..."

The Inuzuka woman chuckled, lowering the weapon's catalogue in favour of watching her friend busybody about the room. Well, in this situation, it was probably fairer to call it dancing about, but Tsume had learnt quickly that despite her youth, nearly everything Yoshino did had a distinct fussy quality to it, like that particularly intimidating mother figure you brought your boyfriend home to meet.

And that included relaying the details of a date, apparently. The doe-eyed girl was bustling about Tsume's room, righting things here and adjusting things there; she figured given the chance, Yoshino would even try adjusting Kuromaru. The dog clearly thought so, too, and was watching his mistress's friend move about with an amused but cautious eye.

"He took me to the most elegant restaurant too, Tsume...I don't know how he paid for it, I swear."

Tsume's nose crinkled, her face scrunching as if she'd tasted something sour. She forced herself to bite her tongue in the face of her friend's happiness, though a part of her balked with guilt at the silence she imposed upon herself concerning Yoshino's date. Oh, she knew Mamoru alright, knew just how many girls he'd taken to that 'elegant restaurant', but Yoshino was so chirpy, happier than she'd been for weeks since her team mate had been reported dead, and...and Tsume just didn't have the heart to break that. Nor did she want to start an arguement with Yoshino, definitely not over a guy. She could still tease her, but not argue.

"Well," she drawled with forced brightness, "I suppose he's no Nara Shikaku..."

She trailed off, laughing when Yoshino predictably crimsoned. The younger girl stuttered for a moment (and Tsume was glad they'd gotten the topic off freaking ANBU boy and his restaurant), then her eyes narrowed, a spitefully playful gleam entering them as she retorted,

"Well, I can't say he's quite up there with a Hyuuga, either..."

A pillow to the face was her response.